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The open space immediately in front of Snow's Carpet shop was a Fish Market, paved with cobble stones, and in the centre was a Public Pump and in earlier days a Fish Market Cross.
There were four Flour Mills in Malton in the 1860's and the flour taken to York by wagons with four horses attached, leaving twice a week, about 10 or 11 o'clock at night, and returning the following day. In the 1930's only 1 Flour Mill remains Messrs. Russell's & Wrangham Ltd. In 1897 Mrs. Mary Hargraves was a Dealer in Ladies & Gentlemen's Cast-Off Clothing, Secondhand Carpets & Furniture in Castlegate.
Castlegate/Low Street over the years properties have been demolished, rebuilt & demolished and rebuilt again .it is difficult to say were shops and houses were. A lot of the trades stayed in the same premises but the street number changed.

Castlegate, Malton Castlegate, Malton
Messrs. Snow & Sons occupied the premises from 1844 – Drapers & Fashion Specialists. 2nd. February 1891 Funeral of Mr. William Snow, draper of Malton.
Next was "Tommy Taylor's Dram Shop" opened by Thomas Taylor – Grocer. Later called CASTLEGATE VAULTS, it was No.6. Castlegate. It became a public house in 1890 and closed in 1965. Landlord's Jonas Dawson (1893),(1897)(1901) he was also a Wine & Spirit Dealer, (he died at Bradford on 28th November 1908). Jas. Brown Cargill (1905)(1907), George Harfield (1909)(1913), Fred Schofield (1921-1937). The shop occupied by Snows as a carpet shop was occupied by Mr. William Johnson – Scottish Draper, then Messrs. Jackson – Draper and later Messrs. Wade & Co. also Drapers.(1893) Also in these properties Thomas Berry Musical Instrument Dealer (1905) had No.8 and Wells Lane. in 1901. After the above property was demolished for road widening in 1967 the shops were renumber 10 to 22. Originally they went 10, 12, 12a, 12b, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22
No.10 Mr. Wright – Clog & Shoe Maker Mrs Wright Boot & Shop Dealer (1893) Michael Duggleby – Butcher (1901) Willis Mills - Butcher (1905) Thomas Pamley – Butcher (1909) Malton Meat Co. – Butchers (1913) Charles Watson Robson – Cycle Agent (1913) Wilson & Son – Greengrocers (1921) William Edmund Magson – Electrician (1933) Harry Read Jnr. - Ironmonger (1937). 
No.12 -Johnson & Co – Grocers (1893) -Henry Taylor & Son – Grocers (1897) Mrs. Charles Simpson – Ladies & Children's Outfitter (1909) Mrs. Margaret Wood – Confectioner (1913) Mason's Cafe (1929) Ceylon Cafe'(Miss Petch) (1937). 
Mr. Johnson – Grocer was in the shop now Mrs.Alfred Carr at No.12a Ladies & Children's Outfitter (1925). 
No.12b Herbert William Robson – Ironmonger (1925-1937).
The MARINER'S ARMS at the bottom of Carpenter's Yard opened in 1801 near the repair dock. Next No.14 James Moon Brazier & Tin Plate Worker. (1844). In 1857 became an Ironmonger. Messrs. Moon & Watson Robson – Ironmongers(1867) Watson Robson Ironmonger(1872),also had the Stamp Office in (1893-1905) B Robson – Ironmonger (1907) Herbert William Robson – Ironmonger (1909).
At No.16 Elias Coultate – Pianoforte Tuner (1897), Charles Watson Robson – Cycle Agent & Stamp Distributor (1897) Robson's Malton (1925) Robson Garages (1929). 
Next door No.18 & 20 was Messrs. Thomas Taylor & Co. - Grocers. (1893)
The next door was a private house & shop (Castlegate House) occupied by Mr. William Walker who owned The Old Brewery on the other side of the road, then Mr. Taylor was resident, it had railing along the front. Jas. Thos. Rodgers also lived at this address.
Shop: - Mr. James Walker Wilson – Painter & Decorator (1897), Mrs. James Walker Wilson – Painter & Decorator (1909) Mr. John A Dean – Butcher (1925) Mr. Holmes – Butcher and now occupied by Mr. Charles Ashworth – Butcher. (1929).
