Minutes of Meeting April 9th 2008, Malton and Norton- Business in Action

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Section:Minutes of Meeting April 9th 2008, Malton and Norton- Business in Action

Minutes of Meeting held at The Old Lodge Hotel, Malton, Wednesday, April 9th 2008

Present: Denys Townsend, Malcolm Chalk, Paul Andrews, Roddy Bushell, Graham Hampshire, Sylvia Milson, John Marshall, Jeremy Powell, Zoe Plummer, Tim Sinclair, John Collins

Apologies: Tracy Holroyd, David Jeffells

1. Officers Reports

Denys Townsend presented Chairman/Officers reports for the year 2007, following adoption of a constitution.

Unanimously approved.

2. Accounts

Denys Townsend presented the accounts for the period ended 31 December 2007

Resolution to approve - unanimously agreed.

3. Nominations for committee 2008/9

Denys Townsend, Malcolm Chalk, Sylvia Milson, John Marshall, Roddy Bushell, Zoe Plummer, Tim Sinclair

Unanimously approved.

4. Election of Officers:

Chairman: Denys Townsend
Deputy Chairman: Malcolm Chalk
Treasurer: (Denys Townsend suggested that a director of the holding company be elected)
Secretary: Tracy Holroyd (in absentia)

All of the above nominations/suggestions approved.

5. Annual Subscription 2008/2009

5.1. £40 per annum.
5.2. Businesses that have paid Malton & Norton Chamber of Trade subscriptions for 2007 and 2008 should receive a credit against 2008/2009 BIA subscription following their agreement to become members.

Denys Townsend / Sylvia to arrange letter to those involved. Membership renewals are also to go out.

Both above proposals agreed unanimously.



Denys Townsend presented.

Unanimously approved


Denys Townsend reported he had attended this (minutes to be posted on the District Council website). Attendees included the Fitzwilliam Estate, BIA, the Auctioneers and the Council. The Livestock Market/Wentworth Street car park issues were high on the agenda. Denys reported he had put forward the agreed views of the BIA group on the livestock market. Another meeting had been set up, to report back within ten days.

Roddy Bushell commented Smiths Gore were the agents re the Showfield Lane site and that the Estate was involved in discussions re the livestock market site.

Paul Andrews commented that the meeting had accepted the status of Malton as a market town.

Roddy Bushell suggested that the BIA needed to appreciate the underlying realities – that the District Council wants to build a 35,000 sq feet superstore on the Wentworth Street site (land value £8). This would not resolve the general retail problems in the town centre, but would threaten the Estate’s plans for regeneration of same, including a high-end retail site.

Malcolm Chalk suggested that no local businesses would support the idea of a superstore at Wentworth Street, but that there was general acceptance of the benefits of said high-end town centre retail site.

Paul Andrews pointed out that Wentworth Street redevelopment would destroy current livestock market parking. He advised of a Car Parks Action Group meeting on Weds April 16th at the Fine Food Theatre and urged as many as possible to attend.

Malcolm Chalk suggested that this was “Save our Businesses” rather than “Save our Parking”.

It was agreed that there should be two separate, but linked campaigns. The first focussed simply on saving parking spaces and the second, driven by local business/BIA, with a broader agenda including town centre redevelopment.

Roddy Bushell stressed the need for such campaigning to be immediate – “the louder, the quicker, the better”.

Denys Townsend suggested a BIA letter to the Council (copied to the press): deadline April 11th.

Unanimously agreed.

Jeremy Powell suggested a poster for local shops to display. He agreed to produce and distribute this.


Roddy Bushell reported that the lease on the building was ending and that the Estate had simply asked the Council to consider the optimum use of the location

Paul Andrews commented that two tourism officers from Ryedale were currently on secondment to Scarborough


Denys Townsend referred to this week’s Mercury article on plans to organise an event in July involving participation of local businesses. There was little enthusiasm to become involved in a planned Chas 'n' Dave concert at the Milton Rooms (£4,000 artists fee + associated costs).


Malcolm Chalk reported serious reservations about the quantity/quality of the data gathered. Investigation of the data presented revealed serious flaws.

Despite this, Roddy Bushell suggested that key conclusions, on issues that can be addressed by the Council, should be presented (and publicised) as soon as possible.

The key issues were agreed as parking, Saturday / Farmers markets and tourism.

Denys Townsend to draft a latter to the Council.


6.1 Business Directory/Map

Zoe Plummer reported plans for (and presented drafts of) . Still some discussion to be had with the Estate re the placement in empty premises.

Roddy Bushell commented that production/distribution of such a publication was critical. The Meeting was in favour of developing this idea.

Zoe Plummer agreed to commission/distribute a new draft for feedback.

6.2 Celebrate Malton

Roddy Bushell advised of plans for a Traditional Buildings Fair, to be held June 27th/28th. It would include craft demonstrations, exhibitions, lectures.

The group agreed to try to add any other “Celebrate Malton” activities to this event., and that last year’s sub-committee should be re-convened to drive this forward

6.3 Food Festival

Zoe Plummer reported that her Castle Howard contact had left, hence that liaison was dead, but that she was in contact with Deliciously Yorkshire re a joint promotion on July 20th.

6.4 Malton Motor Show

Denys Townsend reported feedback from Minster1 FM that they were interested in taking part: suggested date September 7th.

Denys Townsend to liaise with the Council re this date.

6.4 Bags For Life

Zoe Plummer reported plans to include promotion of Malton/Norton. The project is being moved by Thrive and the Fairtrade group. Local schools have been invited to take part in a logo design competition (to be judged at an event in the Milton Rooms on May 1st). The plan is to offer the bags to local businesses at £1.80, for sale at £2.50.

6.5 AOB

Malcolm Chalk presented new drafts of the Town Trail leaflet. Some discussion re out-of-date plaques on some buildings, and whose responsibility they were.

Author:Malcolm Chalk