Norton Horse Racing and Establishments, History of Malton & Norton

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Norton Horse Racing


1692: Malton Races had been established some years, vide announcement in the London Gazette; 'On Tuesday 6th September, a plate as been usual, will be run for on Langton Wolds, near Malton, and another on the Thursday following, according to articles.
1713: Articles agreed by the founders for a plate to be run for on Langton Wolds, near New Malton, on Thursday, the 1st day of October.
Racing Stables (Norton History)

1823. John Shepherd. Horse Jockeys – James Garbutt, John Gray.
1834. Samuel King – Grove House. Job Marson – Bellevue. John Scott – Whitewall Corner. Richard Shepherd – Wold Cottage.
1840. Saml. King – Sutton Grove. Job Marson – Whitewall Corner, John Scott. - Whitewall Corner. Ann Shepherd – Wold Cottage. Jockeys only. Jas. Garbutt, John Holmes, Thomas Nicholas. John Wray.
1844. Chas. Peck – Grove House. John Marston – Bellevue. John Scott – Whitewall Corner. John Shepherd – Wold Cottage. James Wardell – Horse Breaker in Low Street.
1846. Job Marson – Whitewall Corner. Rd. Peck – High Field. John Scott – Whitewall Corner. W. Scott – High Field. Jockeys- John Gray, John Holmes, T. Nicholson.
1848. Charles Peck – Grove House. John Scott – Whitewall House. William Scott – Highfield House. John Shepherd– Wold Cottage.
1851. Thomas Cunningham – Highfield House. Charles Farrar – Norton. William I'Anson - Spring Cottage. Chas. Peck – Grove House. Richard Peck – Norton. John Scott – Whitewall House. J. Shepherd – Wold House. Jockeys – John Holmes, W. Oates – Geo Simpson – Whitewall Cottage.
1855. Thos. Cunningham – Highfield House. William I'Anson – Spring Cottage. Charles Peck - Grove House. John Scott – Whitewall House. John Shepherd – Wold Cottage.
1858. Thos. Cunningham – Wm. I'Anson – Charles Peck – John Scott – John Shepherd – Jockeys John Charlton, John Holmes, Henry Robertson.
1864. Thos. Cunningham – Highfield House. William I'Anson – Spring Cottage. Charles Peck. John Scott – Whitewall House. John Shepherd – Wold Cottage.
1867. Thos. Cunningham – Commercial Street. Wm. I'Anson – Spring Cottage. Chas. Peck – Grove House. James Perren – Bellevue. John Scott – Whitewall House. Jno Shepherd - Wold Cottage.
1872. The training of Race Horse on Langton Wold, about 1.5 miles of soft pasture grass, main principal establishments are C. Lund, Highfield, and James Perren, Wold Cottage. William I'Anson – Hungerford House.
1879. William I'Anson – Hungerford House. William I'Anson Jnr – Highfield. Charles Lund – Grove House. James Perren – Wold Cottage.
1889. William Binnie – Grove House, Wold Rd. William I'Anson – Highfield. Charles Lund – Spring Cottage, Wold Rd. William Sanderson – Wold House.
1897. William Binnie – Horton Cottage. Thomas Bruckshaw – Whitewall House. Miles S. I. I'Anson – Clerk of Course & breeder of race horses. - Hungerford House. William I'Anson – Highfield. Charles Lund – Spring Cottage, Wold Rd. William Sanderson – Wold House. Ernest Tinsley – Scarborough Road.

WHITEWALL HOUSE. Mr. John Scott. 4th October 1871. The veteran trainer, Mr. Jno. Scott, died at Whitewall House, Malton at 2 p.m. close upon his 77th birthday. Mr. Scott was born at Chippenham, near Newmarket, on November 8th 1794, and commenced his career almost as soon as he could walk, in his father's stable. Mr. Scott was at first light-weight for Sir Watkin Wynn, then private trainer to Mr. Houldsworth, at Rockhill, and afterwards with Mr. Petre, Whitewall House and stables being vacant in 1825, he purchases them, and had resided there ever since, his horses won 16 St. Ledgers. 6 Derbys 8 Oakes, 8 Two Thousand and 4 One Thousand, - an amazing record never since equalled. He trained at times 80 to 100 horses. Capt. J. R. Renwick and he was followed by Mr. J. Bellerby. Mr. William I'Anson and his father, William who died on the 10th January 1881 aged 70 who lived at Hungerford House, Langton Road were Racehorse Trainers.16th September 1933 Mr. William I'Anson (Jnr.) well known ex-trainer, celebrates his 87th birthday.29th April 1934 Sudden death at Scarborough of Mr. William I'Anson, the well-known trainer, aged 87 years.14th November 1902. Accounced today that Mr. Alfred Haley had bought the Whitewall establishment.5th February 1903 Sale of Mr. T. Bruckshaw's racing effects in Malton Corn Exchange – Mr. Bruckshaw leaves Whitewall.
Jim Perrin was with John Scott and when he died began training on his own at WOLD HOUSE He trained horses belonging to Mr. Bowes of Streatlam Castle,after Mr. Perrin's death. Mr. William Sanderson took over and he died on the 6th June 1920 aged 80. He was succeeded by Mr. William Binnie.6th March 1937 Death of Mr. W. Binnie, well-known trainer, aged 74. Mr. Pollock succeeded Mr. Binnie.

