Greengate, Malton, History of Malton & Norton

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The Infant School was run by Mr. Amos Livesy assisted by his daughter Miss. Matilda Livesy. Mr. T. Hodgson - Builder & Contractor (1889) had a Stone-yard which had taken over from his father. Later, a Drill Hall as erected on the site for the 5th Battalion of the Green Howards.
On one side of it was the Malton Wesley Day School and on the other side Greengate House, where Mr. John Estill – Solicitor lived.
Next door is the house in which Charles Dickens brother lived who worked on the railway.
No.4 Robert Hudson Haynes – Hawker (1925), Thomas Haynes – Hawker (1929).
No.6 Francis Raisin – Cola Dealer (1893).
No.20 William Hume – Painter (1893).
No.70 Joseph Clark – Shopkeeper (1893), Mrs. Sarah Ann Clark – Shopkeeper (1909).
No.74 Miss Mary Elizabeth Woodhouse – District Nurse (1913).
No.1 Miss. Sarah May – Grocer (1897).
No.7 Edwin Hickson Whisker – Baker & Confectioner (1893), Mrs. Emma Whisker – Baker & Confectioner (1897), she also had premises in Saville Street.
No.9 Charles Dickinson – Currier (1893).
No.15 James Cook – Marine Store Dealer (1889).
No.23 Richard Cour – Shopkeeper & Painter (1893), James Dixon – Shopkeeper (1921), Miss. Agnes Dixon – Shopkeeper (1937).
No.29 ELEPHANT & CASTLE PUBLIC HOUSE. This was a Beer Shop in the 1830's it closed in 1951. It was demolished and flats were built on the site. Landlord's James Ford (1834), William Ford (1846), Miss. Henrietta Ford (1893), Ernest Young (1921).
No.41 Robert Mitchelson – Grocer (1893), John Edwin Horsley – Grocer (1925), Jn. E. Horsley & Sons – Grocer (1933).
No.49 Thomas Sedman Jnr. - Tailor (1893).
Also up one of the yards Edwd. Norton had a Builder's Yard (1937).
In 1893 William Ellis – Shoe Maker. Hodgson & Son – Builder.


Author:John Stone
References:Information for Landlord and Shop dates is taken from Gazetteers of that year, also from Bakers Memories of Malton.

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