William the Conqueror, History of Malton & Norton

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William the Conqueror

Most of the original grants of lands of the tenant-in-chief of the crown in the North Riding were made at a Great Council which William held in York at Christmas 1069. Robert, Count of Mortain, the half-brother of the King, had fought by William's side at Hastings. William gave him 180 manors in Yorkshire including Old Malton. At the time of the Conquest, GILBERT TYSON, a noble Saxon and owner of Alnwick Castle, who fell in the battle of Hastings, fighting for KING HAROLD, held the manor. COLEBRAND, a Saxon, held it before the invasion of the Conqueror, who deprived him of it, and took it into his own possession. This is the village of Old Malton in the year of 1086. Malton was active with 12 oxen, a Demese, seven Farmers, 5 Cottages with 28 Oxen, a Church and a site of a Mill. WILLIAM THE CONQUEROR (1066-87) disposed of the lordship’s of Alnwick and Malton, The Lordship of Malton after the conquest, was given to GILBERT de TYSON, who left it to his son William, with other lands. Along with the granddaughter and heiress of GILBERT, in marriage to one of his own followers, IVO de-VESCI, whose daughter and heiress, BEATRICE, was in like manner given to HENRY 1st (1100-35). Who gave both lordships to his favourite EUSTANCE FITZ-JOHN. WHO SUCCEEDING TO HIS MOTHER'S INHERITANCE, The residence of the TYSONS was at Alnwick Castle but they probably had a seat here.

Extract from the Doomsday Book: -
  • II Manors. In Maltune, (Malton) SIWARD and TORCHIL had eight carucates to be taxed. Land to two ploughs. There is now one plough and a half in the demefne; and fevnen villanes and five bordars, with three ploughs and a half. There is a church and fite of a mill. Value in KING EDWARD’S time twenty fhillings; at prefent ten fhillings.
  • Manor. In Maltune, (Malton) COLEBRAND had three carucates to be taxed. Land to one plough and a half. There is one villane with half a plough, and fixteen acres of Meadows, one mile long and one broad. In the time of King Edward value ten fillings, now five fhillings.
  • In Maltun (Malton) one carucate to be taxed. ULF had one manor.
  • In Maltun (Malton) OUDFRIDE one carucate and a half.
  • In (old) MALTON Kolbrandr, 3 carucates taxable. Land for 1½ ploughs.
  • There is there 1 villager with ½ plough.
  • Meadow 16 acres. 1 league long and 1 wide.
  • Value before 1066. 10s; now 5s.
  • There are there 2 bovates of land taxable, a jurisdiction of the same manor.

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Author:John T Stone
References:Information taken from Gazetters, Documents, Books, Newspapers and Cutttings and information from local people.

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