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Wheelgate had cobble stones and changed to Macadam in the mid 1860's.
M/s Joseph Moon & Sons had a large shop window.
Mr. R C Horsley was the means of improving property. He rebuilt 4 or 5 Shops in Wheelgate.
Mr. Robert Harrison – Basket Maker & Mr. William Coates – Fishmonger were always anxious to know where they put the "muck" which was taken out of the Suez Canal when it was being constructed.
Mary Jackson & Son had a China Warehouse in Wheelgate, invoice dated 1843.

Starting on the right hand side from the corner.

Wheelgate Wheelgate

Post Office moved from Chancery Lane, to Yorkersgate. Then from The Temperance Hotel, kept by George Dinsdale, who acted as Postmaster & Letter Carrier. You had to post your letters round the corner in Chapel Lane. Postal Information, on Monday next, at noon March 9th 1863, the Post Office business will be transferred to the new premises, at the Post-office Corner, and after that time letters must be posted at that office. The Post Office was built on part of the site of THE ROCKINGHAM ARMS. – (Post Master's), James Sellars, (first official Post Master had for his clerk, Mr. Tom Lister, who acted as letter carrier and delivered the whole of the Malton letters single handed) - Mr. Smith who died there, Rev W Sutherland but only for a short time then Mr. Wilcox, Mr. Ashwell who was there when the Post office moved up Yorkersgate. 
Extract taken from the Malton Messenger dated September 1st 1866 – THE POST OFFICE CLOCK – A clock which does not go, is twice right in every twenty-four hours; so it with the dial over the door of the Malton Post Office, which has not been in motion for some time past. Our readers will no doubt be glad to learn that at the meeting of the Board of Health on Wednesday last, it was decided that the Board should put the clock in repair, and thus cause it to be of some utility to the public.
This 16th Century building was called BIRD IN BUSH and late became THE BLACKSMITH'S ARMS. Landlord – Francis Calam (1823), and changed its name in 1838 to ROCKINGHAM ARMS. It had a mounting stone at the front. Landlords – George Peterkin (1840), John Jones - (1848), James Ezard (1854), Mr. John Rennard (1857). It was demolished in 1862.
No.2 Messrs. Harrison – Dentist (1921).
Mr. Baker was next tenant as a Butcher, (5th. February 1891 – Death of George Baker, butcher of Malton).
In No.4 also followed by Mrs. Betsy Baker – Butcher (1889),also in 1893. Alfred Bradshaw – Butcher (1921), Ronald Chas. Bradshaw – Butcher (1933), A. G. Brighty – Butcher. Alf. Skinner then an assortment of Clothes Shops and 2003 Dales Fruit shop.
Mr. John Hudson – Ironmonger(1889), (1893). The old house & shop were rebuilt and brought up to date now No.6. He was followed by Mr. George Frederick Johnson – Ironmonger (1901), then J. Hoyland – Ironmonger. Later Boot's – Chemist then later Voda Phone.
No.8 Matthew Edward's – Leather Merchants (1886), then was George Barnby (Malton Gazette) Booksellers – Stationer succeeded by his son Edmund who sold the business to Mr. Rueben Bradley. 1st. October 1881 – Malton Gazette goes into hands of a new proprietor (Mr. R. Bradley). (17th.September 1887 Malton Gazette changes hands to-day; new purchaser, Mr. George. J. Jones; Mr. R. Bradley, the vendor, has had the paper six years, having succeeded Mr. E. Barnby as proprietor). Later George J. Jones – Stationer & Printer (1889)(1893)., when the business ceased to exist the Gazette was incorporated with the Yorkshire Gazette and printed in Darlington. Then Charles Galtry – Outfitter (1905), then Charles Galtry & Son (1913), then Halifax Building Society.
