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Even side of Yorkersgate.
No.2 Shop occupied by William Freer – Tobacconist (1893) W Freer & Son – Tobacconist & Confectioner.(1901)(Est. 1858) Before it was occupied by Mr. Jonathan Rieveley, a Flour & Provision Merchant (later became licensee of the Old Globe Hotel in the Market Place) (1872), Arthur Freer – Confectioner (1937).
The Jeweller's shop next door No.4 was occupied by Mr. W Newby, then Mr. M Spiegelhalter & Son – Watch Makers (1893) (1905), Miss Freda Dunn – Hairdresser (1933), Lancelot Murray – Wireless Engineer.(1937). Then came 3 or 4 small combined houses & shops, one was occupied by Mr. Cressey – Fruitier. And the others tenanted by the Misses Shepherd – Confectioners. These were demolished.

Yorkersgate, Malton Yorkersgate, Malton
The new building No.6, was occupied by Mr. Abraham Goodair Fowles – Tailors & Outfitters. (1893) (1897) A. G. Fowles & Co., (1937). Next door Mr. Oldfield's Cafe was built ?.
No.8 Joseph H Stamper – Confectioner (1897) John William Clark – Confectioner (1901) Stead & Simpson. - Boot Dealers. (1937). Messrs. Goldie & Co. shop.
No.10 was a Temperance Hotel tenanted by Mr. Geo. Dinsdale also acted as a Postmaster & Letter Carrier. The Temperance Hotel was converted into a shop. Messrs. Hart & Hill – Gent's Outfitters. who also had a hatter's shop on the opposite side of the road then Goldie & Co. Tailors, Hatters, Hosiers, Glovers & General Outfitters (1893),(1897). John Goldie – Tailor. (1933), Goldie & Co. (1937).
Up Chapel Lane, Mr. John Snarry – Veterinary Surgeon had a Shoeing Forge, this was later taken over by Mr. James Yorker ( a Crimean War Veteran) then by Sidney Edward Yorke – Shoeing & General Smith (1909), also there were two cottages – one occupied by Mrs. Bankes and the other by Mrs. Calvert who had a Public Mangle. A little higher up were Stables belonging to Mr. Henry Smithson – Printer, who also did a bit of Horse Dealing, later Trades up School Lane - Brown & son – Printer (1933), William Davis – Turf Commission Agent (1933), Leonard Johnson – Plumber & Domestic Heating (1933), Newlove Bros. – Tin Plate Workers (1933), also Joseph Andrews – Cooper (1929).
THE BOARD INN – Later to become THE GATE, No.12 Originated in the 1840's as a Wine & Spirit Vaults belonging to Mr. William Wrangham (1893). It became a Public House in the 1890's. Landlord's Joseph King (1921) Percy Nendick (1933) also Russells & Wrangham Ltd. – Brewers & Wine & Spirit Merchants (1901).
At No.14 Mr.Thomas John Blanche – Dentist lived who later moved to the house next to the Assembly Rooms. Then Mr. Wrangham moved in from Atoll House, Norton to be near his store. Later H. R. Blanchard – Bookseller & Stationer (1921), Jas. Mortimer – Corn Merchants had a room on a Saturday only (1933).
The Corner Shop No.16 was occupied by Mr. John Nelson – Saddler's who later moved to the high side of the Market. then Mr. Richardson – Grocer. Followed by Mr. Thomas Calvert and named it Derventio Clothing Establishment. Before this he was up Saville Street were Mr. Sedman has his shop. It was then taken by Davis Spencer Blair (1893) Mr. David Spencer Blair & Son – Grocers (1897), David Spencer Blair – Grocer (1905), D. S. Blair & Son (1925).
At the other side of Saville Street was Mr. Langstaff – Draper until the 1860's when it became Jn Soulby - Wine & Spirit establishment (1893). In 1907 it was also called The BOARD later it was changed to THE ROSE. Part of it was taken over by Mr. Schofield's Spirit Stores & Cafe in 1901,
George Henry Branford – Dentist also in 1901, D. Hurtley & Sons – Flour Dealers & Millers (Steam) (1893) (1897), it was also the Working Men's Liberal Club. James Vincent Middleton – Hair-Dresser (1909), George M. Brown – Hair Dresser in No.18a.
