BIA Chairman’s Report for 2007, Malton and Norton- Business in Action

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Section:BIA Chairman’s Report for 2007, Malton and Norton- Business in Action

Chairman’s Report for 2007

Following public meetings in early summer 2006 the group was formed. Our principal objective is the promotion of retail trade in Malton and Norton. Our sister group, the Norton and Malton Christmas Lights Committee has in the two Christmases since our formation, transformed the light displays in both Towns and further improvements are planned for the coming year.

We have recently adopted a formal constitution and this AGM will formally elect our committee and officers for the next year.

We have assisted in or organised several activities in the last year. In no order these have been - Celebrate Malton at the end of June; Made substantial progress with re-publishing a Malton and Norton Trail; The Malton Motor Show; Discussed with the District and separately with the Town Council new traffic and pedestrian signage; Pre Christmas Town promotions; Our Dickens connection; Our own State of Business survey.

We have a very good relationship with the local media including the Gazette, the Mercury, Minster and BBC radio stations. Particularly the Gazette who always find time and space to mention our activities.

Our relationship with Ryedale District Council and with the Town council is producing positive results and through them we are able to put business views to those that make decisions that affect all our lives.

We have supported various initiatives in the year including the Wentworth Street and other Car parks charge issues, the Malton Strategy survey.

Our Membership has remained static since we formed. No significant effort has been made up to the present to recruit additional members. This issue is being dealt with in the next month or so.

Our finances are strong but do not enable us to mount significant promotions without seeking contributions from those who will get a benefit.
Our thanks go to The Old Lodge and The Union in Norton for allowing us to hold our meetings without charge.

Thank you to all those who have contributed time and resources this year helping the Group and myself in the past year.

Particular thanks are due to Simon Chalk who has developed a tremendous website to promote the towns. This must be our greatest achievement in the last year. The historic contribution by John Stone has helped this venture enormously.

We look forward to the next year which promises to see important changes to our towns. Where we see threats to our commercial success we must put forward realistic arguments to protect our futures.

Author:D N Townsend