Minutes of Meeting 3rd June 2009, Malton and Norton- Business in Action

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Section:Minutes of Meeting 3rd June 2009, Malton and Norton- Business in Action

Minutes of the meeting of Business in Action held at the Old Lodge Hotel, Malton on Wed 3 June 2009

Present: Denys Townsend (Chair) (Linton Pet Shop), John Marshal & Silvia Milson (Parnabies), Tim Sinclair (Ambiente), Malcolm Chalk (WWSM), Graham Hampshire (Gazette), Ray King (Corks and Cans), Lorraine Corrigan (Frock Exchange); Roddy Bushell (Fitzwilliam Estate); Ian Hall (Country Cobbler); John Collins

Apologies: Ian Beecham(Chemist), Caroline Sellars (Ethel Austin); Tracey Holroyd (Old Lodge), David Jeffells (Gazette)

In Attendance: Paul Andrews (Ryedale District Council Ward Councillor),

The minutes of the meeting on 6 May 2009 were taken as distributed and published on the website were taken as read.  
The chairman reported on discussions since the last meeting: Malton Ambassador- An appointment has been made and Sarah Lally-Marley will commence on 8 June 2009. No other information is available at present. Station and Bus Posters- Tim Sinclair advised that funding by Ryedale District Council had been approved. Planning meeting – Supermarkets 12 May- The BIA submission was read to the planning meeting and commented on but without effect. Area Partnership- A review of the constitution was underway with the role of the partnership as a consultative body rather than a decision making body being emphasised. The next meeting is 16 June 2009.Yorkshire Day – Sat 1 August 2009 – civic celebration in Malton- Tim is to establish the level of public visitor attendance at recent events to establish whether we should put on an event that day. Tim , Roddy and Denys to liaise prior to the next meeting. Skills Training- A letter from University of Hull@Scarborough had been passed to Denys by Tory Gillingham. The letter invited groups of about eight people to request skills training in topics of their choosing to be completed before December 2009. There is no charge. John is to base this month’s member’s email on this topic. Suggested ideas were E-marketing, Customer Service, Merchandising. TS


Events: Malton Food Lovers Festival.- Everyone agreed what an exceptional success this was. Roddy said that the Estate was formulating a report on the pros and cons etc of the event and that will be made available. He commented that the cost of the event was about £15,000.
Fashion Show – 2 June- Very good event put on by Lorraine, Caroline and Zoe Plummer. Congratulations to them. 150 tickets sold and proceeds to Yorkshire Air Ambulance. This shows what can be achieved from a concept quite quickly with dedication and effort. (see later notes about events)
Blue Cross Event. After discussion it was decided not to proceed but to concentrate on dedicated one day quality events.
Future Events. A long discussion took place on what we should try to deliver. The outcome was to concentrate on One Day Saturday Specialist events. Tim suggested a music based event culminating in a ‘Guitar Sale’. He will progress this. TS
It was noted that as a Town Ambassador will shortly be in post, we expect this type of activity should be within their role. The ambassador is to be invited to attend our next meeting to discuss working together. The ‘program’ produced for the food lovers festival had a list of businesses under retail categories and Roddy suggested that these might be helpful in identifying the ‘specialism’. Motor Show- The timing of this was discussed and a suggestion was made to move this from Sunday to Saturday to tie it in with the shopping ‘We Love Malton’ experience. Denys will constitute a committee this week to start arrangements. DT
Membership- Denys said that a number of people had congratulated him on putting on the food festival. This shows that there is a perception that BIA had responsibility for the event. (Roddy said that this was acceptable to the Estate) Denys therefore suggested that the time was right to visit all non-member businesses to invite them to join BIA. It was suggested that our street ambassadors could do this and at the same time introduce the town ambassador. This to be developed for the next meeting. DT & others to work this
Footfall monitoring- Denys produced the latest weekly report for member information. It was suggested that the footfall measure at Morrisons door would be an interesting comparison to town measures. John agreed to speak to David Charlton to see if a comparison was possible. JC
AOB- welovemalton.co.uk – the website. Tim asked if this was a permanent site. Denys replied that it was and that updates, re the Food lovers festival and Pictures are expected shortly. Denys (who is publishing the site) commented to Roddy that a brief discussion with the promoters on objectives etc would be helpful.
Market Place Lights- Roddy mentioned that the new Victorian style lights to replace the existing lights were now being installed.
Saturday Market Format- The layout of the market is to change this week. The object is to make it look compact and busy. Then the market can be advertised as a quality market and expanded.
Pedestrianisation of the Market Place. - The meeting asked where this idea had come from and who was promoting it? It seems the proposal has come from the WSP report but it was questioned as to whether it was right for Malton. Roddy said that before he came to Malton he had experience in managing shopping centres both with and without pedestrianised areas. Experience shows that pestrianisation is successful for traders and shoppers but there is an absolute prerequisite of convenient parking very close by, preferably within 50 meters. It was not clear how that could be achieved for the Market Place. Traders should be consulted on the designs at the earliest stage.
Wentworth Street Car Park.- Superstore - Loss of Car Parking. The Food Lovers’ Festival filled Wentworth Street Car Park by 11.00am on Saturday last. 400 cars were displaced to the overflow Car Park on the Showfield. What does this tell us about the Ryedale District Council reports on the use of WSPC. Who wants another supermarket and if so do we want it on the Town’s Car Park. Who is it that wants another Superstore on top of Lidl, Netto, Sainsbury Local and Morrisons? Businesses do not: Ward Councillors do not: our present NYCC representatives do not: our Town council does not: So who does? Ryedale District Council does. Why? It was resolved to send an open letter to the council asking them to justify their mandate for this stance.


Author:Malcolm Chalk