Also in 1909, in No.18 was Robert B. Bays - Dairyman (1913), Harold Brown – Fancy Draper, Mrs. Pamela Schooled (1925) – Confectioner, Freak Schooled – Confectioner(1937).
Then came to following Shops :- No.20 Mr. Martin Dodsworth – Joiner & Builder (1893) Upholsterer (1901), John Dowson Dodsworth – Cabinet Maker (1909), Misses E & F Kirby – China Dealers (1925).
In No.22 was Francis Kirby – Basket Maker (1889),(1893), Frank Kirkby – Basket Makers (1904), Miss F & E Kirby – Basket Makers (1929), Misses E & F Kirby – China Dealers Ltd., (1937), Mrs. Gomersol then Mr. Caley. It was also the branch office of The North of England Newspaper Co., Ltd., (1937).
In No.24 Mrs. Mary Ellen D'Hoogie – Confectioner (1893) Mr. John Killeen – Boot Maker, Alfred William Walker – Accountant (1895), Mrs. Mary Ann Bell – Confectioner (1901), Mrs. Ellen Hall – Confectioner (1905), Mrs. Alice Porri – Confectioner (1921), and later Counties Pig Finance Ltd. (1937).
No.26 George Ineson – Tinplate Worker (1893),(1895), George E. Plowman – Tea Dealer (1903), Mrs. Annie Coanchor – Fancy Repository (1909), Miss Alice Cour. – Fancy Repository (1921). Then the CORN EXCHANGE built by Earl Fitzwilliam in 1845 is a stone building, the front of which is relieved by four pilasters of the Corinthian order, upholding a cornice and pediment, but was never used by the farmers who said it was to far from the Cattle market. It was used by Women & Girls at hiring times. In 1867 saw 3,500 women and girls for hiring later the Exchange Cinema (1925), changed it name to The Palace Cinema when it closed it became "The Lanes" a Shopping Arcade and then The Shopping Mall

Up Chancery Lane or originally Pudding Lane was Mr. Arthur Jackson – Solicitor also County Court business was transacted there. Mr. W Botterill late clerk to Norton Urban District Council was clerk to Mr. Jackson. Mr. Jackson took into partnership Mr. Richardson who was also Borough Bailiff, later Mr. S Ridge joined and it became Jackson, Richardson & Ridge. Then ceased to exist Mr. Ridge when he died was in partnership with Mr. A E B Soulby. The Post Office moved from here to Post Office Corner.

No.30 Savings Bank -Manager was George Hardy (formerly a School Master) then W. Botterill it only opened Tuesday & Saturday in 1897 and then G. W. Suggest, also B. Robinson.
Mr. Henry ETA Solubly lived next door in Sussex House, No.32, then Mr. Williamson – Dentist Surgery about 1877. Here Mr. Frederick William's wife died , he & doctors thought she was in a trance and she remained unburied for 2 weeks. Thomas John Blance – Dentist (1893). Misses. Wright's in (1901), Norman Tetley Williamson – Dental Surgeon (1929) Vernon B. Ditch – Dental Surgeon (1933), Ditch & Shut – Dentists (1937), Kenneth V Shut – Dentist (1937).
In 1893 in No.34 was Thomas John Blanche – Dentist.
Robert Bankes had his Tailor's Workshop on the right-hand side of the lane leading up to the Old Globe Hotel. He lived at the Assembly Rooms after his death his family lived there for many years. Miss Clara Bankes – Caretaker & Librarian of the Institute for many years.
Next to the Assembly Rooms Mr. W. Dandy – Joiner & Undertaker and his workshop was behind these rooms.
No.38 H. W & R. Pearson – Solicitors (1893).
No.40 was William Taylor Colby – M.D.(1893) William Deeley (1893). James George Ernest Colby – Surgeon (1897).
