Business In Action Meeting- 1st August 2007, Malton and Norton- Business in Action

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Section:Business In Action Meeting- 1st August 2007, Malton and Norton- Business in Action

Those Present:
Graham Hampshire. Gazette & Herald
Steve Holroyd. The Old Lodge Hotel
John Marshall. Parnabys
Sylvia Milson. Parnabys
Jeremy Powell. Palace Cinema
Simon Chalk. World Wide Shopping Mall Ltd
Malcolm Chalk. World Wide Shopping Mall Ltd

Denys Townsend. Linton Pet Shop

Malcolm Chalk chaired the meeting in the absence of Denys.

The main agenda point for the meeting was the Malton & Norton Community Web Site being put together by Simon Chalk. Simon demonstrated the website using the Lodge’s wire-free system although a little difficult to show due to the screen size it was largely agreed that it was moving in the right direction. Again it was pointed out to the members attending that the content of the website had to come from BIA members, particularly details of their businesses and products for website display. The website is live if only on a temparary basis by keying in the is still not yet live. It was hoped for the next Lodge meeting to have the website live.

A rough draft of the soon to be printed Malton Trail was shown round, John Marshall said that “In Print printers should be given the opportunity to quote for the leaflet”, as it turns out at a subsequent meeting with Competitive Edge, In Print will be printing it. It was also discussed that when a proof closer to the finish was available it would be taken around interested parties with a view to seeking advertising sponsorship on the basis of the business closest to the Malton Trail numbered point, at the rate of £45.00 for a 55mm x 38mm box with BIA members being given the first oportunity.

There being no other business the meeting closed.

Next Meeting 5th September 2007 The Union Inn, Norton.
Next Meeting 3rd October 2007 The Old Lodge, Malton.
Next Meeting 7th November 2007 The Union Inn, Norton.

Author:Malcolm Chalk