AD71-429 Romans, History of Malton & Norton

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AD71-429 Romans

  • Romans arrived in 71 A.D.
  • Malton is the oldest town fort founded by the Romans north of the Humber, just older than York.
  • The Roman fort was built and rebuilt several times after 80 A.D.
  • The Romans left around 429 A.D.
  • The Romans planted here one of the Numeri, or Cohorts of the Legio, Sexta Victrix, called DEVENTIONENSIS and charged only the termination of its British name to CAMULODUNUM.
  • An inscribed stone found in Norton reads FELICITER SIT GENIO SERAVOLE VTERE FELIX TABERN AM AVREFI CINAM (Prosperity to the genius of this place, O Servulus, enjoy thy goldsmith's shop in happiness).
  • The south-east gateway of the fort led to the Roman ford on Sheep Foot Hill, above the island leading to now Church Street in Norton. This was the meeting point for several roads.
  • In the 1800's The Roman fort was levelled when the burgess decided the poor should work for their food and shelter and their labour was used to level the fort, which stood in orchard fields, to create fair or gala field.
  • Many of the Roman artefacts can be seen today at Malton Museum.

Roman Mosaic Pavement Malton Gala 1906
Roman Mosaic Pavement from the Orchard field excavations in Malton 1949

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Author:John T Stone
References:Information taken from Gazetters, Documents, Books, Newspapers and Cutttings and information from local people.

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History of Malton & Norton: