Minutes of Meeting 4th November 2009, Malton and Norton- Business in Action

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Section:Minutes of Meeting 4th November 2009, Malton and Norton- Business in Action


Minutes of the meeting held at the Old Lodge Hotel, Wednesday, November 4th, 2009

Present: Chair - D.Townsend (“DT”), M.Chalk, cllr P.Andrews, S.Lalley-Marley, D.Jeffels, G.Hampshire, J.Collins, S.Brooks (Boyes), J.Powell
Apologies: S.Swift, Gemma Magson, T.Siclair, Z.Plummer, Wills Bar
(DT explained this was the first full BIA meeting since the formation of the Events sub-group. He offered a special welcome on her first visit to S.Brooks from Boyes.)

Chairman’s Report

Local Development Framework: BIA have had input across the range of issues. DT has attended council meetings.
Budgets: the BIA group is slowly expanding and solvent, with £3000 banked. There is an ongoing need to generate fee-paying membership (currently only 8-10) - perhaps the street ambassadors could promote this? M.Chalk suggested we should have some mechanism for invoicing members.

Events Group: Z.Plummer leading this. 3 events planned for the remainder of 2009 and planning is already underway for 2010. (M.Chalk advised of next week’s broadcast on BBC1’s “Inside Out” featuring a piece about the Charles Dickens/Malton connection.) Next meeting of Events group is December 2nd.

P.Andrews advised liaison with police on traffic and policing at events.

J.Powell reported some delay in getting feedback on events results. He confirmed the existence of a networking group with local meetings and suggested participation from BIA members.

G.Hampshire advised of plans to install a Christmas tree, with 1,000 lights, outside the Tourist Information Centre, collecting donations for St Catherine’s Hospice.

Christmas Lights: J.Powell advised of plans for lights switch-on. DT announced a planned £10,000 budget, with contributions from Malton and Norton town councils, the Fitzwilliam Estate and Ryedale DC. Letters to be distributed to local businesses seeking financial support - P.Andrews and J.Powell offered their help
Sunday Trading: S.Brooks reported Boyes would open for the 4 Sundays in the run-up to Christmas. S.Lally-Marley had found signs of a better response on Sunday trading. DT suggested that following December events we wait until April before promoting the idea again.
DT reported S.Swift working on sourcing an insurance policy to cover BIA activities - and recorded his thanks for the effort.
Corporate Structure: DT said he owns BIA but is creating a company limited by guarantee, with all members to be invited to take shares.

Current issues

DT advised Ian Shepherd promoting this and lights switch-on, with a door-to-door leaflet drop (funded by the Estate) in Stamford Bridge, Haxby, Earswick and Strensall. There would be a prize draw offering Christmas hampers (Ryedale Tourism being asked to provide £200 funding.

“Malton’s Future”: DT reported plans for an A3 size brochure, for local distribution, presenting alternative proposals to current RDC plans. Cost might be £500. J.Collins asked what feedback mechanisms there would be - one suggestion was via the website. G.Hampshire suggested the need for some sort of voucher offer to encourage feedback: J.Powell offered to a voucher offering free tickets for one film showing on one particular.
Signage (on A64 and A169 Pickering road): DT pointed out the 20 year history of this issue. Planning permission needed - Highways Agency, NYCC and RDC, Ryedale Moors and Coast Partnership all involved. H.Keal’s investigations suggested traditional brown signs too expensive.

Livestock Market: P.Andrews reported perceived support for move to Showfield Lane. He went on to state that at recent council meeting there was no mention of retailing - perhaps because RDC considered the matter already resolved. There would be a further meeting on December 15th followed by a period of “consultation”. He urged short, simple letters to councillors before that meeting. DT to circulate a questionnaire. It was agreed to invite K.Knaggs and J.Waggot to a special BIA meeting next January 13th.

Town Centre Enhancements: P.Andrews reported M.Knaggs opposed to interference with traffic flows but apparently improvements to Wheelgate and Yorkersgate are dependent on some pedestrianisation. S.Lally-Marley reported elderly residents expressing support for that. Given the strength of views, J.Powell suggested a posted campaign presenting the issues and maybe a public meeting in the Milton Rooms.

DT advised of an upcoming article about Malton in the “Link” magazine, a free distribution advertising publication with wide circulation in York

Next Meeting Wednesday, December 2nd, 2009

Author:Malcolm Chalk