BIA Meeting- 7th November 2007, Malton and Norton- Business in Action

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Section:BIA Meeting- 7th November 2007, Malton and Norton- Business in Action

Minutes of the meeting of Business in Action on Wed 7 November 2007 at the Union Inn, Commercial Street, Norton at 6.00pm

Those Present
Denys Townsend (chair)
Malcolm Chalk (WWSM),
Jeremy Powell (Palace Cinema)
David Jeffells (Gazette),
Paul Andrews

Silvia Milson, John Marshall, Tracey Holroyd

The minutes of the meeting on 3 October were approved.

Matters arising:
The Website: It is expected that this will be published by 10 November at . The launch has been delayed until 22 November at the Palace Cinema at 6.00pm. Final adjustments to the site are being made and the publicity for the launch arranged. All members are welcome to come to the launch. Denys, Malcolm and Jeremy to meet to make arrangements and create the guest list.

Malton Trail. Denys still has work to do to enable this to be completed.

Car Parking:
Paul Andrews was invited to address the meeting to update information. A business consultation is about to take place. And the Estate Company and business in action have contributed to the questionnaire. It was agreed to encourage all businesses to put forward their views. Paul requested and was given approval of the comments in a draft notes for delivery by the car park action group to the district council. After discussion it was agreed that we would be pleased to put our views on car parking issues to the leader of the district council at a meeting to be called by the action group.

Denys reported that the Malton switch on in Malton would be on 30 November at 6.00pm and he and Jeremy would arrange the event. It would be on similar lines to previous years. The Norton switch on was being organised by John Rushworth at the Derwent Arms.

Late Night Shopping was discussed. It was agreed to recommend and to publicise late night shopping on Friday 14 and 21 December to 7.00pm.

Christmas Sunday Shopping was also discussed. It was agreed to recommend and to publicise Sunday shopping on 16 and 23 December.

Town Promotion:
After discussion it was agreed not to promote the town on Minster FM this year, instead it was suggested to use newspaper advertising. (DT later thought that the Evening Press would be better to get to a more distant readership.)

Paul mentioned his connection with the Scarborough sailing club and asked if there was a promotional opportunity to link with Malton / Norton.

Malcolm mentioned the cleanliness of Malton. It was agreed to write an open letter to all the councils to establish what currently happens and seek an improved service level in future. Partnership with businesses was essential. Could members make sure the pavements outside their shops are kept tidy and weed free? Also encourage your neighbours to do the same. We can make a difference.

Jeremy has been in touch with Todd’s waste disposal service. There may be opportunities to create a group scheme with environmental and recycling objectives.

Next Meeting:
5th December 6.00pm The Old Lodge

Author:Denys Townsend