Horsemarket Road, Malton, History of Malton & Norton

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Horsemarket Road

This road runs from The Mount to the Police Station. Where the Wesleyan Minister lives it was called GELDING HILL on which two or three small houses stood. In one lived Willie Martindale (he was Chapel Keeper for the Malton Wesleyan Chapel). Most of the road on the left hand side was occupied by Fold yards later houses were built and called Belmont Terrace.
No.1 St. Aubyns Stephen Wilson, Chief Engineer Waterworks (1893) James Smith (1905).
No.3 Ralph George Lucas – Newspaper Reporter (1893).
No.5 Misses Bellerby (1893) Mrs. Sarah Wreathall (1901).
No.7 Jonas Dawson (1893).
No.9 Mrs Snowball (1893), George Ivyhurst Russell No.9 / The Mount. (1893).

No.2 Seth Tinsley (1893), Baker Snarry (1897).
No.4 Mrs. Charles Hartley (1893) Mrs. Dresser (1901) John Lamb (1905).
No.6 Miss. Hannah Jane Dawson – Dressmaker (1897) Cyril Charles & Mrs. W. Freer (1901) Mrs. Ann Freer (1905).
No.8 Oswald Fitch (1893) William Suddaby (1901).
No.16 Miss Hannah Jane Dawson – Dress Maker (1893).
and the PIG MARKET which extended up to William Elloitt Candle Maker along with Robert Pickering and Robert Stabler. Thomas Stabler - Tallow Chandler's (Candle & Soap Dealers) (1893), (Tommy Britton was the principal candle maker) premises which adjoined the old Slaughter House. The Slaughter House was in use, later W. W. Suddaby & Sons – Crown Garage (1933). Opposite the Slaughter House were three or four small houses plus a Blacksmith, George Harland (1893) which faced into the Cattle Market and their backs faced the slaughter house (like an island in the cattle market). Before the Pens and Auction Mart built it was a large open space where Menageries & Circuses stood, also the Palm Sunday Horse Fair was held here.
THE SPOTTED COW. Probably 16th Century it became a Beer House in 1807 and got a full license in the 1860's. Landlord's Metcalfe Ash (1864), George Taylor (1867), Mrs. Ann Taylor (1879), William Clough (1887), Mrs. Sarah Clough (1897), Henry Allerston (1905), Dryden Prince Mountney (1913), Albert Mennell (1933), adjoining it was the Old Police Station. 9th. October 1893, Mr. Robert Metcalfe, C. C., laid Foundation Stone of new Police-Station at Malton. It was later improved and a Court House attached before this prisoners were taken to the Court in the Town Hall. Thomas Silverside was Superintendent (1893) & John Rose was Sergeant of Police (1897).
In the market where the outside sheep pens are there stood houses and a shop occupied by Jim Wood who dealt in Fruit, Nuts & Sweets etc. He also had a stall in the Market Place, near the top of Saville Street, after him it was Messrs. Hornsey & Wood – Hunt Tailors & Breeches Makers (1909). Also in the Cattle Market were William Botterill – Auctioneers (1905), Francis Cook & Son – Auctioneers (1905), Cook & Dee – Auctioneers (1925).

Cattle Market, Horsemarket Road, Malton Cattle Market, Horsemarket Road, Malton


Author:John Stone
References:Information for Landlord and Shop dates is taken from Gazetteers of that year, also from Bakers Memories of Malton.

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