Malton Stables, History of Malton & Norton

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Malton Stables

Taken from newspaper cuttings of January 1891.

The following list of the races and sums won last year (1890)by the various horese trained on Langton Wold will be read with interest The total, as will be seen, is nearly £19,000; and inducation of the importance of the training interest to the good little towns of Norton and Malton. Of course, the 65 horses named here do not represent all that are in the Malton stables, and in realising the commercial aspect of the question we must take into account not only the racing but also the excellent breeding studs at the Blink Bonny and the Musley Bank Farms. We hope, for the sake of our genial sporting friends, will even double the figures here appended :-

The Admiral 4 races £1,050
Fourother 3 races £803
Queen Eleanor 5 races £735
Royal Stag 2 races £650
Infula 2 races £605
Queen Laura 2 races £600
Pierrepont 4 races £478
Hutton Conyers 1 race £450
Eaglesham 2 races £438
Star Trap 3 races £435
Temple Newsam 7 races £320
Rosen 3 races £310
Ecuador 2 races £208
Ups and Downs 2 races £203
The Deacon 2 races £203
Coeur de Lion 1 race £150
Roseola 1 race £150
Megan1 1 race £103
Mythie 1 race £103
Rachel 1 race £103
Rejoice 1 race £103
Lady Killer 1 race £100.

Total 51 races £8,298.00

Queen's Birthday 6 races £2,660
Pannonia 2 races £675
Curfew 3 races £455
Portens 2 races £206
Elopment 2 races £203
Marcus 2 races £160
Propriety 1 race £150
Damsel 1 race £150
Douphil 1 race £150
Fancy Boy 2 races £140
Stigma 1 race £103
Inverkeithing 1 race £103
Simpheropol 1 race £1
Venice 1 race £100
Black and Gold 1 race £100
Burton 1 race £8
Petit Duo 1 race £50
Gargoyle 1 race £40
Tiny Tittlemouse 1 race £4
Destiny 1 race £40
Saunby 1 race £40
Sunny Clime 1 race £4
Stourside 1 race £40.

Total 35 races £5,937.

Horton 3 races £1,313
Wrinkles 4 races £454
Zigzag 4 races £409
Inch Girl 2 races £205
Black Pearl 2 races £205
Ossidine 1 race £150
Ashton 1 race £103
Prompter 1 race £100
Purseproud 2 races £90

Total 20 races £3,029

Mr. McGregor 2 races £300
Volge 1 race £200
Oxeye 1 race £200
Miss Ada 1 race £103
Keepsake 1 race £103
Camallina 1 race £100
Humber 1 race £100
Scratch 1 race £100.

Total 9 races £1,206

GRAND TOTAL 115 races £18,370.

1932 – Death at Rillington of Mr. George Shaw, aged 94, the man who shod 'Blink Bonny'.

1942 – Norton Police Court heard that a horse switched a light on causing a black-out offence. Ernest Davy, a racehorse trainer of Norton was fined £2 for showing a light from a loosebox at 11.30 p.m. On the 1st September.

MUUSIDORA trained by Capt.C. F. Elsey at Highfield. Winner of he 1,000 Guineas and The Oaks in 1949.
FRIEZE trained by Capt. C. F. Elsey. Winner of The Oaks in 1952.
STEROPE trained by Mr. P. Beasley, Wold House. Winner of The Cambridgeshire Handicap in successive years, viz., 1948 and 1949 and winner of the Royal Hunt Cup in 1949.
NEARULA trained by Capt. C. F. Elsey, Winner of the 2,000 Guineas in 1953.
PAPPA FOURWAY trained by Mr. W. P. Dutton. Winner of eight races and the Champion Sprinter of the Country in 1955.
EUDAEMON trained by Capt. C. F. Elsey. Winner of the Gimcrack Stakes (York) in 1956.
LIMBER HILL trained by Mr. W. P. Dutton. Winner of the Cheltenham Gold Cup in 1956.
SANDIACRE trained by Mr. W. P. Dutton. Winner of the Cesarewitch in 1957.
PHEIDIPPIDES trained by Capt. C. F. Elsey. Winner of the Gimerack Stakes (York) in 1957.
BE CAREFUL trained by Capt. C. F. Elsey. Winner of the Gimcrack Strakes (York) in 1958.
BABAUR trained by Capt. C. F. Elsey Winner of The Lincolnshire Handicap in 1957 and in 1958.
Many other well-known races have been won by locally trained horses. Mr. E. Davey's Fair Seller, trained at Star Farm, won the Ayr Gold Cup and many large sprints in the South. Par Avion, trained at Whitewall, by Mr. W. J. Bellerby won two races at two attempts at Royal Ascot. The late Lord Milton's Paul Beg, trained by Mr. W. Easterby, at Grove Cottage, won the famous Gimrack Stakes at York. At the Royal Ascot Meeting in 1958 trainers Mr. P. T. Beasley, Mr. W. P. Dutton and Capt. C. F. Elsey each had two winners.

In 1956 Capt. C. F. Elsey was the leading trainer in the country with 83 winners, and the total stakes was £61,620.
In 1957 he had 73 winners – more than any other trainer.
In 1958/1959 there were twelve racing establishments, and at least two hundred men and apprentices are employed in the training of more than four hundred racehorses.

Author:John Stone
References:Taken from newspaper cuttings of January 1891

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