The Lane by the side of the house led down to Corn & Coal Wharfs. The horses pulling the vessels when arriving opposite Metcalfe's Flour Mills cross the river on to the island by means of a foot bridge and emerge opposite to the house on the County Bridge. The Wharfs started near the Brow's Quarry and continued to King's Mill's near the Gas Works. 18th. March 1898, Messrs. Metcalfe & Co's Flour Mill at Malton partly destroyed by fire early this morning.
Two houses adjacent to the Lane. In the first one was Mr. Atkinson who had a Bake-house and in the second were two brothers named Andrews who were Chain Maker and had works in the Ship Inn Yard just opposite.
These two houses have been demolished and a house No.26 and shop erected on the site and the tenant at No.24 is Charles Pickering – Baker (1897) Miss Alice A. Cour – Fancy Repository (1933). 
Next door in No.28 lived Mr. Joseph Kipling and his wife who had a Dressmaking Business. She was a favourite Aunt of Rudyard Kipling who was a frequent visitor. (1893-1909). Mrs. Agnes Hollings – Greengrocer (1929) Mrs. Hilda Brown – Confectioner, Tobacconist, Fruitier & Greengrocer (1933) Mrs. Amelia Mary Hargreaves – Greengrocer (1937) the adjoining property was composed of three or four small dwellings.
No.30 was a house.
No.32 John Sedman – Tailor (1893) Miss Rhoda Dixon – Stocking Knitter (1897-1909) R Dixon – Hatter & Hosier (1907) Shops & Houses were demolished to make room for Mr. Beswick's Garage.
No.34. James Hamer – Greengrocer (1893 – 19087) Arthur Massey – Shop Keeper (1909).
Down the lane nearby were Stables occupied by Mr. Dick Barker a Horse Dealer. On the opposite side of the lane were Messrs. Russells & Wrangham's Offices now stand was Mr. Fox - Butcher's Shop.
Next was a passage leading down to a few cottages where Matty & Martha Stainton lived. Matty was an 'Out-Porter' at the Railway Station. A small Sweet Shop adjoined the passage then a larger house at the top of the yard leading down to Messrs. Russell's Mill & Brewery occupied by Mr. Alfred Russell, a member of the firm. The Butcher's shop, Yard & Sweet Shop were demolished to make way for Messrs. Russells & Wrangham Ltd. Offices. Malton Derwent Brewery arrived in 1771, owned by the Russell family, who in 1823 went into partnership with Mr. Wily, owner of the flour mill. In 1897 they again went into partnership, this time with William Wrangham of the Crystal Brewery, to be Russell & Wrangham, selling ale & flour.( 3rd September 1897 – Announced to-day that Messrs. Russells and Wrangham, of Malton, were about to form into a limited liability company, which was successfully carried out soon afterwards).
Next was No.44 Mr. Kinston – Pawnshop followed by Charles Baker – Butcher (1893)William Baker – Butcher (1897-1905) then Fred Baker – Butcher (1909) William John Robinson – Pawnbroker (1925).
Next door No.46 was Mr. John Collier – Printer & Bookseller following him was Richard J. Smithson – Stationer (1897-1907) Hodgkin & Broadband – Stationers (1909) John Hodgson – Stationer (1913) George Austin Wilson – Stationer (1921) Mrs. Hilda Marion Wilson – Stationer & Toy Dealer (1925) Mrs. Lily A. Web Newsagent (1933).
Next door No.48, is Mr. Solute – Shoe Maker. Thomas Linsley – Shop Keeper (1897) Charles Pickering – Baker (1907). Messrs. Russells had a Flour shop managed by Mr. Carr and then by Mr. John Normanton. Down the yard to the flour mill Mr. John Brigand had a Saddler's Business and Mr. Joshua Hunter lived next door. The Griffin Brewery established in 1793 was next and extended down to the river. Mr. Walter Coyly Alexander lived in the house attached to the brewery. When he left Mr. W R Spavin who as Bookkeeper and Traveler for the firm. The brewery closed down and the contents sold by auction. 25th. June – Sale of old Griffin Brewery property at the Talbot Hotel, Malton. Structural alterations were done Mr. Thomas Botterill – Auctioneer and started a Furniture Business in No.56 he was followed Frank Dunwell – Cabinet Maker (1897) Malton & Norton Co.-operative Society Ltd., (1907) later moved to Wheelgate but kept it on as a Store & Butcher's Shop. (11th. November 1921 – Destructive fire at Malton Cooperative Society Stores in Castlegate when the warehouse was gutted).