2nd September 1904. Sale of Hackneys at Whitewall - Mr Haley's; Highest price made 320 guineas.

SPRING COTTAGE was also a training establishment the first tenant was Mr. William I'Anson. Snr, he was succeeded by Mr. Tom Challoner, then Mr. Charles Lund, until his death on the 7th May 1905 aged 59, and then Mr. Bazley

GROVE HOUSE Mr. Charles Peck he died on the 16th January 1867 aged 64 ( a Charles Peck of Malton,the well-known trainer, died suddenly, aged 41, it was supposed from injury to the bowels. ?) and was followed by Mr. Charles Lund who moved from Highfield House and later moved to Spring Cottage Mr. Binnie Snr succeeded him. 2nd April1912 Grove House, Norton offered for sale by auction,No bid, and lot as withdrawn. 24th March 1914 Grove House offered for sale. No bid received. Adjoining paddock withdrawn at £470. Later it was sold privately to Sir John Scott for £2,500, who appointed Mr. Ernest Tinsley as his trainer. Grove House was demolished and Mr. James Fagen who died on the 20th January 1932 rebuilt it. He moved here from Leat House, it was later occupied by Dr. McCormick and later his widow. Mr. Easterby had his racing stables behind Grove House (Tinsley Dutton, Rohan).
April 12th 1884. John Andrews, died aged 76 yrs, he was Stud Groom & Headman to the late Charles Peck Snr, at Gove House, also to Charles Jnr.(dec) and Robert Peck.

Highfield House (Norton History) HIGHFIELD HOUSE John Scott's Brother, William, was almost as famous as his brother in that he rode winners of six Two thousand Guineas, some of One Thousand Guineas and nine Champagne Stakes, three Oaks, four Derbys, and nine St. Legers. He trained and died at Highfield. Norton.
Mr. William I'Anson built the present house circa 1900 on the site of the old house, he had a son called Tatton. 23rd January 1909 Sale of William I'Anson's farm stock & horses. 29th January 1909 Announced that Mr. William I'Anson had taken Stratford House, Newmarket and left on the 10th February.

HIGHFIELD RACING QUARTERS the modern construction was built on Grimston Road by Sir. John Thursby, horses were later trained by Captain Elsey.
5th January 1920. Announced that the HIGHFIELD TRAINING ESTABLISHMENT and GROVE HOUSE had been sold to Mr. C. F. Kenyon. 20th September 1920 ,BLINK BONNY ESTATE sold to Mr. C. F. Kenyon. 11th September 1925 The Highfield Training Establishment sold for £14,000 to Mr. H. D. Bazley.
Athol House Stables (Norton History)
ATHOL HOUSE STABLES where occupied by Mr. Ernest Tinsley who later moved to Grove House and trained for Mr. Scott of Newcastle. The stables were demolished and private houses have been built and the stables converted in to small houses

BLINK BONNY STUD FARM Mr. Miles I'Anson brother of William employed a large number of hands. He was also Clerk of the Course at Doncaster, York, Newcastle, Beverley &
Thirsk. He lived in Hungerford House, Langton Road and died on the 13th February 1912 aged 61. 4th October 1905, Sale of Mr. Miles I'Anson's stock at the Blink Bonny Stud Farm.
21st March 1912, Blair Athol's van removed from Blink Bonny Stud Farm to Scarborough
1st January 1912 Announced that the Langton Wold Training Ground has been taken over by Mr. Baron Mortimer. The Blink Bonny Estate sold to Mr. R. F. Kenyon on 20th September 1920
4th January 1913 announced that Mr. J. R. Renwick had leased Langton Wold Training Ground.
26th February 1912 announced that Mr. E. G. de Mestre, Ripon had taken Danby House Training Establishment, Norton, in succession to Mr. B. Mortimer. 21st January 1926 Sale of Blink Bonny Stud Farm to Col. Bryan Fairfax of York.
8th Sept 1900 Will. Chilvers leaves Blink Bonny Establishment, Norton, after a long service.