SUN INN – 18th Century origin. Landlord's :- John Wilson (1823), Thomas Swaby (1834/48), T. G. Blythe (1851), John Jones (1854), Richard Wilson(1857/67), (30th. December 1869 Death of Mr. Richard Wilson, the Sun Hotel, Malton. At his death the house was pulled down and a new building erected in 1871, and became Sun Hotel – Mr. Tom Harrison (1872), M/s Elisha Barker Rawlingson (1879) (her husband was a Yorkshire County Cricketer), Edwin Eltham Spencer (1889), Alexander Metcalfe (late of Croft Spa Hotel,Croft, near Darlington) (1893), Edwin Huntress Cooper (1897). 27th. December 1897, death of Mr. Cooper, of the Sun Hotel, Malton. Thomas Geldard (1905), lastly John Spanton (1909). Sudden death of Mrs. Spanton of the Sun Inn on 24th October 1920, it was demolished in the 1933 to make way for No.10 F. W. Woolworth & Co. Ltd. and No.10a Greenwood's – Outfitters.
ROSE & CROWN was built on the site of the Old Ship Inn in1827 later called THE CROWN circa 1860. Landlord's :-John Wilson (1834), Chas. Jebson (1844), Henry Blanchard Leaper (1851), Mrs. Mary Leaper (1854), had a very exclusive Hotel. Mrs. Suddaby succeeded (1873), and at her demise her son William Matthew Suddaby (1879), took over. 24th September 1887, fire at Mrs. Suddaby's, the Crown Hotel, Malton. In 1887 it became Adelaide (Sudden death of Mrs. William Suddaby aged 59 on 16th. November 1924) and William Suddaby when he died in the 1930's, A & Wm. (1893), it was taken over by Rt. Arth. Yates. Suddaby (1933).
Next door was a private house occupied by Mr. Barnett, who was a Ham & Bacon Factor. His shop and warehouse were at No.14 Wheelgate. It was later converted into business premises occupied by Mrs. Elizabeth Nesfield - Fish monger (1893), Messrs. John Wm. Dent (1901), then Messrs. John Wm. Dent & Son – Fish & Game Dealers (1909), then Dent & Son (1925), became C. W. S. Shop and later National Savings Bank (TSB) (2003), next was Mr. Barnett's Shop (No.16) was a private house occupied by Mr. Charles Monkman – Free-lance Journalist. Married the daughter of George Barnby. The house was transformed into a shop occupied by James Walker Wilson – Painter & Decorator (1893, Mark Nicholson Jnr. – Butcher (1889). 
In No.16a was James Wright Brown – Printer & Agent for Sutton & Co., Carriers. (1889). Next No.18 Mr. John Willows & Co. – Boot & Shoe Dealers (1889), (1893), (1895). He was also a Soot Merchant, then Sanderson Serge & Co.,Ltd., - Tailor & Outfitters (1925). Then M/s Tate & Durrans – Outfitter (1929).
No.18a was Martha Brown – Milliner (1937).
Next door, No.20 M/s Joseph Moon & Son – Clothiers, later Mr. Joseph Bell – Tailor (1889), (1893), then J. K. Bell – Tailor (1902), William John Robinson – Pawn Broker, Jeweller & Clothier (1905).
Next door a dwelling house later transformed in to a shop.
No.22 Mr. Alfred Brown – Athletic Outfitter then Mr. Alfred Taylor improved the premises and opened a Grocery & Provisions & Tobacconist business, Alfred Brown – Corn & Manure Dealer (1893), (1901).
Next door No.24 a private dwelling occupied by Miss Maude – Millinery & Dressmaking business then the Yorkshire Penny Bank (1889), (1901).
Other side of Archway was Mr. Wright's – Ironmongery - Mrs. Mary Smiddy – Ironmonger (1889) Mr. Benjamin Richard Gypson – Ironmonger (1893). Mr. George Fentress – Ironmonger (1901) is now No.26.
Up Wright's Yard were some small cottages later demolished and a number of dwellings built on the site of some workshops & vacant ground.
No.12 William Reynard – Boot-maker (1889) had a business. Arthur James Barnes – Joiner & Wheelwright (1889).
The Malton & Norton Coo-operative Society Ltd. have improved the property from M/s Tate & Durran's to where Mr. Wright's shop stood. Invoice John Wright dated 1873 and now they occupy the whole site called Wheelgate House.
Next door to Mr. Wright, Mr. John Teale had a Stone yard. Mr. Teale carried on the business of Builder & Contractor succeeded by Mr. Wood in the same line (Invoice John Wood dated 1880). On this site No.28 were built premises now occupied by Henry Reed – Greengrocer (1889), (1893). Harry Fletcher – Upholster (1905), then Geo. W Gibson – Outfitter, then Mr. W Gibson & Sons – Millinery & Dressmaking establishment, later Margaret Raw Fashions, then taken by Woodhead's Bakery.
Where the next row of shops now stand was a row of thatched houses – Mr. Barker – Muffin Maker. Mr. Edward (Weaky) Medd – Rope & Twine Maker, he had a Rope-walk in a long garden behind his house. Mr. Exley – Shoe Factor, Mr. William Blanchard – Butcher and Mr. Bullock – Shoe-Maker.
