Minutes of Meeting: 2nd July 2008, Malton and Norton- Business in Action

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Section:Minutes of Meeting: 2nd July 2008, Malton and Norton- Business in Action

Business in Action Minutes of meeting: 2nd July 2008

Those present:
Malcolm Chalk
Sarah Ward RDC
Graham Hampshire
Ian Beecham
Zoe Plummer
Tim Sinclair
Denys Townsend
Jeremy Powell
Tracey Holroyd
Marie-Ann Jackson RDC
Neil Beecham
Paul Andrews
Andrew Pitt
John Collins
Caroline Sellers
Keith Knaggs
Sally Jennings

There are no minutes for the first few minutes of the meeting

MJ– The best way to success is to build on what works, e.g. events. Need to keep linking in to what Malton has to offer. Need to find out what was successful and build on that.
DT– We know what’s good for Malton and what works but we don’t have resources to do more, i.e. time/energy. We need funding ideas, resources and expertise.
MJ– There are lots of groups e.g. Thrive. We can all contribute to success, including the retailers.
DT– I’m sure the retailers will help
KK– There’s a limit to what BIA can do. They’ll happily participate, but need someone to pull it all together.
MC- I’m heavily into the Charles Dickens thing at the moment
KK– MC has met with me. It can be an additional attraction.
SW– I’m trying to promote the Yorkshire Wolds– increasing signage, promoting strengths etc. Malton could be a gateway to the Wolds. It wont happen overnight, but it’s there. We would like to have a board in the town– half on the Wolds and half on Malton. Malton could be a ‘journey breaker’.
I’m also working on a ‘Make it Malton’ project. Local produce will feature e, plus Dickens, and Yorkshire Forward may put some money in.
MJ– It’s interesting because the bypass isn’t an issue, also there is growing interest in local produce with low food miles. Farmers’ markets are also an attraction.
JP– Can the cinema be advertised?
MJ– I don’t think the cinema qualifies for brown signs, but I’ll see what I can do. The cinema is quite an historic building– a fantastic building.
PW– Can the district council promote River walks?
DT– This crops up regularly– breweries, river, racing etc
SW– It’s a shame that the racing stables open days don’t happen any more
DT– The person doing it got fed up
SW– We can promote anything that you tell us about
MJ– A diary would be good. A printable one. That would be a collective effort. You have to publicise it if something is happening.
JP– Can the Ambassador do that?
KK– We need to find the right person. They would need to be multi-skilled.
JC– A job specification is needed, and then a search for the right person.
MJ– Cant be resolved quickly– a lot can be done meanwhile with phone calls etc. It’s clear that there is a willingness to help
CS– Can we get the coaches to use Malton as a journey breaker
SW– We produce a travel guide. Timing is important.
ZP– Can we see a copy of that info?
SW– What would you like?
ZP– Any Marketing that you do on Malton
SW– We need to look at PR. Not just visitors but to get local people. You could look at getting the local attractions to advertise Malton as part of their info.
DT– There is no budget for this
IB– The tourist market doesn’t really feather my nest. We need local people. £1 in £7 is spent in Malton and the rest goes out. Can we look at increasing that spend to £1.50? Malton is bursting at the seams with local institutions– schools with Performing Arts, Music Societies, Brass Bands etc. They could help. There’s also the Motor Rally, Stables etc but they all founder because it’s too much to on voluntary basis. What about having a bandstand? We could get someone to do something every Saturday. I would love to encourage locals to stay in town. I offer my own resources.
DT– If we could add 20 to 30% to the footfall Monday to Saturday it would help massively. Define tourist Market?
SW– Traditionally the tourist is someone who stays longer– a visitor or day visitor is someone who stays one day. There is Business Tourism as well as pleasure. Day visitors usually come from a 90 to 120 minute radius.
There is a problem with awareness of what Malton has to offer. Also, Malton needs to develop what visitors want– e.g. local food, cinemas etc
MJ– If it’s right for locals, it’s right for everyone!
ZP– It doesn’t help when the tourist office tells people to get on the bus to Pickering!
SW– I’m fairly certain that that is not the case, but talk to me about any complaints and I’ll sort them
DT– Is the TIC’s future assured?
SW– Yes
IB– What is the latest on St Nicholas Street Car Park? Is it to be preserved as Ryedale’s only free Car Park?
KK– That’s not for tonight’s discussion
MJ– There is a Saturday and Farmers’ Markets meeting next Monday– 5 town councils to discuss all Markets. We will support other people’s events and efforts. I cant predict the outcome but its very high on the agenda. The council has to make a decision on the markets’ economic effect on the Towns’ vitality. Any ideas or feedback on where and what investment would be great. Finally Business link advisors are operating from Ryedale House on a Tuesday. If you want any advice or help or if you have any ideas they will help. Make an appointment to discuss anything.
DT– Any more questions?
KK– Email me if you have any questions for me
IB– The Car Park at Norton?
DT– We haven’t talked about that at this meeting
KK– There were perception s of suspicion, mistrust and antagonism towards the District Council. I hope that you feel that your council has given a positive and lively response tonight.
MC– There is an events list on the Town’s website. Anything can be publicised on there.
CS– Shall I gather email addresses for a contacts database?
ZP– Are there data protection issues?
DT– No, it’s OK I have checked.
JP– Can we resurrect the ‘keep it local’ campaign?
ZP– That would fit in with the bags for life campaign
CS– The Gazette might help with the ‘keep it local’ campaign
JP– It’s simple, cheap and ‘now
DT– Could be developed with the bags campaign.

Next BIA meeting 6th August, 6pm

Useful contacts:
Denys Townsend, denys@malton.co.uk
Malcolm Chalk, malcolm@worldwideshoppingmall.co.uk