Minutes of Meeting 5th August 2009, Malton and Norton- Business in Action

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Section:Minutes of Meeting 5th August 2009, Malton and Norton- Business in Action


Minutes of the meeting held at the Old Lodge Hotel on Wednesday, August 5th 2009

Present: Denys Townsend (Chairman), Malcolm Chalk (WWSM), John Collins, Tim Sinclair/Zoe Plummer (Ambiente), Roddy Bushell (Malton Estate), Gemma Magson (Topiary Tree), Tom Naylor-Leyland (We Love Malton), Jason Fitzgerald-Smith (Mayor of Malton), David Jeffells (Gazette & Herald), Sarah Lally-Marley (Town Ambassador), Paul Andrews (Ryedale DC), Jeremy Powell (Palace Cinema), Steve Swift (McClarran’s).

Apologies for absence: Sally Bulmer (Bulmer’s Lettings), Helen Knapp (Hidden Monkey), Nick Hill, Graham Hampshire (Gazette & Herald). Silvia Milson (Parnabies)

DT opened the meeting, offering a special welcome to Jason Fitzgerald-Smith, who had asked to attend the meeting. The Mayor took the opportunity to thank all those involved in the recent Food Festival and Yorkshire Day events. He said they were both deemed outstanding successes, bringing the town together. He especially thanked JP for his initiative in showing the Yorkshire Day church service at the Palace Cinema.


DT commented positively on the message from last month’s meeting - that local business members should form a small sub-group to focus on action to promote events etc and not be dragged into local politics. Monthly meetings should reflect this commitment to action, with politics confined to quarterly meetings.

PA reminded the meeting that there is often a need for a rapid formal BIA response to political events.

RB expressed concern at the creation of yet another entity.

DT called for (and got) a vote in favour of the proposals in the Minutes: he proposed Zoe Plummer as Chair of the sub-group - agreed.



DT distributed copies of the draft Town Council response, adding that feedback from members was needed within 24 hours.

The Mayor stated that plans would not work without the retention of Wentworth Street car park, and there was a need to look carefully at shopping ratio figures: the full LDF document is available on the RDC website.

Action: DT urged members to return any annotated draft documents directly to him on Thursday, August 6th.

PA said urgent comment was needed on jobs/shops figures: although separate opinions were welcome, a timely formal BIA response was needed.


MC (needing to leave early) moved ahead on the Agenda and suggested that general communication should be sent to members, reminding them of the successful events that have taken place (including advertising in/distribution of Town Trails) and how everyone benefits. He urged inclusion of encouragement to pay the £5.00 BIA membership fee.

S L-M suggested adding a 3-4 month schedule of planned events, seeking active practical support.

Action: JC agreed to draft the communication (and consult with MC/ZP). It was agreed that it should be sent electronically and delivered in hard copy (S. L-M to co-ordinate distribution).


MC recognised a need to seek younger members, willing to be actively involved in events. Co-operation should also be sought from Malton Town Council, RDC, the Fitzwilliam Estate and BIA members.

Action: JC to liaise with MC on draft communication.

MC outlined proposals for a Dickens event (not “festival”) on December 12th, including an exhibition, Christmas card displays - possibly in a marquee.

The Mayor asked whether vacant high street Estate premises could be used.

TS suggested the Milton Rooms.


DT reported that TS was co-ordinating a sub-group to organize for Sunday, September 13th. TS said plans for road closures and signage were in hand, and the aim was to broaden the appeal of the event, with more interesting vehicles and less reliance on local new car businesses, as well as more appeal to children and ladies.


T.N-L confirmed a meeting taking place on August 6th to agree a name for the event (scheduled for Saturday, October 3rd in the Market Place/Milton Rooms).


DT said November 26th/27th were the dates under consideration. He suggested late-afternoon “shopping-related” events but for a date different to the switchon.

ZP urged encouragement to shops to consider staying open in the evening.

S.L-M wanted to see Christmas-related products for sale, maybe hot chestnuts and a form of continental market


The Mayor urged the need to “get it right” as an event, or risk losing it to another town. Some form of PA/display and march-past, coupled with some Sunday shop opening would help. Jane Ford was a good contact.

RB stated there were ‘prizes’ available for events in 2010 - but forward planning was essential (eg to enable promotion via local coach service operators).

The Mayor was keen to encourage participation of local stables - properly promoted events would bring in visitors. S.L-M (with racing connections) agreed: the key was to enable visitors to stables to have easy access to the town centre (maybe buses).

SS reported a York publication trying to encourage York people to get out of the city, using trains or buses, to visit the local areas.

ZP presented artwork for the proposed Coastliner advertising promoting North Yorkshire towns.

DT spoke of the planned Roman Society visit to Malton (Thurs 20 August) and the need to exploit this e.g. with distribution of Town Trails. RB advised the number of visitors could be around 350 - arranging an overt welcome was essential.

DT reported on the Museum/Orchard Fields development plans, including a walled garden in the Fitzwilliam Estate yard. A website is to be set up to encourage support. Funding to be sought by end 2010, with access in 2011.


TS advised a meeting to consider the re-development of the Milton Rooms, on August 17th at 7.30pm.

The Mayor declared a commitment to recruit “Town Guides” for 2010 - a team of (probably young) people, working on an occasional basis, welcoming visitors to the town, distributing publicity material/Town Trails. He saw this as an opportunity to make a positive impact on visitors and felt that young people would welcome the opportunity and recognise the value of this practical experience when applying for jobs. DT commented that this was best channelled through RVA. SLM confirmed this

There being no other business, the meeting closed at 7.16pm

Next meeting: Wednesday, September 2nd, 6.00pm at the Old Lodge.

Author:Malcolm Chalk