Business in Action Meeting 6th May 2009, Malton and Norton- Business in Action

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Section:Business in Action Meeting 6th May 2009, Malton and Norton- Business in Action

Agenda for Business in Action Meeting 6th May 2009 at 6.00pm at the Old Lodge

Agenda -

1. Apologies

2. Approve minutes of Meeting on 1 April 2009

3. Officer Reports

a. Press statement in today's Gazette

4. Membership Drive

5. Malton and Norton Area Partnership Membership

6. Revitalisation Group Proposals for The Showfield Lane

7. Reports from team leaders on the proposed Calendar for 2009 (latest version attached)

a. 30 May Food and Drink Festival.

b. Rest of calendar

8. Any other Business

9. Next Meeting - Wed 3 June 2009

Business In Action 2009 Calendar

Date Event Description Who's volunteering?

May 30th Food festival Ian Shepherd

Blue Cross Week Shops will display blue stickers on goods for sale at reduced prices (to be arranged)

June ??? Fri & Sat Malton Show Sunday Continental Market Malton Show Sunday The continental Market will add interest to the show weekend

July ??? Art Explosion An art display PA will speak to Alan Jones to see if he's up for it Paul Andrews

August 2nd Yorkshire Day A celebration of Yorkshire. A big civic event, with possibility of a Town Crier competition and a 'Yorkshire's Got Talent' competition DT to talk with David Jackson Denys Townsend

September 20th Motor Show Malton Past and Present Motor show in the Market Place DT, plus 3-4 motoring people to get things going. Denys Townsend

October Halloween Ghost Walk An afternoon walk for kids, and an evening one for Possibly York Uni student actors. adults Tracey Holroyd

November 15th Approx The North of England Association Brass Weekend Malton Fair Group to find out what they want. Pie stall? Ice creams?

November 28th Light Switch on Caroline Sellers and Denys Townsend

Saturday 5th to Sunday 13th December 2009 Dickens Festival Continental market, Readings, Costumes, Films, and ? a musical Malcolm Chalk

Feature On Malton

Business In Actions Vision For Malton

Business in Action (BIA) represents a broad section of the area’s businesses. Its primary objective is the promotion and development of business not only in Malton but also Norton. The Beneficiary of this objective is the whole community. Successful business provides employment, provides goods and services and creates a positive visual and cultural experience for all. Progress can only be made in a vibrant town with a viable economy.

BIA views on and for Malton are as follows:

Town Events
Malton has suffered in recent years from a lack of coordinated event organisation and a local artist Alan Jones demonstrated, largely on his own, what can be done with last years ‘Art Explosion Week’. His efforts clearly showed that Malton has indeed got talent. We just need to get the people together. BIA is currently working with Ian Shepherd Associates engaged by Fitzwilliam Estates on a 2009 event calendar.

Town Promotion
A small group of business people meeting in the Ambiente Tapas Restaurant are currently implementing a plan to get more visitors into Malton in association with the Coastliner bus company which is based in Malton. Working on the theme ‘all routes lead to Malton’ they are producing both posters, for display in bus, coach and rail terminals, and a ‘hand-out’ books of vouchers, for use in shops within the town.

Shop Promotions
As part of encouragement of shopping in Malton, BIA along with other groups is organising voucher days and Blue Cross sales where all shops are to be asked to join in. Comment is often made about the number of empty shop properties in Malton. Apart from the unsightliness of this we believe that the town does not suffer from empty shops as badly as other places. In a number of cases, in normal times, a new business takes over the smaller units. BIA’s view is that the visual impact of these empty shops could be lessened if the windows were used for town promotion or by other shops to promote their business.

Tourist Attractions
Many townsfolk in Malton do not realise what their town has got nor is the significance of their town’s history. The wealth of places to visit start with the beautiful Market Place and the array of historical buildings We have produced the Malton and Norton Trail available at the tourist information office. This gives details of four walks round Malton and Norton. In the next few years we are hoping to see the opening of two Dickens’ museums and possibly a Roman heritage museum in the Orchard Fields area. It is hoped to see other important building in the town opened to visitors such as York House with it’s garden down to the river and Owston’s Wharf off Yorkersgate.

River Usage and promotion
The Romans knew what they were doing when they positioned their fort (DERVENTIO) on the north of the river; an easily defended site with good views of the surrounding landscape. They could see the benefits of the river indeed it was vital for their existence. Malton should see what an asset it has in the river, develop it and not hide it behind boards and buildings. BIAs sees river walks and other recreational use as options for the future.

Livestock Market
BIA has long advocated the retention of a livestock market in Malton with a probable alternative home being Showfield Ground. This site could with the cooperation of landowners, planners, councils and the current livestock market owners provide a major fillip for the town with a general increase in business and visitors. A significant reduction in town centre traffic could be achieved with a link onto the A64 at Broughton Road. This would create a safer environment around Malton School.

Saturday and Farmers Markets
Markets are essential for maintaining the vibrancy of our town and BIA fully supports their existence. Markets to be successful need to be colourful, well kept and well supported. The excellent continental market stage last year provided a lesson in presentation.

Town Ambassador
BIA has encouraged the idea of a town ambassador for an number years, recognising the important role such a person could play in the organisation and promotion of all town activities.

Everyone agrees there is a problem with traffic in Malton, a problem that can only be solved by enhanced interchanges onto the A64. BIA sees a double roundabout on Broughton Road with slip roads in all directions onto the A64 as the solution likely to be the most effective. Other traffic calming measures to slow traffic and create a safer pedestrian environment are being pursued.

The Fitzwilliam Malton Estate is to be complemented on having snatched the initiative and rescued from RDC the centre of Malton. They are to offer two hour free parking in the Market Place starting on 15 May. This is seen by BIA as the singular most important decision taken for the town for many a year. Parking is an essential part of any fully functioning market town, any future proposed reduction in the total number of car parking spaces and will be totally opposed by BIA.

Pedestrianisation should not mean “no cars”; the access to centrally located shops is essential for their very existence and often vital for their customers. BIA favours a ‘shared space solution’ to town access where vehicles and pedestrians can proceed in peace and safety; enjoying free movement at reduced speeds. A significant reduction in street signage and road marking will be pursued to further improve the customer experience.

Street Maintenance
Malton suffers from a cleanliness issue. The public building smoking ban has resulted in massive amounts of cigarette ends and chewing gum on our streets. BIA has long promoted the introduction of street cleaning machines with regular routines. Malton needs to be cleaned but there seems to be reluctance from Ryedale and North Yorkshire to make this happen. Can these councils please wake up! Automated path cleaners need not cost a lot of money.

BIA’s is cautious about the effect on the independent shops of further superstore developments in the area. Careful consideration should be given before permission is granted with emphasis on the need for a quality store and popular clothing. BIA insists that there should be no reduction in available visitor parking if developments are allowed.

Business in Action meets on the first Wednesday of each month at 6.00pm at the Old Lodge in Old Maltongate. Further information on our activities and membership can be found on our website at

Author:Malcolm Chalk