No.30 was occupied by John Appleby – Grocer (1889)(1893). then Maurice Wheater – Grocer (1909) later Melias Ltd. – Grocers (1933) (Masser's Camera Shop).
Leeds House, No.32 was Leeds Clothing Co. manager Fred North – Clothier (1889) ,(1893), then F. C. Chalk Jnr. – Furniture Dealer (1937), Frank & Annie (nee North), Johnson had an Antique Shop. In 2003 it became Help the Aged Charity Shop.
No.34 was Baxter & John Gledhill – Boot Maker (1889) Benjamin Leefe & Sons – Watchmakers (1893), Harry Fletcher – Upholster (1905), then Alfred Brown – Athletic Outfitter (1921), then Maynards Ltd. – Confectioners (1933).
No.36 was William John Robinson – Pawnbroker, Jeweller & Clothier (1889), also private residence – Mrs. Blanchard (1893), then Bert Nicholson – Butcher (1909).
No.38 was also occupied by William Reynard – Boot Maker (1893), William John Robinson (1901). On the 39th September 1908, Postal Authorities agree to buy Mr. J. Potter's property as site of new Post Office, which opened on 18th June 1911.
No.40 the shop occupied by Mr. Ness – Grocer, then William Woodall – Fried Fish Shop (1893), Henry Reed – Greengrocer (1901), then George Woodall – Fried Fish Shop, and later carried on by Henry Bullons (1905), Thomas Rogers (1909), H Allerston & Son (1913), Squire Hogg (1925), Mrs. Betsy Hogg (1937). It became a Lady's Corset Shop, then Victoria Wine Shop, now Baps Sandwich shop.
There was a passage leading to Victoria Square.
At the other side of the passage was, No.42 a Pork Butchers, Mr. Bilton, Mr. Gottfried Steigmann – Pork Butcher (1889), (1893), Charles Heyne – Pork Butcher (1905), Charles Wray – Butcher (1925), Arth Rousby – Greengrocer (1937), then E. E. Dale – Fruitier, then Dales Greengrocers until the fire in 2002.
Next door was a dwelling house occupied by Mr. North, it became a shop. He had a Shoe Shop at the opposite side of the road.
No.44 occupied by Richard Cross Horsley – Cycle Maker & Ammunition Dealer (1905), Arth. Rousby – Greengrocer (1933), Charles Wray – Pork Butcher (1937).
No.46 Eastman's Ltd. – Butcher (1913), Bowdens Ltd. - (Confectioner) (1929).
Mr. Joseph Skelton (1893) had a Barber's Shop next door at No.48, it then came Mrs. Hannah North – Newsagent (1921), Alfred Edwin North – Newsagent (1925).
Mr. Charles Lapish & Mr. Megginson were next door. Mr. Charles Lapish was a Butcher at No.50 (1889), (1893), (1901).
Next THE CASTLE HOWARD OX INN – The name derived due to the visit to market of a wagon from Castle Howard drawn by 4 Oxen. Landlord's Thomas Parker (1864), Mr. Barker (1890), Michael Johnson – Beer Retailer (1893),Joseph Nendick (1901) George Hobson (1905) John Newrick (1909) Thomas H Philpot (1913)Geoffrey Blanchard (1921) Mrs. George Sheffield (1926), it closed in 1926 and became the Meadow Dairy Co. Ltd. – Grocers (1933). Then Lipton's Supermarket next to the Castle Howard Ox was a Beer House called THE GREYHOUND but had a short life in the 1850's.
No.54 Mr. Soothern – Clothier's shop, known as the Bull of Bashan by reason of his sonorous (Loud) voice and huge feet. Then Aaron Midgley – Sewing & Wringing Machine & Bassinette Dealer (1893), Richard Cross Horsley – Cycle Agent (1897), William Henry Smith – Cycle Agent (1905).
In No.56 was Frederick Bower – Butcher (1893), (1897) and has Dining Rooms then Bower's Butchers (1933), 2003 Victoria Wine Shop.
The other side of the road to Greengate, was a private house which became a Dram Shop in the early 1860's called THE VAULTS. In 1892 it was renamed THE CLARENCE. Landlord's James Botterill (1889) Thomas Sadler (1893),(1897), Henry Caley (1913), Robert Blades (1921), Rt. H. Blades (1937).
No.60/62 Frederick Fuller – Hair Dresser (1889), Sydney Fuller – Hair Dresser (1893), (1897), Fred Nendick – Hairdresser & Tobacconist (1914).
In No.62 Mrs. Annie Haynes – Coal & Coke Dealer (1893).
Then No.64 (late J. Snarry) Jonathan Wardill – Saddler (1889), (1893), J. Wardill & Son – Saddler (1933), Cecil Wardill – Saddler (1937).