Next door, No.42 Mr. Joshua Dunhill – Boarding School for Boy's before him it was a Coaching Inn – WHITE HORSE INN. Landlord's Richard Caress (1823), Frances Caress (1834), Thomas Vickerman (1840), Ann Stewardson (1857). Miss Buxton succeeded him, transferring her Ladies School from further down Yorkersgate, after her it was Dr. William Taylor Colby's Surgery (1901), then Dr. James George Ernest Colby (1905), then Walker & McCall (1921), then Thomas Horner Elmer (1925), then Walker & Elmer (1925), then Walker & Walker (1929), then George Colley Parkin (1933), the Walker, Parkin & Woodhouse (1932) then Walker, Woodhouse & Hughes (1937). Later it was divided in to Offices etc. William Vernon Shaw – Surgeon (1913). It was taken over by Messrs. Hugh Wm. & Robert Pearson – Solicitors.(1901). Hugh Wm. & Robert Pearson & Arthur Llewellyn Russell (1905). H.W. & R Pearson & Edmund Stanley Jones (1921), Major Hugh Watson Pearson, Hugh Wm. Pearson & E. S. Jones(1925), H. Watson & R. Pearson & Folliott Sandford Henry Ward (1933). In 1933 The office of Yorkshire & Northern Wool Growers Ltd. and in 1937 Malton Investment Trust Ltd., Sherburn-by-Products, Westfield Farms Ltd. (1937). Yorkshire Farmer's Bacon Factory (1932) Ltd.
On the opposite side of Market Street was The York Union Bank -marked on the 1853 Map of Malton. Mr. Thompson was manager, it later moved further down Yorkersgate (site of Barclay's Bank) also were 3 private houses
No.46 Mrs. Teresa Medd – Boarding House (1893), Mrs. Rachel Matthews had Apartments (1901), so did Robert William Silversides (1909).
At No.48 Miss Rose Wright – Seamstress (1893).
No.50 Miss Mary Banks – Seminary (1893), John Watson – Builder (1913), Miss Alice Hatcher – Nurse (1921), H. Wheater & Son – Jobbing Gardeners (1928), a little higher up are steps which led into the Talbot Hotel Yard. (Stable Block). A cottage stood at the bottom of these steps, home of Joey Munn later demolished and the road widened and straightened.
St Michael's School was erected 1865/6. It was first called Prospect House. The School was closed at the beginning of the 2nd World War. It then became a guest house and later a fully licensed Hotel. 
Above this is the War Memorial and the Cannon it was moved from outside the Town Hall in the Market Place in 1883. It was captured at Sebastopol by allied armies in 1855. In 1883 it was surrounded with ornamental railings and planted about with evergreens and shrubs it was later joined by a German Gun, they were later taken away for scrap in the 2nd World War with all the iron railings in the town.
On the opposite side of the road (coming down to Butcher Corner). Messrs. J. Slater & Sons, - Florists & Seed-men occupied a shop, the space between the shop and the Talbot Hotel was waste land. The shop was demolished and a Wall build. 
THE TALBOT HOTEL, it was built in 1684 by Sir William Strickland as a Hunting Lodge, and was bought by the Hon. Thomas Watson-Wentworth, Earl of Malton in 1739, and opened as an Inn in1742, the original building was of two storey's and the third added in the 1850's. It as called The New Talbot Hotel. In Market Street was The Old Talbot Hotel. Managers:- Edward Barton (1827), Mary Kimberley (1834), A Barker (1848), Mrs. Ann Barker (1857), Edward T Rose (1864), John Hammond Peart (1872), Edward Rogers (1887), E. S. Rogers & Co. (1889). James Downe (1890), Mrs. Ellen Knight (1893)(1897), J. A. Dover (1909), Wm. Fredk Augustus Courtney (1913), Mrs. Wm. Fdk. Aug. Courtney (1921), Harry G. Grant.(1933). 14th July 1887 Death of Mr. George Fitchett late of the Talbot Hotel, Malton aged 58 years. The Talbot had a horse drawn bus between the Talbot & the Railway Station. If the bus was at the Railway Station and was needed, a horn was blown from the terrace, telling the driver it was needed for the next customer.
Next door The Cloister's was a young Ladies School – Misses Spence and the Misses Hall when St Michael's School was completed moved into it. Mrs. Grundon (1893) lived in it.
York House (built in the 1700's) - Mr. William Simpson – Solicitor and Clerk to the Magistrates'. Mrs. Watson (1893) Then Mrs. W. Cooper.No.43 William Hall – Accountant (1893).
The next house, No.37 Mr. Baker Snarry – Saddler & Harness Maker ,Portmanteaus, Dress Baskets, French Trunks, Travelling Bags were kept in store. Repairs neatly and promptly executed, Clipping machines of all makes (1893). Mr. John Snarry – Veterinary Surgeon who had his stables in the garden, he also had a large business dealing in Horses (1897), Jonathan Wardill – Saddler (1901), later Ainsty Factoring in the 1950's. Here also in 1897 was Malton & District Working Men's Conservative Club. 
