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Letters from Malton folk:

"Well done on the motor show yesterday.... I had a little walk round in the afternoon and have to say was quite impressed with the turnout for the event. I just worry that it doesn't have enough action going on as in I think it will go quite stale like it has in the past.

As you probably know I was asked to bring my rally car but in all honesty the prospect of standing next to it all day did not appeal as it would not be able to be left unattended..... But who knows in the future especially if a run through the streets could be organised........

A few extras to ponder:
Auto tests in the car park
Car Treasure hunts
Carnival floats

Why not bring back the real 'Malton Show'

Also to make revenue for Malton and the BIA funds sell space for trade stands rather than just the Motor Show set up stands. Do the garages pay for there stands??? I know I would pay for a stand with my 2 double Decker buses and I'm sure lots of others would do the same......

I'm not one for committees as I feel far too much time is spent debating issues rather than making a decision and going with it, I guess that's why I'm a sole trader and not a partnership.. so I wouldn't like to be on various committees I'm sorry that I cant put more time into the BIA but with four shops to look after spread out over 50 miles it doesn't give me a lot of spare time. However I would like to help with Malton where I can....

If the BIA would like to borrow my part open top double Decker bus for the lights switch on I'm sure we could organise some sponsorship from my supplier that it is livered up in i.e Gorenge Kitchen Appliances.

Just a note to finish on as I'm sure your all quite bored by now lol:
The Malton Forest Rally a couple of years ago was turned from a break even event to a profitable event just with a few extras! One of which was a Sponsorship and advertising for local trades in the regs and banners on stages and it brought large revenue in... Simple but it works.... "

Gavin TVC

Author: Gavin TVC