Next was No.58 Mrs. Gray who altered Straw Hats & Bonnets, William Mitchell – Tobacconist (1893-1897) added Brick Maker (1901-1913) Arthur Ellis – Tobacconist (1921).
Then a house No.60 (Mrs. Cour).
Hawkswell Lane. At the other side of the Lane were two or three cottages which were later pulled down No 62 & 64 Mr. John Thomas Foster had a Confectionery Business(1913) J. T. Foster & Son – Baker (1929) and his private house.
Next door No.66.Mr. Rows – Tinder's Shop, William Fish – Saddler (1893-1897) Mr. David Fish – Saddler.(1905-1913) Mrs. Albert Smith – Wardrobe Dealer (1921) Mrs. Elizabeth Cook – Wardrobe Dealer (1925)-1933 Walter Rowsby – Fruiterer.(1937).
Next door was a private house No.68 occupied by Mrs. Tom Lister wife of Malton's one-time only Letter Carrier before that Mr. Lister's Parents occupied it.
The next door shop No.70 was for some time occupied by Mr. J H Delday – a Scotch Draper.Henry Mungo – Linen & Woollen Draper (1893), Mrs. Sarah Munro – Baby Linen Warehouse (1897-1905) Mrs. Edith Humble – Ladies Outfitter (1909) Miss Elizabeth Smith – Milliner (1913)Miss Annie Kiddle – Milliner (1925-1933) Douglas Thomson – Draper (1937).
THE SPREAD EAGLE INN originally called QUEEN'S HEAD opened in the early 1800's as a Beer House and changed its name in the 1850's. Closed during the 2nd World War. 
No.72 Castlegate, came next occupied by. Landlord's William Kingston.(1890), Mrs. Mary Kingston (1905), Miss. Hannah Kingston (1909), daughter of the former later Landlord, Mrs. Hannah Blades.(1925-1933) It was closed in 1939/45 and became a private house. The Landlady here had a wooden leg. She went duck shooting with her husband who accidentally shot her in the leg.
Next were private houses No.74 Mr. Henry Brown – Builder & Contractor. Mrs Brown (1893-1909).Dr. H. O. P. De Mirimonde (1909)
Next door No.76 Mr. William Metcalfe a partner in W. Metcalfe & Sons – Millers. He was succeeded by Mr. Wm. Roberts (1893-1905), followed by Dr. .H.O.P. de Mirimonde. (1913-1937). Dr. Donald Carmichael McCormick (1913) Dr. David Peebles Brown (1921).
Dr. Young lived next door No.78 who could have been the first Medical Officer of Health for Malton. It was here the Rev. Dinsdale Young sent his boyhood. also Dr's James Thomas Roger Milner (1897-1901) Dr. Henry Oscar Pomme De Mirimonde (1905) Dr. Donald Carmichael McCormick (1929-1933) William James Brandon (1937) Fras. Claude Le Page (1937) Fras. Carbutt Mayor (1937).David Peebles Brown (1929). Mr Mayo (1937).
Ruston's Tan Yard situated on the adjacent premises, when the tan yard closed Mr. William Wrangham commenced the Crystal Brewery on the site and later merged into Russells & Wrangham Ltd.
No.80, William Marriott – Brewer's Manager (1893-1897).Walter Baker – Cycle Merchant (1901 -1909) Motor Engineer (1913-1925) Motor Garage (1925-1937).
Part of the premises No.80 was occupied by Mr. Walter Baker – Cycle Maker (1901) then as a Motor Garage in 1913. Mr. Walker had a Bakery next to the brewery and those premises have been rebuilt. Mr. Oldfield carried on the Confectionery business.
In No.82 Private House Tindal Harrison (1893) Harold Wrangham (1897) George Whyte – Travelling Draper (1901) Moved in to 82a (1907) then back to No.82 (1913), Douglas Thomson – Travelling Draper (1925-1933) William Hollingsworth.(1937). 
No. 84 was a house then in 
No.86 Robert Walker – Baker & Confectioner (1893 1925) Ronald Barker – Confectioner (1929), Albert Ireland – Tailor (1933-1937).
No 88, Miller Wray Boy's school (1893)Mr. James Metcalfe re:- W. Metcalfe & Sons lived in the house at the top of the mill premises also later Headley Wise & Son – Corn Merchants (1933). On the same site Malton Minerals Ltd (1937).
