Minutes of Meeting 4th Feb 2009, Malton and Norton- Business in Action

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Section:Minutes of Meeting 4th Feb 2009, Malton and Norton- Business in Action

Business in Action - Meeting 4 February 2009.


Present: Denys Townsend, Malcolm Chalk, Jeremy Powell, Ray King, Sean McClarron. In attendance - Paul Andrews

Apologies: received from Caroline Sellers; John Collins; Roddy Bushell, Sylvia Milson.

The minutes of the meeting on 7 January 2009 were approved.

Matters arising:
Paul Andrews reported that he had spoken to Alan Jones. Alan declined to organise the Art Explosion event in 2009. The meeting confirmed that he had organised an excellent event in 2008 and it was recommended that the chairman write to pass the congratulation of the meeting.
Paul Andrews has also spoken to Jane Ford regarding the Brass Band Competition in November. Further clarification is to be sought.
Denys Townsend reported that the Yorkshire day was discussed at the Area Partnership meeting but that the promotion of the town in association with this event was not discussed.

Officer Reports
The chairman reported that he had been contacted by Ryedale District Council planning department on the subject of A-Boards in Malton. They appear concerned on the grounds of health and safety and also obstruction. This matter has been visited before and the chairman undertook to research the history further before meeting the planning officer. It was commented that A-boards had appeared at some distance from the advertising business and this might be part of the problem.

Saturday Market.
The chairman voiced concerns about the silence about the future of the Saturday Market after 31 March 2009. Various options have been muted and other rumours abound. It is well known that a successful market draws visitors and shoppers. He suggested forming an Action Group (Saturday Market Action Group) (SMAG) to lobby for a successful future Market in Malton. While questions of officers at Ryedale District Council would give an idea of what they are thinking, it was suggested that more positive action should be directed at political leaders, the press and other networks. Paul agreed to produce some briefing notes of the present and likely developments and the chairman will call a meeting for the formation of the group in7 to 10 days. Please send views to (denys@malton.co.uk ). It was suggested that this issue be taken to the Area Partnership for support.

AGM - 4 March 2009 at 6.00pm - The Old Lodge Hotel Malton An agenda and resolutions was proposed to the meeting. A discussion took place following the previous meeting and it was agreed to recommend the subscription for 2009 at £5. This reflects the current surplus held by Business in Action and the current financial situation. Resolutions are proposed to create a new member category - 'Manager Member' to cater for managers of national chains who will not give branches this local support. Nominations for committee and officers should be made to the secretary before the start of the meeting.

A brief report was given on each Calendar Event. More details to be discussed by event leaders before the next meeting.

Any Other Business
a. Shared Space - On Friday 30 January 2009 a presentation was made by Ben Hamilton-Baillie, an architect and head of a Bristol-based consultancy specialising in urban designThere is a lot to merit further consideration of his ideas. Jeremy is producing a video of the talk and this will be added to our website. It was suggested and agreed to make copies and send them to District Councillors. This issue could be included in the brief for the SMAG. B. RDC Priorities - Roddy Bushell had asked what response we had / progress re the three priorities identified early in 2008. As a reminder these were:
1 Lack of inexpensive car parking
2 Ensuring a thriving Saturday and Farmers Market.
3 To increase Tourism.
The Chair is to write to the chief Executive and leader for an update.
c. Supermarket Developments - Ray asked the meeting if anyone knew anything about a rumour that Morrison's were considering developing the old 'Barker Peugeot' site on York Road as a petrol and basket/ Eat store. No one knew anything.
Ray expressed grave concern that a development at Robson's Garage in Norton by LIDL would decimate trade in Commercial Street. He is making his own protests and would welcome support.
d. Coastliner -link - Malcolm has had questions through The Estate office about promotional literature for the town. - Why should people come; what is there to do; etc. It was difficult to give an answer.
e. Health & Safety seminar - Malton and Norton Rotary are planning seminars in April for Businesses covering up to date regulation affecting businesses. We endorse their plans and they will contact businesses direct in the near future.

Author:Malcolm Chalk