Business in Action Meeting Notes 2nd September 2009, Malton and Norton- Business in Action

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Section:Business in Action Meeting Notes 2nd September 2009, Malton and Norton- Business in Action


Meeting, September 2nd, Old Lodge Hotel

Present: D.Townsend, L.Corrigan, C.Sellers, G.Hampshire, I.Hall, J.Powell, A.Scruton, J.Buckland, S.Swift, J.Collins, G.Magson, L.Turnbull, Z.Plummer, T.Sinclair, H.Knapp, I.Shepherd, S.Lally-Marley.

Zoe Plummer outlined the purpose of the meeting – to plan events for 2009 and begin to consider 2010. Her proposal that the group adopt the “We Love Malton” brand/logo was accepted.
Jeremy Powell showed the video record of recent past events in the town – Fashion Show, Continental Market, Food Lovers Festival, Motor Show (2008). All agreed it was a worthwhile effort and thanked Jeremy & Derek Spencer.

Tim Sinclair outlined plans for the 2009 Motor Show, and said he had copies of flyers to publicise the event. There would be radio promotion of the event. Denys Townsend circulated copies of a flyer to be distributed to shops outlining the planned road closures on the day. There would be live music at Will’s Bar from 4.00pm. There was debate about shops opening on the day it was concluded that different sectors have varying levels of success with such events. Such events are run to help increase footfall in the Town & bring more money into businesses & while the Group would like to see as many shops as possible opening on the Sunday it is understood that not every business will benefit or will be able to open due to other commitments

Ian Shepherd described the main event proposed so far – an Autumn Food Lovers Festival (October 3rd), drawing on the success of the previous event. A cookery theatre and up to 40 local food producers’ stalls in the Market Place. John Collins suggested that the marquee be used in the evening – before or after the main event day. There were suggestions to create links to Harvest Festival/allotment holders.

Zoe Plummer spoke of a repeat of the Fashion Show, planned for November 12th. Approaches will be made to businesses in the fashion, hair & beauty sectors over the next few weeks with full details of the planned event.
Christmas Lights: Denys Townsend confirmed no agreement yet on the Friday/Saturday (27th/28th Nov) issue. The consensus view of the meeting was that it should be Friday. It was agreed that some form of live music after the switch-on would help retain the crowds & a nativity scene in the Market Pace would provide the Churches with an opportunity to get involved with the event. A planning meeting (D.Townsend, C.Sellers, M.Turnbull, Z.Plummer & J. Buckland) was agreed for Thursday, September 10th.
Victorian Weekend (12/13 Dec), retail-focussed, with a Christmas-themed market. Some period costume a Santa’s Grotto & a marquee promoting the work of the Dickens Society.
Zoe Plummer presented latest Town footfall figures. These would be closely monitored on Motor Show day.

Other proposals for 2009:

Hallowe’en event/ghost walk – starting at the Old Lodge or in Castle Gardens. A subcommittee to be formed to organise the event.


Ideas where proposed for possible events in 2010. A summary of these ideas has been tabled & attached to these notes & will be used as a framework for discussions at the next meeting when subcommittees will be set up to move each idea forward.

D.Townsend asked for views on the concept of RDC imposing a levy on business rates to fund events in the Town that stimulate footfalls. It was proposed that a guest speaker be invited to a subsequent meeting to introduce the concept in more detail.
It was mooted that future events should, as far as possible, be self sufficient or profit making to provide the Group with working capital to stage an ongoing programme of events. Where events are not ticketed collection boxes will be used for donations & where possible raffles staged.

Next Meeting: Wednesday 7th October, 6pm at The Old Lodge.

Author:Malcolm Chalk