Saville Street, Malton, History of Malton & Norton

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Saville Street

Looking up the right hand side from Yorkersgate to the Market Place.
Mr. Robert Nelson – Saddler later it became part of Messrs. Blair & Sons in Yorkersgate.
Upstairs in No.2 David Valentine Gordon – Seed Merchant (1901), Thomas William Mitchell – Solicitor (1901), F. C. Gardiner & Co. – Accountants (1933), Croudson & Co. - Accountants (1937). Down stairs George Inman – Butcher (1905), John Robert Jefferson – Butcher (1909), George R. Yates – Electrical Engineer (1929), Mrs. Clara G. Grant – Shop Keeper (1933), Miss Christine Anne Bowes – Ladies Hair Dresser (1937).
Then came The Temperance Hotel the tenant was William Small (1893) Mr. Kidd Small's Commercial & Temperance Hotel (1897), William Small (1909), Henry Allerston (1919), Fred Cooper (1921).
No.6 part of the house was sub-let to Mr. John Estill – Solicitor which he used as an office. Sedmans closed its doors March 1995.
Next came No.8 Edwin John Holmes Calvert – Tailor (1893) Mr. Thomas Calvert – Tailor, when Mr. Calvert moved to the bottom of the street Mr. John Sedman – Tailor (1897), J. Sedman & Co. – Tailors (1925), Jn. C. Sedman – Tailor (1933) took over.
Next was No.10 Mr. Douthwaite – Herbalist, he also had public vapour baths. William Gibson & Sons – Tailors (1897).
Then came the Wesleyan Chapel which was built in 1811 with 700 sittings.
Between the 2 chapels was a small Office used by Corn Merchants, Mortimer & Wilton – Maltsers (1897) Mortimer & Co. Ltd. Maltsers (1901) Arthur Anderson – Corn Merchant (1921) Olympia Oil & Cake Co. Ltd. (1921) Fred Anderson – Agricultural Merchant (1937) next door was the Congregational Chapel built in 1815 with 430 sittings.
Adjoining was No. 14 the Public Dispensary.

Saville Street
The opposite side of the street has been rebuilt over the years. No.1 Fred Schofield – Wine & Spirit Merchant (1925), Mrs. Pamela Schofield – Wine & Spirit Merchant (1937). This was also part of Yorkersgate.
In No.1a was The River Plate Fresh Meat Co. Ltd. - Butchers (1913) No.1b British & Argentine Meat Co. Ltd. - Butchers (1925). J. H. Dewhurst Ltd. - Butchers (1933). The original site was occupied by THE ANGEL INN. Built and opened in 1711 and demolished in 1882, it was first called THE NEW ANGEL INN there being an existing Angel Inn at the top of the market place. Landlord's Wm. Bradley (1823), Robert Groves (1834), E. Groves (1851), Richard Groves (1854), Richard Barker (1857). To enter the Inn by the front there was three of four steps up, the stables extended to the road leading to the back of the Royal Oak, from this road the access was through an archway to the stables. From here Mr. Robert Groves drove his "Fly-boat" (The Velocitas) twice a week to Hull. This was a converted Life-boat. After the Inn was demolished and rebuilt. The site was occupied by Farmer's Dairy Company? In No.3 Was Edwin Hickson Whisker – Baker & Confectioner (1893) Mrs. Emma Whisker – Baker & Confectioner (1897) Mrs. Elizabeth Dean – Bake & Confectioner (1905) The Yorkshire Fishery Co. - Fish Mongers (1925) Harry Angel & Co. Ltd. - Port Butchers (1929) Reginald George Hann – Butcher (1933) Universal Fruit Store (1937) No.3a was James Smith & Son (Cleaners) Ltd. - Dyers & Cleaners (1929) No.5 was William Coverley – Tobacconist (1897) George F. Mills – Tobacconist (1909) Mrs. Elizabeth Ann Mills – Tobacconist (1921) G. F. Mills (R .H. Coverley - Proprietor) – Tobacconist (1925) and No.7 George William Ashton – Draper (1897) George R. Yates – Electrical Engineer (1929).

On the other side of the road up to the Royal Oak was No.9 Mr. Tom Morrell – Butcher and later Mr. William Blanchard Mrs. John Harrison – Ladies' Underclothing Warehouse.(1893) Mrs. Annie Taylor Mace – Ladies Outfitter (1901) Mrs. Adelaide Saville .M.A. – Musical Instruments (1909) (then two or three small shops, one occupied by Mr. George Fields – Toy Shop and Barber.)(but which shops?). No.11 Frederick Manning – Fancy Draper (1893) Taylor's Drug Co. Ltd. - Chemist (1901) No.13 Charles Galtry – Tailor (1893) Wise Bros. – Clothiers (1905) No.13a Public Benefit Boot Co. Ltd. (1909) No.15 Scales & Sons – Boot & Shoe Warehouse (1893) Sterlings Ltd. - Boot & Shoe Warehouse (1913) Then a wall was extending to the top of the street behind were the gardens of Mr. Frank Langbourne house which later became The Conservative Club. On this site was built No.17 Saville Street Private House of Edward Read (1893) & also 32a Market Place, in No.17 Edward Read & Son – Outfitters (1905) also Public Benefit Boot Co. (1913). Upstairs No.17a Richard Caddy – Artificial Teeth Maker (1913) in No.19a Miss Hetty Harrison – Ladies Hairdresser (1929) Pearle Assurance Co. Ltd. (1929)


Author:John Stone
References:Information for Landlord and Shop dates is taken from Gazetteers of that year, also from Bakers Memories of Malton.

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