Business In Action Meeting- 3rd October 2007, Malton and Norton- Business in Action

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Section:Business In Action Meeting- 3rd October 2007, Malton and Norton- Business in Action

Business in Action Minutes of Meeting dated 3.10.07

Those present:
Denys Townsend, Linton Pet Shop
Tracey Holroyd, Old Lodge Hotel
Tim Sinclair, Ambiente
Roddy Bushell, Fitzwilliam Malton Estate
Simon Chalk, World Wide Shopping Mall
Malcolm Chalk, World Wide Shopping Mall
Jeremy Powell, Palace Cinema
Ian Beecham, Beechams Pharmacy
Paul Andrews

Apologies: John Marshall and Sylvia Mills, Parnabys, Jo @ Sudabys

Matters discussed:

Car Park:
Paul asks the members and group to communicate with the council to ensure that consultation with business takes place re: the car park charges. Denys to write a letter on behalf of the group, plus we request individuals to write or ring as many of the local councillors as they can. A list of councillors is available on the website. Please see over for suggested wording of letter.

Motor Show: Was a success and will be repeated next year

Membership: Invoices to be sent out soon

Finance: Nothing to report

Christmas lights switch on:
Malton 31.11.07, Norton 1.12.07. The cost to Malton council for converting lamp posts is £1800.00
Lights will be put up on Castlegate, Finkle St., Wheelgate, Yorkersgate, Saville St., St. Michael St. and Market St.

Late night shopping:
Some of the shops are choosing to open in the run up to Christmas. Discussion took place about which day and how late. Consultation is to take place with the shops (so far Thursdays and Sundays seem to be favourite) and a decision will be made at the next BiA meeting.

Roddy Bushell:
Has been in discussion with the County Council re the nasty smell that sometimes haunts Malton and the poor signage in the town centre. The council is going to look into repairing broken gullies and Yorkshire Water is also going to do some investigations. There will be some disruption, because Butchers’ Corner will need to be closed. This is probably going to happen in Jan/Feb next year. More details will be posted in the press and on the website. The town centre signage will be reviewed also.

We are hoping to launch the website on 8.11.07 at the Palace Theatre. It will publish news, events and articles, and you will be able to advertise your business!
There will be loads of interesting info on the history of Malton and Norton, and there will be a search facility to enable people to find things relating to Malton and Norton.


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Next meeting:

7th November, 6pm at the Union Pub in Norton.

Author:Tracey Holroyd