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Pure Chance Musicals- Barnaby Rudge

When writer Mike Lyons met up with Scarborough composer, Bill Scott, in August 2007, they found that they had something in common – independently they had both started work on the same musical before even meeting one another.

Pure chance!

One year on and Pure Chance Musicals has been set up to realise a shared vision – to create exciting new musicals for performance by a wide variety of theatre companies and societies.

Barnaby Rudge by Charles Dickens.

London is in flames, it’s streets occupied by a raging mob and all government is paralysed. This is the dramatic backdrop to a new musical having its world premiere at the Spa Theatre, Scarborough, from Wednesday 18 – Saturday 21 March 2009. This moving and powerful production is just over two hours long, includes more than 20 original songs and is ‘sung through’, i.e. there is no talking in it!

The cast includes 16 principals and there are strong parts for four male characters in the 16-25 age group and we are particularly keen to fill these roles. This is a great opportunity for younger aspirants to work with other principals with extensive experience of professional and amateur musical theatre. Work on the songs will take place before Christmas, whilst rehearsals will commence at Graham School on Monday 5 January and thereafter on each Monday evening until Dress Rehearsal on Monday 16 March.

”One after another, new fires blazed up in every quarter of the Town, as though it were the intention of the insurgents to wrap the city in a circle of flames”.

Charles Dickens, “Barnaby Rudge”

Details of Box Office arrangements will appear on the Pure Chance Musicals site in January 2009.

Author: Mike Lyons