Finkle Street, Malton, History of Malton & Norton

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Finkle Street

No.1 Robert Hatfield & Son – Grocer & Ham & Bacon Factors (1893) William Fuller – Grocer (1905) W. Fuller & Co. - Grocer (1933). No.7 Was the RED LION in 1802 the landlord provided food for the prisoners held in the lock-up next door, it closed in 1841 and became Timothy Francis Ineson – Tinplate Worker (1889). Colby Bros & Fawcett – Printer (1929). Malton Town Jail also called the Black Hole, the High Black Hole and the Low Black Hole stood where the car park is in Finkle Street. These holes were narrow places, each furnished with Barrack Bedsteads for the prisoners to lie on and were supplied with fresh straw every 3 or 4 months. The only ventilation was through an Iron Grating in each about 7" square. There is a tale that young boys would acquire a church warden's pipe, place it in the keyhole of the lock-up, begged ale at a public house and then pour it down the head of the pipe for the prisoners to drink. No.11 Joshua Massey – Naturalist (1889) in 1905 – Confectioner. Mrs. Sarah Massey – Confectioner (1921). No.13 Charles Piercy – Cabinet Maker (1909).
Then the Market Place. No.2 Alfred Dennis – Pastrycook, Confectioner, Baker & General Grocer, Wedding, School & Sponge Cakes made to order; Maker of the celebrated pure digestive bread.(1893). No.4 PRINCE OF WALES PUBLIC HOUSE. Was a Beer House in the 1850's Dealer's Timothy Ineson (1855) Thomas Watson, also a Shoemaker (1857) William Thompson (1864) Thomas Catton (1867) got its license circa 1870's and closed in 1920's. Landlord's William Jones (1872) John Ashpole (1887). No.6 William Robert Drake – Butcher (1889). Robert Drake – Butcher (1893)
No.8 William Spaven – Tailor (1893)
No.10 George Hall – Stationer & Booksellers. (1889). Miss. Elizabeth Hall – Stationer (1913) Lancelot Murray – Stationer. (1925).
No.12 Joshua Massey – Naturalist (1893).
No.14 Dickinson & Clough – Boot Maker (1893) Fred Haynes – Hairdresser.(1901) James Simpson – Tailor (1905) Albert Chapman – Hairdresser (1909) William Lodge – Hairdresser (1921). No.18 CRITERION in 1858 was Merrick's Draper Shop, In 1860 Taylor's Wine & Spirit merchants and became an Inn circa 1880's and partly demolished in the 1930's for the making of Newgate. Landlord's William Peters (1887) Watson Harrison (1893) Enoch Fleming (1897) Frederick Henry Brookhouse (1905) Henry Edward Usher (1909) Thomas Potter (1913). Upstairs (1933) Chas. W. L. D. S. Hayton had a Dental Surgery, later Mr. E Elwess came into the partnership. The shop part was Chas. V. Berry – Pianoforte Tuner (1933) and later Mr. Maw – Furniture Dealer.
Mr. Henry Taylor's warehouse burnt down about 1866.
Finkle Street, Malton


Author:John Stone
References:Information for Landlord and Shop dates is taken from Gazetteers of that year, also from Bakers Memories of Malton.

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