Victoria Road, Malton, History of Malton & Norton

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Victoria Road

Victoria Road commenced with the Police Station and ends at Middlecave Road. The row of houses were built on the site of Messrs. Read & Son's Iron Foundry who employed large number of people, there was also a Blacksmith. At the opposite side of the road, where JESMOND TERRACE stands, was an open field.
No.1 was Henry Oldfield – Builder (1893), who had his business at the Bridge-foot (1901), Hy Oldfield & Son (1931).
No.3 Mrs. Sarah Ellen Horner had apartments (1893), Joseph Horner – Reporter (1893), James Walter Horner – Reporter (1901) & Mrs. Harriet Firth – Householder.
No.7 Frederick Lee (1893), John Coulson (1897), Robert Curwen (1901), Philip Triffitt (1905).
No.9 Thomas Piper Longster (1897), Thomas Pamley – Commercial Traveler (1901), James Tate-Smith (1913).
No.11 William Suddaby (1897), Herbert Wilson (1901), Miss. Emily Kirby (1905).
No.13 Mrs Ward (1893), Tindall Anderson (1897).
No.15 Thomas Piper Longster (1901).
No.17 Thomas Coultas (1901), Edgar Leefe (1905).
No.19 Thomas Langton (1897) William Mesey (1905).
No.21 Robert Boyes – Cattle Dealer (1901).

On the other side of the road in No.4 Herbert Todd – Commercial Taveller (1901).
No.6 Miss. Mary Edwards – Dress Maker (1901), William Edward Barker (1905).
No.14 Miss. Alice Bradley – Music Teacher (1901).
No.16 Mrs. Eliza Skelton – Apartments (1897).
No.22 Robert Boyes – Cattle Dealer (1893).
and at the end of the road leading to The Mount, Mr. Lucas had a Clay Pipe Manufactory it was No.11 Cattle Market taken over by George Piercy for his Joiner's Shop (1897) Charles Piercy – Joiner (1929).
No.6 Robert Elsworth Cross – Clothier (1893) John Monks – Shop Keeper (1901).


Author:John Stone
References:Information for Landlord and Shop dates is taken from Gazetteers of that year, also from Bakers Memories of Malton.

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