St. Michael Street, Malton, History of Malton & Norton

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St. Michael Street

No.3 Miss Jagger Private House (1893).
In 1937 No.5a was Malton & Norton Window Cleaning Co. (W. R. Large). Where the playground in connection with the National School which is now the site of the Library was half-dozen cottages and just above at No.7 where the late Mr. Randolph Edwin Smith's Photographic Studio(1905) Mrs. Barbara Jackson – Gown Specialist (1933) Miss B Jackson – Gown Specialist (1937) at No.9 Frederick Lee – Butcher (1893) John Ayrton Dean – Butcher (1897) Mr. Jn. Edward Bristow - Butcher (1929) stand was an open piece of ground was Mr. Edwin Hall had a Photographic Studio, it was a wooden structure. Mr. Milner – Artist occupied the top house at the corner (he renovated pictures at Castle Howard). Upstairs in No.11 Frank Langborne – Solicitor Commissioner for Oaths & Perpetual Commissioner (1893) (1901) Edmund Stanley Jones – Solicitor (1909) Jn. Wm. Sadler – Turf Commissioner (1933)

On the opposite side of the street at No.8 lived Mr. John Skelton – Tailor & Woollen Draper (1897) Mrs. Alice Skelton – Tailor (1913). Mrs. Ethel Bristow – Confectioner (1921) Mrs. Frances Mary Mennell – Confectioner (1929) this shop still in the Mennell family closed in 2004 No.6 was occupied by Mr. John Harrison as a Berlin Wool Shop (he later moved into Saville Street) he was succeeded by Mr. Albert Bradbury – Watchmaker. (1893) Mrs. Jane Bradbury – Watchmaker (1905) Miss. Maud Bradbury – Milliner (1909) Frederick C. Cox – Watchmaker (1925) Miss. Ellen Gertrude Rickaby – Art Needlework Repository (1937). Just below was No.4 Mr. Kirton Waudby – Boot-maker (who was TYLER for the Camalodunum Lodge of Freemasons for many years). William Parnaby – Tobacconist & Ironmonger (1893) William Parnaby & Son – Ironmonger (1913) William Parnaby – Ironmonger (1933) in No.2 William Parnaby – Tobacconist (1925), also later upstairs was Masser's Studios – Photographer (1933), being between Parnsby's & the Shoe Shop. By 1905 Malton Gazette Ltd. – Printers had moved in to St. Michael's Street. Also by 1929 the County Court Office had removed here.


Author:John Stone
References:Information for Landlord and Shop dates is taken from Gazetteers of that year, also from Bakers Memories of Malton.

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