Next to Metcalfes' mill were two or three houses, one occupied be Dr. Deeley he had a private practice.
No.94, Private House Matthew Dobson (1893), Elias Coultate (1909).
Next door, No.96 to him was Mr. Sunley's Shoeing Forge and Dickey Ford had a Joiner's Shop behind, these premises were later occupied by Mr. Anthony Fish as a Millwright & Machine Maker (1893 - 1913) Herbert Fish – Mill Wright. (1925) Malton Confectionery Co., Wholesale Sweet Establishment Warehouse (1933), A. C. Knaggs – Printer (1937). Further down the yard was Messrs. Johnson & Taylor's Biscuit Works. Which was destroyed by fire and never re-started.
Next was No.98, lived Mr.William James Marshall (1893)(1897) Mrs. Marshall – Malton Choral & Orchestral Socy. (1901), Major George Thomas Pickering – Veterinary (1909) Robert Henderson – Vet (1913) Albert Edward Jepson – Organ Builder (1921) Malton Confectionery Co. (1937).
A House in No.100.
In No.102 was Tom Strangeway – Blacksmith (1893 - 1909) later taken by Mr. Medd.
Crystal Brewery was at the bottom of Castlegate.

The Opposite side of the road. Further along Sheep Foot Hill, Mill Cottages, Kings Mill, Spring Hill the Work House, Herbt Silkstone – Master in charge (1937) and Gas Works and Orchard Cottage Henry King (1913).
The Gas Works were constructed in 1832 by Messrs. John & Jas. Malam who sold them in 1836 to a company of proprietors for £4,000, raised in £10 Shares. Going to Butcher Corner. The Gas Company's. Offices and works are still on the same site though the works have been enlarged Mr. Henry Tobey was a Manager who retired in 1920. followed by Mr. Thomas Law.
No.47. Mrs Arabella Boyes (1893)
No.45 THE CROWN & ANCHOR originally THE WATERMAN'S ARMS. Landlord's Thomas Barehead (1823), Mary Barehead (1834), Jas. Coultas (1840), W. Jones (1851), William Brown (1854), Frear Storr (1857), Robert Anderson (1887), John Ackroyd (1905), Walter Ernest Coldwell (1909), Alfred William Puchin (1921), Arthur Waud (1925).
No.37 Tom Hawley (Hawley & Co – Travelling Drapers (1893)was tenant later Mr. Thomas Skelton Snarry – Veterinary Surgeon (1897), Mrs. Rosa Clark Snarry (1901), it then became the TEMPERANCE HOTEL Mrs. Ann Greenley (1913), Mrs. Emily Oldfield (1921), and Mr. Lawrence. Thomas. Oldfield who was also a Builder (1925).Mrs. E & L.T. Oldfield & Son (1937)
The house next door (Castle Dykes) lived Mrs. Edwards (1893) Mr. Matthew Edwards (1897), first by father and then son, they were followed by Mr. Christopher William Mason. (1925).
Bottom of Church Hill (No.33) lived Mr. James Hopperton – Churn Maker after his moved from Wheelgate. John Smith – General Dealer (1893) then Furniture Broker (1897), Walter William Cockerill – Picture Frame Maker (1901) and in 1909 was a Phonograph Agent, just below was Oldfield's Memorial Office.

On the other side of road called CHURCH HILL
In No.31 lived Mr. William Spaven, then William Wray – Tailor (1901).
In No.29 was George Yates (1893) Mrs Ann Whitehead – Boarding House (1893) John Thomas Glover (1905) then Herbert W. Turner – Joiner (1913). (Turner Bros. – Joiners) (1921) they also had premises at Bridgefoot.
Next No.27 was a Public House called THE WHITE HART originally called SHOULDER OF MUTTON the name changed in about 1825 (it was also called BUCK INN) it closed in 1872. Landlord's Nathaniel Smith (1834), John Miller (1840), Thomas Gray (1844), Thomas Atkinson (1848), Francis Marshall (1864), who also was a Fishmonger. Harrison & Jabez Hargreaves – Decorators (1909),Mrs Ann Greenley (1913) Miss Margaret. Ramsden – Ladies Hairdresser (1933).