Left hand side coming down to Butcher Corner.

Wheelgate Wheelgate

No.47 Robert Hatfield & Son– Grocers, Ham & Bacon Factors. (1893).
(1894), then his son R. W. Hatfield who died in 1926, sold it to William Fuller (1909) M/s W. Fuller & Co.(1913) – Grocers & Provision Merchants, later Mr. Campbell.
Next door No.45 another Grocery & Provision shop – Alfred. Hy & Fredk. Taylor (1889), M/s Henry Taylor & Sons(1893), (1897), then George Fentress (1913) Ironmonger – Mr. Herbert Hudson.(1925), he also had No.43. Upstairs was Mr. Alex Thornton Moseley – Dentist (1933), had his practice, later in time both shops are owned by Woollons & Harwood.
THE CROSS KEYS an inscription on the wall read :- This hotel is built upon a beautiful Gothic crypt with an intricate stone vaulted roof, and is one of the most interesting relics of mediaeval times remaining in Malton. The crypt is all that is left of one of the three hostels founded in the district about 1150 by Eustace Fitz-John and maintained by the Cannons of the Malton Priory as a hostel for Pilgrims travelling to Old Malton Priory and a shelter for homeless poor. Landlord's Ralph Rutter (1823), Jane Rutter (1834), Jas. Turner (1840), Thomas Stacy (1854), Elizabeth Stacy (1857), Charles Potter (1864), Mrs. Emma Fletcher (1879), John Walker (1887), Mrs Anne Thompson (1893) Oliver Driver (1897) James Brown Cargill (1901) John Robert Beadle (1905) Squire Hogg (1909) George Cryer (1925) Harold Bower Watson (1933).
Below where two houses and shops. The one next to the hotel was Mr. Fawcett – Stays Maker he also had a stall in the Market Place of a Saturday. The other Thomas & Robert North – Boot & Shoe Maker (1889),(1893),(1901).
At No.39 then Mrs. Hannah Mary North – Newsagent (1905), Harry North – Tobacconist and Newsagent (1909).
At No.37 was William Middleton – Second Hand Clothes & Furniture Dealer (1893), Furniture Broker (1897), then a Greengrocers in (1909), then Marine Store Dealer (1913,) Herbert Dobson ran a Taxi Service (1932), J Cartwright – House Furnisher (1937).
No.35 A private residence John Ripley (1893).
THE PRIMITIVE METHODIST CHAPEL built in 1866 with 650 sitting on the site of three cottages – one of which was occupied by Mr. Sturdy and a small farmyard was attached. The Chapel was demolished in 1951.
The house next to the chapel was Mr. Wood, a Builder, his stone yard was on the opposite side of the street.
Next was Messrs. Metcalfe & Sons – Millers as a retail flour shop.
In No.33 House of William Hodgson, Sec to Messrs. Malton Farmers' Manure and Trading Company Ltd. (1893).
In No.31 Messrs. Malton Farmers' Manure and Trading Company Ltd., (1889), (1893). Then some thatched cottages which were demolished and new buildings erected.
In the first property No.29 Commerce House Mr. Charles Thomas Thompson – Draper (1889), General Dealer in (1893), – then Mr. Frederick Felton – Draper (1913), later Messrs. Walter Willson. Ltd. – Grocers & Provision Merchants (1929).
In the second property No.27 was William Leatham –Tailor, Boot & Shoe Maker (1889)(1893), Messrs. Leatham and Co. – (1909), and Matthews which later took over No.29.