Mr. Samuel Waud had a Draper's Shop No.35 later to become Maud & Williams – Automobile Engineers (1921) Messrs. William's Garage (1929).
Down the passage was a Gymnasium which became Messrs. Kirk & Medd's Sale Rooms. 
Next No.31 Messrs. W & C Hall – Saddlers then Albert Naylor – Hair Dresser (1893), Mrs. Maud Naylor – Hair Dresser (1901), Miss Margaret Seymour – Costumier (1905), Mr. Edward Hoyle – Hairdresser (1909). 
The China shop No.29 next door was Mr. John Jackson. Messrs. S Wilson and W Wilson took over (Mr. Wilson – Joiner and Mr. William Wilson – Pianoforte, Glass &China Dealer & House Painter (1893) partnership was dissolved and Mr. S Wilson – Painter carried on, then tenanted by John Willows who traded as Willows. Wilson & Co. - China Warehouse (1901), John Willows & Sons & Co. - China Warehouse (1913) Mr. E Ayres. Ye Olde China Shop (1933), then later North Eastern Electricity Supple Co. Ltd. (1921), Arthur Ayres – Prof. Of Music (1929).
The premises adjoining No.27 was Messrs. Walker & Langbourne – Solicitors. Then came Bower, Hall & Co. – Bankers. Then Beckett & Co. - Bankers York & East Riding Bank (1893) The whole of these premises were demolished and The East Riding Bank (1913) (erected a good two-stories building of stone in the Italian style.) became proprietors and then the bank merged into the Westminster Bank. (1927). The first manager was Mr. George Reed, then Mr. Charles Priestley. 
Also in the same premises J. R. Humphrey – Accountant (1921). Messrs. Walker & Langbourne took rooms over Mr. Joseph Coning's shop.
No.25. then Mr. Joseph William Clarke – Grocer & Tea Dealer (1893) then Messrs.J.B. Collinson & Sons – Grocers, Yorkshire Ham & Bacon Merchants, extensive curing& smoking houses, special attention given to shipping & export orders.(1937)
Next Mr. Henry Pickering – Drapery Establishment No. 23 taken over by Messrs. Marshall & Pullan who added Dressmaking & General Drapery and Mr. W Leatham was manager of that department. He then commenced business on his own in Wheelgate before Messrs. Dent & Sons, he later became a Boot & Shoe Factor and traded as Leetham & Co. When Messrs. Marshall & Pullan discontinued, the premises were taken over by the Post Office which moved from Butcher Corner. Henry John Penney was Post Master in 1901. Mr Andrew Thomas Ashwell (1893) being Postmaster after 20 years moved again in to Wheelgate. It was in Wheelgate in 1913 - Mr. Joseph Tyford (1909) being Postmaster.
Next door was York Union Bank Co. Ltd. (1901) Barclays Bank (1905).
Next door James Smith & Sons Ltd. - Dyers & Cleaners (1925) Mr. Leonard Verron's Ladies Hairdressing Saloon.(1929). These premises have been rebuilt and occupied by Barclays Bank. Next came the GEORGE HOTEL Originally called The BLACK HORSE and built in 1720 the name was changed to The George about 1845, Landlords :-John Bartindale (1823), John Coulson (1834), David Hick (1840), John Davidson (1844). On 28th February 1880, death of John Davison, George Hotel, Malton, aged 77 years. Followed by his son William(1887),(1893) and after his death carried on by his widow, (Jane) (1905) and daughters and later by Mr. John Berry (1909, who married one of the daughters), Mrs. Mary Synan (1912), Miss Nora Synan (1921), Mrs. S Brown (1933).
The lane called WATER LANE going down to the river was uncovered but in William's time more rooms were required in the 1880's and an archway was thrown over to add more rooms. Horses were taken down to the river for water and washing of legs. It was both a Coaching and a Carriers Inn.