Next door house No.25 was occupied by Mr. Robert Boulton (1893) founder of Messrs. Boulton & Cooper. Mr. Boulton held a weekly Auction Mart for the sale of Cattle etc. He took in to partnership a Mr. Constable who was a Schoolmaster, and on his retirement Mr. William Cooper a clerk in the office was taken into partnership. Mr. Boulton was a keen Sportsman and keen on Cricket, in the 1860's, 70's & 80's also interested in Greyhound Coursing. Then Jonas Dawson (1901) George Humble (1907) Harrison & Hargreave – Decorators (1925) who had moved from next door. It became Exors of Harrison & Hargreave (1933).
Adjoining Mr. Boulton's property were two or three smaller houses (in No.23 Mrs. Agnes Greenley (1925).
Then came No.21 Mrs. Yates.
No.19 the residence of Mr. Thomas Botterill – Auctioneer & Public Man (member of the Local Board of Health). Mrs. J Mazey – Apartments (1907) Also Miss Dennis.
Then came CHURCH LANE, leading up to Church Hill. Edward Smith – Blacksmith. Robert Goff – Blacksmith, Miss Janet Pudence – District Nurse at No.1.
No.17 lived William Hobson – Cab Proprietor (1913) also Mrs. Hughes.
No.15 was also a private house-Mr. Tierney.
A few doors farther up was the SHIP INN the entrance was up Church Lane it closed in 1888.– Landlord was a Mr. Robinson, (1867) the room where the beer was served was flagged and sanded with metal spittoon's filled with sawdust or sand spread over the floor. A large window looked into Castlegate.
Up the Passage near by were several cottages called MILTON ALLEY the entrance being on Church Hill as well as the Chain Works of the Andrew Brothers .Edward Bullous – Nail Maker (1893) Miss Mary Cave – Dress Maker.(1893).
Messrs. John Walker & Co. (Walker & Dunlop) - Brewers and Millers in 1767 occupied a large are adjoining, first was the Coopery where barrels were made then the retail flour shop next adjoining was the offices and were later succeeded in 1893 by Messrs. Charles Rose & Co. and later styles Chas. Rose & Co. Ltd. The Malt-kiln was erected on a site occupied by half dozen cottages, one occupied by Jeremiah Swales. - Pot-hawker who later moved to Norton. In the 1970's Wilf Jackson (Builder) pulled down buildings for Tetleys who had large wagons, The Boiler House behind the Maltings, the buildings that housed the Vats, and the chimney. Bottles found under the base of the chimney were :- Wm. Garbutt, Hovingham – Randerson, Malton (imperfect) – Longbottom, Mineral Water, Yorkersgate. - Earthenware bottle of Walker & Co., - and one T.T.Smith. The Bottle Hole, they used their own water and he capped it off. The Lane near the Malt-kiln was called SWEEP LANE and later called ST LEONARD'S LANE, up this lane lived Mr. Robert Coulson – Bellman. After him his son-in-law Mr. Barnby Knaggs then Mr. Jim Newton followed him and then Mr. Bullous was appointed the official Bellman. On the corner of the lane before the Malt-kiln was built was Willie Ruddock's Beer House reference to it in 1837 but had closed by 1863 when the malt-kin was built. Mr. Moorhouse – Saddler occupied the house and shop then tenanted by Miss. Hilda Eddon. Shopkeeper.
The Shop No.5. Mrs Mary Eddon – Baker & Confectioner (1893) Thomas Eddon – Painter & Paperhanger (1897), T.Eddon & Son – Decorators (1925) Ellis & Lithe – Wall Paper Merchants (1937)
Next door No.3 was Charles Cryer – Saddler (1893) Mr. Thomas Cryer.- Saddler (1907) followed by his son.
Mr. John Walker – Herbalist lived next door in No.1. He had galvanic batteries & vapour baths which were much patronised. Tom Doughty lodged with him and made a tricycle out of gas pipes in the back yard but it was too large to go down the passage to the front. Mr. Edward Hubbard – Dyer & Cleaner (1893) succeeded Mr. Walker and had his Dye-works behind the house. John William Fawcett – Toy Dealer (1909). Messrs. Horsley Brothers - Chemist were tenants of the property now in possession of Messrs. Laverack & Sons.
Abstract of indenture of lease and relating to title to heredatraments in Castlegate, New Malton, situated near the BRIDGE END INN, New Malton, late belonging to Mr. Geo. Witty. Dated 1796.
Castlegate, Malton Castlegate, Malton


Author:John Stone
References:Information for Landlord and Shop dates is taken from Gazetteers of that year, also from Bakers Memories of Malton.

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