Opposite side of St Michael's Street was a private house together with offices of Mr. Charles Jagger – Solicitor. His neighbour was Mr. W Rieveley – Boot & Shoe Maker (who died there). When the house and shop became vacant the premises where altered.
At No.25a was The City Clothing Co. - Outfitters (1913).
No.25 taken by Mr. Robert Saville Wallgate – Grocer & Provision Store (1889), when Mr. Wallgate died Mrs. Wallgate carried on and later sold it to Messrs. Cooper & Stephenson (1913). When Mr. Stephenson died it was carried on by Mr. William Cooper (1925).
Next door No.23 Mr. William Freer – Basket Weaver and he sold tobacco. Later he moved into Yorkersgate and became a Tobacconist & Confectioner and gave up Basket Weaving John Read – Plumber & Ironmonger (1889), Frederick Read – Gas Fitter (1913), took over the premises then Messrs. J Read & Sons - Plumbers & Gas Fitters (1925), Robinsons – Men's Outfitters (1937), also Margarette – Ladies Hairdressers (1937).
Next door lived Mr. Joseph Todd – Coach Builder took over the premises of Mr. Lee – Cabinet Maker, next to his private house was a Showroom & Workshop (1854). The premises were altered (No.21) & Mr. William Wilkinson commenced an Aerated Water business in 1909, and carried on by his son Ernest (1925) and became Wilkinson & Son (1933).
Up the passage way was Mr. Matthew Edward's Leather Works circa 1886 and at the bottom end Mrs. Allenby had a semi-private house and business altering shapes of Straw Hats & Bonnets. On her death the house was made into a shop.
No.19 First tenant was Mr. R S Wallgate, who later moved up the street, he was followed by Mr. Harold Wrangham – Grocer, and then W. Wrangham & Son (1893), (1897) then Messrs. Humphrey Brothers – Grocers (1925), then H. Humphrey & Sons (1929) who later moved lower down the street. Then it was taken over by Curry's Ltd. - Cycle Dealers(1927).
The houses & Shops occupied by Mr. George Brown and Mrs. Stubbs have not changed in 65 years,
No.17 John Hide (1893), Mr. John Hide (1901) was the first tenant of this property.
No.15 Hairdresser & Fancy Goods Repository (1893), Hide & Brown – Tobacconist & Fancy Goods (1909), Mrs. Margaret Brown – Printer (1913), G. W. Brown & Son – Fancy Dealers & Printer (1921) also Agent for Sutton & Co., Ltd. Carriers, Brown & Son – Confectioner & Printer, Peggy Brown – Confectioner & Tobacconist (1933), also The Ministry of Labour Employment Office was in the same building.
At No.13 Hanley House, Mr. James Adam Stubbs – Glass & China Dealer (1893), Mr. James William Stubbs – Joiner, Cabinet Maker, Upholsterer (1935).
No.11 Messrs. George Longster & Sons – Seed Merchant, Florist & Nurserymen (1889), it was a private house in the occupation of Mr. Pallister, who was a Dealer in Milk and kept his cows at the back, the entrance was up Chapel Lane, in Yorkersgate. Mr. Charles Barker – Veterinary Surgeon, had rooms at Mr. Pallister's for many years.
The house next door became No.9 Henry Dickinson – Tobacconist (1893) (1897) Mrs. Hannah Dickinson – Tobacconist (1913) then M. Galtry & Son – Gowns & Costumiers (1933).
At No.7 Mr. Harrison – Fish Dealer (1889), Mrs. Margaret Harrison – Fishmonger (1889), (1893), John William Dent – Fish & Game Dealer (1905), Richard Cour – Antique Dealer (1909), Charles Chivers Cour – Antique Dealer (1921).
No.5 Mr. William Lightowler – Barber (1889)(1893), (24th. November 1893 – Death of Mr. Wm., Lightowler of Malton). Mr. Lightowler had a room on the right for shaving and haircutting the room on the left where his son William used to Clip & Singe Horses (1889), then Mrs. Rhoda Lightowler (1897) – Hairdresser, Mrs. Hilda Lightowler – Tobacconist (1925). Extract from Malton Messenger 24th Sept. 1858 – Messrs. Lightowler & Son beg to announce that they have commenced SINGEING HORSES for the season. This property was pulled down to make way for Iles Fashion Shop and The Yorkshire Penny Bank. H Humphrey & Son. - Grocers Then Curry's – Cycles & Accessories. The Yorkshire Bank stands on the site of No.5 and Curry's.
No.3 Mr. Joseph Wrangham then had the Chemist & Druggist business, No.3 Mr. George Hardy went into partnership and became known "Wrangham and Hardy"(1889)(1893) – Chemists & Mineral Water Makers., sometime afterwards it became Wray and Thompson. - Henry Fowler Place had his dentist surgery here in (1921)
Next Mr. George Baker – Butcher, who after a time moved over the road, it was then was taken over by Mr. Charles Hartley – Chemist. Then Mr. Jas. Hopperton as a Coopery (Casks & Barrels) warehouse and later by Mrs. Lumley at No.1 as a Gent's Outfitters, Lumley & Co., - Hosiers & Outfitters (1893) (1897), some time later The Union of London & Smiths Bank Ltd. (1909), National Provincial Bank (1925), White & Hoggards – Accountants & Denison & Suddards & Co. – Solicitors.

Butcher Corner Malton Butcher Corner Malton


Author:John Stone
References:Information for Landlord and Shop dates is taken from Gazetteers of that year, also from Bakers Memories of Malton.

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