Business in Action Meeting 1st October 2008, Malton and Norton- Business in Action

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Section:Business in Action Meeting 1st October 2008, Malton and Norton- Business in Action

Business in Action Meeting 1st October 2008, The Old Lodge, Malton at 6.00pm


Denys Townsend – Linton Pet Shop in the chair
Caroline Sellars – Ethel Austin
Paul Andrews
Roddy Bushell – Malton Estates
John Marshal and Silvia Milson – Parnaby’s
Malcolm Chalk – World Wide Shopping
Graham Hampshire – Gazette
Tim Sinclair and Zoe Plummer – Ambiente
Jeremy Powel – Palace Cinema
John Collins.

Received from Tracey Holroyd (The Old Lodge)

Town Centre Study
The meeting congratulated Zoe and Tm on the excellent commentary produced by them and released to the press. It made Front Page.

Circulated and Taken as read. No Points arose

Malton Revitalisation Plan.
This has been circulated to members and is a proposal from an independent group of businesspersons. DT introduced it as an alternative to the options given by Ryedale District Council with a list of significant advantages over the other proposals so far put forward.
PA then explained that the ‘Malton Strategy’ is to be discussed at a Ryedale District Council P & R meeting on 2 October. Further consultation and meetings will follow.
PA Then explained that there was a Private meeting concurrent with this meeting where councillors were to be briefed by officers on progress on the report on the Wentworth Street Trial. The final stage of work, before determination of the outcome of the trial, was to be decided. PA left the meeting to join the council committee.

Dickens Group.
MC reported on progress of the group and will let us know if BIA can assist in any way.

Christmas Lights Switch on.
Malton Friday 28 November; Norton – proposed Saturday 29 November.
DT reported that the lights committee were meeting and planning was advanced. Funding has been received or pledged as follows: Malton TC £2,000; Norton TC £2000; Estate £750. In addition applications to RDC and NYCC have been made. The committee has purchased further lights for over street displays and curtain lights for the Market Place.
A sub group of DT, JP, CS and ZP will make arrangements. MinsterFM have offered to promote the switch on.

Christmas Fair.
ZP said that a Continental Market was not going to happen this Christmas. However in discussion it was agreed: Stage a Christmas Fair in Saturday 13 December possibly including:
Themed Costume Parade
Late Night Shopping on a Thursday with incentives.
The above subgroup is to put forward and deliver a plan.
MC and SM are to discus a Dickens approach and liaise with the subgroup.

A Year in the life of MALTON
JP explained the concept of a Visual production under the above title. Filming has commenced. The idea is produce something interesting to show at the cinema on coaches etc. Short monthly; event driven videos are hoped for. He asked for suggestions for funding and the town council and NYCC and the Estate were suggested.
It was agreed that BIA endorses the concept of ”A Year in the life of MALTON” and agreed that it was a good way to project the town and the local economy.

BIA Action Plan
DT went through the heads and comments as follows were made.
3 ZP Town Shopping Guide – in progress
5 MC Dickens Promotions – reported above
6 SM-MC Dickens Celebration 2008 –see above
7 DT Diary of event – annual diary for 2009 being progressed by RDC
MC Our website carries a calendar. Anyone with information please contact:
9 DT / RDC This is progressing and could happen early in 2009!!!
10 DT Christmas Lights – See above
11 PA Car Park Issues – see above
11A DT Car Park trial offered by J Waggott – To be pursued
13} Market Place Developments
14} See above Wheelgate Developments
15} Livestock Market Developments
16 A64 Signage – Brown signs – Watch this space.
17 Events – In discussion it was suggested – need something in Jan – Feb 09; can a horse race track project be started; Street waste bins are sometimes too high; How about a streets tidying campaign.
18 ZP-RB Make it Malton / Keep it Local – The idea is the promotion of local food and produce. In hand – labour intensive – hoping!
19 ZP Coach Company Promotion. - This is being started in conjunction with RDC chairman John Raper.
20 JC Communication – in Progress

It was agreed to add ‘Membership drive’ to the Action Plan. DT undertook to bring some ideas to the next meeting. JC agreed to assist.

The thorny question of empty shops was raised; notably now that Finkle Street has an increase number of empty units. RB repeated that businesses could hire shop fronts (only a thin display) for £15 per month. (plus VAT!!)

The meeting closed at 7.30pm

Next meeting Wednesday 5th November at 6.00pm at the Old Lodge.

Questions, Answers or comments – good or bad to

Author:Denys Townsend