WOLD COTTAGE One of the principal Racing Establishments.
Wold Cottage (Norton History) List of occupiers. :-1840 – Ann Shepherd. 1844 – John Shepherd. 1846 – Mrs. Shepherd. 1848 – John Shepherd. 1872 – James Perren. 1887 – James Fagan. 1887 – William Sanderson (Wold House) (29th December 1899 Death of Mrs Sanderson, Wold House, Norton ). 1913 – William Binnie. 1937 – Walter Pollock.

DANBY HOUSE 26th February 1912. Announced that Mr. E. G. de Mestre, Ripon, had taken Danby House Training Establishment, Norton, in succession to Mr. B. Mortimer.
1st January 1912 – Announced that the Langton Wold Training Ground has been taken over by Mr. Baron Mortimer.

When racehorses were walked to the various race meetings, a sensation was caused when the late Mr. William I;Anson had a horse box built which was horse-drawn and in which Blink Bonny, the Derby winner, was conveyed. For many years the horse box stood in a field at Howe Hill, Norton. Many years ago steeplechases were held at Howe Hill, and the previously mentioned Horse Box was used to convey welshers offenders against the law to the local police station.
21st March 1912 Blair Athol's van removed from Blink Bonny Stud Farm to Scarborough.
2nd September 1904 – Announced to-day that there would be no more Steeplechases at Malton – Highfield committee finally abandoning them.
20th September 1904 – Sale of fittings of Malton Steeplechase Course.
23rd. November 1917 Part of the Langton Wold Training ground ploughed up.
3rd September 1912 – Wold Cottage, Norton, sold by auction for £1,240 to Mrs. Dawson.


Mr. John Scott's, Whitewell 22
Mr. Charles Peck's, Grove House 14
Mr. Robert Peck's, Spring Cottage 7
Mr. Thomas I'Anson, Highfield 8
Mr. John Shepherd's, Wold Cottage 6
Total 57

Mr. H. D. Bazely, Spring Cottage 12
Mr. R. P. Botterill, Norton House 8
Mr. E. Davey. Wood Street 13
Mr. W. Easterby, Grove Cottage 46
Capt. G. F. Elsey, Highfield 47
Mr. W. J. Bellerby, Whitewall 13
Mr. W. Binnie, Wold House 2
Mr. Mason, Scarborough Road 2
Mr. T. H. Threlfell 2
Total 145

BLINK BONNY. This racehorse won the Derby and Oaks Stakes at Epsom in 1857. The Property of and Bred by William I'Anson and ridden by J. Charlton.

CLASSICAL WINNERS TRAINED by the late JOHN SCOTT – The Wizard of the North.

Mr. Bowes' – Meteor 1842. Mr. Bowes' – Cotherstone 1843. Mr. Hills' – Pitsford 1850. Mr. Bowes' – West Australian 1853. Lord Derby's – Fazzolette 1856. Mr. Nichols; -- The Wizard 1860. Hon. S. Hawke's – The Marquis 1862.
Lord Stanley's – Canezon 1848. Baron Rothschild's – Mentmore Lass 1853. Mr. Scott's – Imperieuse 1857. Lord Derby's – Sagitta 1860.
Mr. Risdale's – St. Giles 1832. Mr. Bowes' – Mundig 1835. General Anson's – Attila 1842
Mr. Bowes' – Cotherstone 1843. Mr. Bowes' – Daniel O'Rourke 1852. Mr. Bowes' - West Australian 1853.
Mr. Scott's – Cyprian 1836. Lord Chesterfield's – Industry 1838. Marquis of Westminster's – Ghuznee 1841. General Anson's – Princess 1844. Lord Derby's – Iris 1851. Mr.Scott's – Songstress 1852. Hon. Stanhope Hawke's – Marchioness 1855. Lord Falmouth's – Queen Bertha 1863.
Hon. E. Petre's – Matilda 1827. Hon. E. Petre's – The Colonel 1828. Hon. E. Petre's – Rowton 1829. Mr. Gully's – Margrave 1832. Marquis of Westminster's – Touchstone 1834. Lord Chesterfield's – Don John 1838. Major Yarburgh's – Charles the 12th 1839. Marquis of Westminster's – Launcelot 1840. Marquis of Westminster's – Satirist 1841. Mr. Watt's – The Baron 1845. Mr. Nichol's – Newminster 1851. Mr. Bowes' – West Australian 1853. Mr. Nichol's – Warlobck 1856. Mr. Scott's – Imperieuse 1857. Sir. Charles Monck;s – Gamester 1859. Hon. S. Hawke's – The Marquis 1862.

Author:John Stone
References:Taken from Malton Memories by J Fairfax-Blakeborough

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