Events- Grand opening of Shutters in Dickens Building, Chancery Lane Malton

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Grand opening of Shutters in Dickens Building, Chancery Lane Malton

On Malton Friday 28 November 2008 6:30 pm The Charles Dickens (Malton) Society commences its programme of events leading up to the establishment of Victorian attractions/museums in Malton with the opening of the shutters of the building in Chancery Lane. Charles Dickens based Scrooge's Counting House on the building, and it is hoped to have a gathering of dignitaries present for the event with media coverage.

The opening is highly significant for the group as it will galvanise the society and make people realise that when a group of dedicated people get together they can force an issue through. There will be a small display in the windows depicting scenes from the book 'A Christmas Carol' and a plaque unveiled and a period costume display by the members and other interested parties.

Malton Museum has kindly allowed the shutters to be opened and will continue to store its artefacts in the building until spring 2009 after which it is hoped that The Charles Dickens (Malton) Society will take the lease and open the first of its museums.

Grand opening of the shutters in Chancery Lane, Malton

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Author: Malcolm Chalk