Minutes of Meeting June 4th 2008, Malton and Norton- Business in Action

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Section:Minutes of Meeting June 4th 2008, Malton and Norton- Business in Action

Business in Action meeting, 4th June 2008, 6pm


Zoey Plummer, Ambiente
Tim Sinclair, Ambiente
Jeremy Powell, Palace Cinema
David Jeffels, Gazette/Herald
Roddy Bushell, Fitzwilliam Estates
Graham Hampshire, Gazette & Herald
Malcolm Chalk, WWSM
Helen Knapp, Hidden Monkey
Keith Knaggs, Ryedale District Council
Paul Woollens
Ray King, Corks and Cans
Ian & Neil Beecham, Beechams Chemist
John Marshall, Parnaby’s
Sylvia Milson, Parnaby’s
Denys Townsend, Linton Pet Shop
Tracey Holroyd, Old Lodge

KK This meeting is to follow up from the January meeting, prepare the ground for the next meeting and also to communicate and re-assure re rumours. No secrecy is intended, but sometimes things must be discussed privately first. Also sometimes things are to be kept confidential, e.g. commercially sensitive information and planning decisions.

(Copy of master strategy and personal statement given to Denys Townsend)

Minutes of 9/4/08 meeting:

RB stated that the D.C wants to build a supermarket in Malton, and KK wants to say that DC. has not yet accepted the report on the supermarket.
A64: The county highways are trying to get the highways agency on board to provide costings and info on whether the land will be compulsory purchased to improve A64. DC can’t pay for the improvements but can make a contribution,
Car Park signs: County council has agreed to help improve the signage in Malton
Tourism: KK has written to the Chairman of the Tourist Partnership (DT has copy of letter) KK is not sure if Malton is ready to be a tourist destination yet– feels perhaps it needs more tourist assets.

JM Who is supporting the basket supermarket?
KK It’s been to public discussion. BIA support it.
DT BIA support a basket supermarket as opposed to a large supermarket. The statement mustn't be taken out of context. There is a view that things are pre-ordained. We need to increase openness and improve confidence in decision makers. We as businesses are concerned. We must move forward, but all options seem interlinked.
JM Decisions seem to be money led, rather than what is good for the town.
DT Are decisions business led, or made in the community interest?
KK Things aren’t pre-ordained. Things won’t happen quickly– there’s plenty of time to discuss and make decisions.
MC What about Woollens Harwood– they’ve closed after 105 years of business due to parking, they say. They’re keeping other stores open. All these discussions re the A64 are years away and Malton needs singular treatment. One important help would be cheap parking. Fitzwilliam are to be commended for offering free parking.
KK Does the press release refer to Car Parking?
DT Yes (read extract from Woollens and Hargreaves press release)
MC It’s cheaper to drive to York than to pay car parking charges in Malton.
JM It’s a big loss. It will reduce trade to Malton but the Council doesn’t want to listen
MC He had many meetings with the council and they’re not interested. We need some short term solutions now. Everything suggested is long term, and we need things now.
KK I have recorded that
MC We won’t have a town left before long
RB We need to focus on short term solutions. We have given you the top three things from our questionnaires, and it’s time for you to act on them now. My experience is that DC don’t want to work with us. This situation is now very serious and we need some help now.
DT It has taken a long time to get the signage sorted. 14 months to deliver 20 parking signs!
KK Things do take a long time
PW Can you look at the Car Parking situation sooner? A review is due– can you bring it forward? The administrative process?
DT The Chairman of the Scrutiny Committee said that she wanted to see the results of the Car Park survey. Can we hasten it?
KK Go to her direct
RB Fitzwilliam Estate will lose 41k rent, plus rates, and other costs– a total of about 100k to give free parking to Malton
KK The surplus from the Car Park charges is used to reduce the level of council tax. The council is not a profit making organisation.

PW The numbers are on the council website
DT Thank you Keith. BIA is here to promote business. We’re frustrated by the lack of short term promises and actions.

There is a WSP steering group meeting next week

Malton and Norton Area Partnership are hopefully re-forming. There is a meeting on Friday to do a business plan and constitution.

Dickens Group:

MC is putting plans together. Hopefully can open Chancery Lane counting house and looking for a new museum site. Money, volunteers and help from anywhere would be appreciated. Hopefully this will help tourism.

DT Are there any objections to a Dickens event over Christmas
MC No, it’s a good idea
DT Re the meeting re the plans for Cattle market: RB did a good presentation. A survey has been done about the prosperity/future of Malton. The report will be done for the next meeting.
Mixed views on everything were expressed.
DT The subs notices have gone out
MC Has had a response from a Norton businessperson saying that BIA doesn't do anything for Norton. MC’s response was to come to the meetings then, and make a difference!
RK Tonight’s content has been 95% Malton! Lidl’s are looking at a unit on Robson’s Road– could have a big impact.
KK A retail impact assessment has been submitted, but I’m not aware of a PP application. There is also a proposal for Pickering.
RK I hope the council won’t be swayed by promises to spend money on the A64
KK I’m certain that Ryedale isn’t a place where you can buy your way in

Events progress:

The celebrate Malton event has been postponed for this year. The organising team is to work on a Christmas event instead.

Motor Show, Sunday 7th September

Land Rover Event, maybe October or December, on the Showfield site. To be reviewed nearer the time.

Themed shop window event

Caravan show leaflets– we can provide a town map with a grid on it and grid references to the shops, hotels etc. Discussion took place re costings.

Malton and Norton are shown on the Malton and Norton trail leaflet.

DT J. Powell suggests a slogan for the group of ‘For Malton and Norton’ and/or ‘Promoting business in Malton and Norton’
ZP Sunday trading
DT I have a problem with Sunday trading, it’s the chicken and the egg. It fizzled out last time. Doing it for a month is no good. I suggest asking businesses to open when there is an event on
ZP The more businesses that commit, the more likely it is to work. We can take advantage of anchor events to get the momentum going. It won’t be a success unless everyone does it
DT It needs to be longer than 4 weeks
PW Do you want to mention the Car Parking meeting? CFO of DC Paul Creswell
DT Views were put to CFO and he is to put them forward for scrutiny
PW Helmsley, Pickering and Kirkymoorside are all now unhappy with their parking charges
JP Could the Car Park system be changed to stop customers having to decide how long they want to park for before paying?
DT It would have to be manned then
JP Yes, Wentworth Street would be perfect for that

Author:Tracey Holroyd