Next came Mr. William Smiddy – Plumber, then Mr. Edmund Halliday - Plumber Glazier. Gas fitter & hot water engineer, Lead & Glass Merchants, Well Sinker & Borer.(1893) and Water Lane
No.17 Fredrick Charles Stewart – Ironmonger (1897) Ernest Longfield Smithson – Printer (1905) Richard Harold Smithson – Printer (1909) Smithson & Blanchard – Printers & Stationers (1919) H. R. Blanchard – Bookseller & Stationer (1921) also in the same building Arthur Edward Bromehead Soulby – Solicitor (1905) Soulby, Watson & Elston – Solicitors (1933) Arth. A Hall – Solicitor (1937).
Mr. Buxton lived next door – Iron founder, the foundry was near where Messrs. King had the flour mill. And a room was a Implement Showroom, after his death his son carried on and later ceased to exist. But Miss. Buxton established a School in the showroom and later moved in to vacated premises of Mr. Dunwell. It later became a Corn Factor's Office. Messrs. Soulby, Ridge & Elston – Solicitors had there offices in the upper part of the house.
Next Door No.15 was Mr. Albert Longbotham – Chemist also Mineral Water Manufacturer (1893) Longbotham & Co., (1921) Rd Harold Fawcett – Chemist (1933).
Mr. Birdsall – Tailor was next door with 2 or 3 shops adjoining which were demolished and a new larger premises were erected, and No.13 Mr. Staniland – Jeweler moved in from his shop in Market Street, also were Jonathan Bryan – Boot Maker (1893) Sydney Scott & Co. – Boot Maker (1901)(1906 )– Scott's Boot Stores, Agents for Gent's 'Special Bective'. Abraham Altham – Tea Merchant (1921) White Bros. - Drapers (1933) Rose & Co. - Wallpaper Merchants (1937) and also in the same building John E. Abraham – Tobacconist (1901) Charles Abraham – Tobacconist (1905) Mr. John William Sheffield's Tobacconist (1925) shop now No.13a. Part of the building in (1920's) became James's Temperance Hotel. 
No.11 Mr. Thomas Leefe – Ironmongers (1893) later taken over by his son Oswald after his death. His widow carried on the business with her son Peter as manager later it was owned by Mr. Joe W. Cuthbertson. Next to these premises was an archway down to a wharf belonging to Messrs. Cleathing and Bell – Coal, Seed & Corn Merchants. This was eventually built up and became part of Messrs. Longster's private house and shop.
No's 9 & 7 Before Longster's became tenants (1925) it was Messrs.J Slater & Sons – Florists, Seed Merchants & Nurserymen (1893) having moved here from top of Yorkersgate opposite the cannon. Also on these premises Mrs. Mildred S. Robinson had a Boarding House (1937). Down Messrs. Slaters' Yard, Mr. Nichols had a Paper Warehouse and a good business in wrapping paper and twine etc., he was succeeded by Mr. George Masterman.
The "Messenger " Office and premises stand where they did in 1860. Mr. Henry Smithson founder of the "Malton Messenger" in 1854. 25th. April 1879 Death of Mr. Henry Smithson of the Malton Messenger, aged 58 years, .Exors of Henry Smithson (1893), Thomas Baker was bound an apprentice 1st February 1870. Mr. Edward Read was manager – followed by Mr. Eardley, Mr. R J Smithson, Mr. C W Mason, Mabel Baker – Stationer (1940's) E Hopper (Stationer) (1960's). The next site on, was formerly a Saddle room belonging to the NEW GLOBE HOTEL, and an archway entrance to the yard & stables of the hotel. Which was later made into a shop occupied by Sydney Scott – Boot & Shoe Dealer (1933) Wyles Bros. Ltd. – Boot & Shoe Dealers (1937). Then came THE NEW GLOBE HOTEL. This was built as a Coaching Inn in 1808. Landlord's John Cooper (1823), John Sanderson, (1834), John Lund (1848), Robert Walkington (1858), Wm. Wilkinson (1890)(1893), William Potter (1905), Mrs. Jane Potter (1921) Wltr. E. Richardson (1933) (The draw for the Malton Coursing Meeting took place here in the long dinning room upstairs). A small Butcher's Shop adjoined the Hotel, Mr. Ineson. It was later added to Messrs. Snow & Sons premises.
Yorkersgate, Malton Yorkersgate, Malton


Author:John Stone
References:Information for Landlord and Shop dates is taken from Gazetteers of that year, also from Bakers Memories of Malton.

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