Railway Street, Malton, History of Malton & Norton

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Railway Street

A few of former buildings, which were occupied as offices, have now been converted in to shops, which are the upstairs rooms of houses. After the road was made higher to make the new road to the Railway Station from Yorkersgate it was called New Bridge Street, and changed to Railway Street after the Iron Bridge was built. A new bridge was built to replace the old wooden one, which had a road for foot passengers, divided by a wooden structure from the road, and a similar structure separated the road and the rail on the other side. The railway line runs across to the flour mill. The mill was in the hands of Messrs. Hurtley & Sons as a Flour Mill it then became the Malton Biscuit Mill. 4th. February 1887 Prospectus issued to-day of a new Biscuit Mill Company for Malton. Where Messrs. Yates & Sons have their offices and stores was formerly a vacant space used as storage for flags and stones belonging to the Local Board of Health. Between the Station and the bridge were Messrs. Yates & Sons (Derwent Foundry) have an implement shed was where Mr. Froom had his Photographic Studio (1860/70's), September 1872 – Studio of Geo. Froom, Photographer, near Malton Station burned down,
Mrs. Mary Flint had a small Sweet shop adjoining John Read - Plumber & Ironmongery Warehouse (1889), J. Read & Co. - Ironmonger (1925), Harry Read – Ironmonger (1937).
The office next door was used as a Surgery and occupied by Mr. Charles Barker - Veterinary Surgeon (1889), Mr. John Abbott – Proprietor Malton & North Grimston Lime Co., & Coal Merchant had the offices next door when he died his son Robert continued the business until his death. 
In No.2 Alfd. Stanley Brown – Drug Store (1937).
In No.4 Mr. Tom Brand – Brick & Tile Manufacture also in the office was Frederic Abbott – Corn Merchant (1889) & William Rowsby – Lime Burner (1901).
No.8 Raymond Read – Draper (1933).
No.10 George M Brown – Hair Dresser (1921).
No.12 Raymond Read – Draper (1925) in 1927 Raymond Read occupied No.6, 8 &12 Alfred Standley Brown – Drug Store (1933).
Mr. George Dinsdale (Poet) had charge of the Public Weigh. Mr. Dinsdale was born in Malton on July 18th 1818. James Horsley was in charge in 1893.
Mr. John Booth Nicholls (1889) had a Paper Warehouse down Messrs. Slaters' (later Longsters') yard, he was succeeded by Mr. George Masterman – Wholesale Stationer (1897).

STATIONMASTER'S – Messrs. Wm. Hopper Nicholson(1889), George Hy. Saxby (1897), Thompson, George Henry Stephenson (1901), James Lupton(1929), Proudfoot, Mr. William Brown was assistant Stationmaster and then Mr. Robert Young and Mr. Harry Young. Mr. Charles Kirby of Norton was the first keeper of a Book Stall at the Station and was helped by his son John and sold papers etc. on the platform, he also sold tobacco, cigars, walking sticks etc. J. H. Finley & Co. Ltd. – Tobacconist (1905). Messrs. W. H. Smith & Sons (1889) secured the rights to sell papers & books, the first manager was Mr. Minnis followed by Mr. John Lonsdale, (who gave recitations at the Liberal Institute in Wood Street, Norton), Mr. Hornsey and Mr. Matthew. Mr. Johnny Muckle also sold goods from baskets of Fruit and had a basket containing Tortoises which sold to the train passengers. Mr. Robert Jackson was the parcels man, he delivered all parcels sent by passenger train by wheelbarrow, later they obtained a parcels van. All the Shunting at the station was done by a man named Carter and two horses. Mr. William Botterill announced the arrival of the trains. It is hard to define where trade premises were because Railway Street has altered quite a lot over the years.
Refreshment Rooms at the Station were run by Mrs. Mary Kirk (1889), Frank B. Craven (1937).

Above R. Yates Shop was Sale rooms belonging to Thomas Ringrose – Secondhand Furniture Dealer (1921), Messrs. Kirk & Medd – Sale-room (1940's).
One of the roads leading off Railway Street was Wells Lane.
On one corner was B. Wade & Co. - Draper (1897), in No.8. Castlegate and Wells Lane, Samuel Clegg – Draper (1901).

On the other side of the road was Mrs. Harriet Lucas – Fried Fish Shop (1913), Jn. Horsley – Fried Fish Shop (1929), later taken over by Jackie Taylor.
In the Station Goods Yards was Anglo-American Oil Co. Ltd. (1933), Shell Mex & B.P. Ltd.- Oil Merchants (1933). 6th.November 1873 – Opening of new Ironworks (Read's) near Malton Station. Benjamin Robinson – Agent for North Eastern Coal Depot. (1893)


Author:John Stone
References:Information for Landlord and Shop dates is taken from Gazetteers of that year, also from Bakers Memories of Malton.

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