Minutes of Meeting 1st April 2009, Malton and Norton- Business in Action

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Section:Minutes of Meeting 1st April 2009, Malton and Norton- Business in Action

Meeting of Business in Action. The Old Lodge, Malton on Wednesday 1 April 2009

Present: Denys Townsend (Chair) (Linton Pet Shop) Ian Hall (Country Cobblers), Ray King (Corks & Cans), Lorraine Corrigan (Frock Exchange), John Marshal Silvia Milson (Parnabys),Tim Sinclair (Ambiente), Caroline Sellers (Ethel Austin), Malcolm Chalk (WWSM), Margaret Shaw (Fine Food), Gemma Magson (Topiary Tree), David Jeffels Graham Hampshire (Gazette, Paul Andrews (Ryedale District Council Ward Councillor)

The chairman welcomed all to the meeting, in particular new members, Ian, Gemma and Lorraine

Apologies: Helen Knapp (Hidden Monkey), Tracey Holroyd (Old Lodge) Roddy Bushell (Fitzwilliam)

AGM. The discussions at the AGM were discussed. The main outcome was the need for all businesses to work together for the common good and to communicate one with another. (see later discussion on street ambassadors). It is not what Malton can do for us but WHAT WE CAN DO FOR MALTON.

Malton Ambassador Scheme.

The chairman explained this role as it was proposed by Ryedale District Council officers at out meeting in July 2008. (The Job description is attached to these minutes for information). The chair explained his understanding of the present position i.e. that the contract has been awarded to Ryedale Voluntary Action. The details submitted with the agenda to the meeting were referred to. The chair is waiting for a response from Ryedale District Council to his request for an explanation of reasons for the decision to withdraw the offer of hosting the role from Malton Town Council.

Malton Retail Improvement Update
The chairman advised the meeting of the activities of Ian Shepherd Associates (ISA) on instructions from the Malton Estate.


  • Free Prize Draw for Mothers Day. A number of mistakes were made but a lot was learned from the event. Very popular based on over 1000 returned forms.
  • Next – Free prize Draw for Easter. Needs careful management and planning. Wide advertising planned.
  • Easter Saturday. Caroline and Zoe Plumber have liaised with ISA and the following is planned: Egg painting in the schools to be brought to St Michael’s Church for Judging by the Vicar; Afternoon Teas in the church; Easter Egg hunt Round Town (With prize); Shop assistants to Dress up for Easter (With prize); Shop Windows to be dressed for Easter (With prize). Other attractions if found – Face painting etc. – Much discussion centred on Communication of details to shops at the earliest opportunity. DT ISA to arrange. (See street ambassador later)
  • MALTON FREE CAR PARKING. We were assured that the estate is to promote the free parking very strongly and widely in the run up to 15 May. The chairman has already been consulted on letters going shortly to businesses. The major issue to which business can contribute is to discourage the use of the parking spaces by their staff. The estate makes the point that the free parking is to attract shoppers and is concerned that the value of the free offer will be lost if our staff are occupying our customers car space.
  • Saturday Market From 16 May the Estate will run the Saturday Market. They are to replace the old stalls with new colourful ones and encourage new stalls
  • 30 May – Malton Food Festival – Saturday Market, Farmers Market In the Market Square, Marquee for food demo’s focused on local produce etc
  • We had considered holding a Blue X Sale that week. As the two are not compatible it was agreed to postpone our sale week. Date TBA
  • Yorkshire Day. Plans are starting for this day. A Yorkshire Craft Fair / Stalls etc were suggested
  • General- Comments were past that specialist events were generally not seen as shopping opportunities by visitors. Can publicity be generated to change that view and would it be worth while for shops to open.

Other known events are: a giftware / Artists at Ambiente 4-11 July; Roman Heritage day visit by 300+ on 20 August; October half term event by Ryedale District Council focused on Re-launch Ryedale; Guitar Sale on 26 April in Milton Rooms Anything else please let us know.

Street Ambassadors.

A long outstanding suggestion of a communicator for each street was put forward with a proposed task list and division of the town into small areas. After discussion the idea was refined and adopted.

Our Ambassadors are:

  • Malcolm Chalk (WWSM) S & W Market Place
  • Caroline Sellers (Ethel Austin) West Wheelgate overtones to Traffic lights and Castlegate
  • Lorraine Corrigan (Frock Exchange) Saville Street & St Michaels Street
  • Silvia Milson (Parnabys’) Newbiggin, Princess Road & Greengate East Wheelgate and Shoe shop upwards
  • Gemma Magson (Topiary Tree) Finkle Street & Newgate
  • Ian and Allison Hall (Country Cobblers and Halls Bags) N & East & Middle Market Place
  • Tim Sinclair (Ambiente) Market Street
  • Graham Hampshire (Gazette) Yorkersgate, Old MaltonGate

The first urgent action is to distribute a newsletter re Easter and Prize Draw boxes to shops who don’t have them.


The WSP report is to be put before RDC P&R Committee on 2 April. As many as possible to attend the meeting to object to apparent steam-rollering of recommendations for a superstore on Wentworth Street Car park were requested.

Next Meeting on 6 May 2009 at the Old Lodge. The meeting closed at 7.50pm

Author:Malcolm Chalk