Minutes of Meeting 1st July 2009, Malton and Norton- Business in Action

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Section:Minutes of Meeting 1st July 2009, Malton and Norton- Business in Action

Minutes of the meeting of Business in Action, held at the Old Lodge Hotel, Malton, on Wednesday, July 1st 2009.

Present: Ian Shepherd (Ian Shepherd Marketing), David Jeffels (Gazette & Herald), Sarah Lally-Marley (Malton Ambassador), Lorraine Corrigan (Frock Exchange), Caroline Shaw, Jeremy Powell (Palace Cinema), Zoe Plummer, Tim Sinclair (Ambiente), Nick Hill (Eden Camp), John Marshall, Sylvia Milson (Parnaby's), Tracey Holroyd (Old Lodge), Helen Knapp (Hidden Monkey), John Collins.

Apologies: Denys Townsend, Malcolm Chalk, Roddy Bushell, Paul Andrews, Ray King.

John Collins stated that he had been asked by Malcolm Chalk to chair the meeting.

Review of the Minutes of the meeting on June 3rd.

Supermarket development: J.Marshall suggested a close connection between D.Townsend and the Fitzwilliam Estate was one factor in opposition to the proposals.
Area Partnership: no comments forthcoming.

Yorkshire Day: I Shepherd expressed concerns re the awareness of relevant legislation among those businesses planning to take part. J.Powell confirmed that the church service would be broadcast live at the Palace Cinema. T.Sinclair confirmed that contacts re the event with Ryedale/Yorkshire Ridings Society had produced no useful response. H.Knapp suggested that small businesses could add to the atmosphere eg with bunting. Further to exploit this day, a sub-committee was proposed - John Marshall, Sylvia Milson, Sarah Lally-Marley, Jeremy Powell, Helen Knapp, Gavin Read, Ian Shepherd.
Skills Training: there was no feedback available on response to the promotion of this in the last BIA News Update. I. Shepherd proposed that it would be better to present specifics, possibly using the database of those who attended the recent workshops.

Food Festival: see later report on I.Shepherd presentation.

Guitar Sale: T.Sinclair reported no immediate plans.

Malton Motor Show: there was unanimous opposition to staging the event on a Saturday.

BIA Membership: it was proposed that Sarah Lally-Marley, newly appointed Town Ambassador, be briefed to promote BIA in her meetings with local businesses.

Footfall: J.Collins reported a reluctance from David Charlton (Morrisson's) to disclose any information.

News Update: J.Collins reported more constructive feedback from Gavin Read (TVC Electrical). It was suggested that he should be encouraged to attend BIA meetings.


There were no officer reports.
Town Ambassador: Sarah Lally-Marley was introduced. She explained her vision of the role, and of the multi-ownership (Ryedale, Area Partnership, Ryedale Voluntary Action) of same. She also confirmed that the role is part-time (28 hours per week).

Malton Food Festival: I.Shepherd talked through a (planned) powerpoint presentation. Although judged an overall success (an extra 5,000 people in the centre), there were lessons to be learned.
Successes: use of stewards handing out leaflets; relocation of the Farmers Market; Young Farmers demonstrations; free bus from Wentworth Street; Rotary Club volunteers; Minster FM participation; pre-event briefings for traders; use of street ambassadors to promote the event; (Estate-funded) leaflet drop; cookery demonstrations.

Further thought needed: timetable too tight; not enough for children; cookery demonstrations - inadequate cameras/sound system, noisy generator; better use of marquee (evening before?); better presentation at market stalls; not enough music; not enough PR for the craftsmanship, architecture and shopping experience that Malton has to offer; signposting in and around the town; better use of the Town Crier and a PA system.

Ian's conclusion was that Malton is a working market town, with specific appeal, and that we need to build on and market its strengths. The "We Love Malton" brand is now established and needs to be further exploited. The Estate is willing to continue to invest in marketing and PR throughout 2009. The danger would be to undertake too much.
We hope to make Ian's presentation available on our website shortly. Will keep you informed.

Future Events: Suddaby's Beer Festival - July 16th-19th, Yorkshire Day (August 1st), Art/Music Lovers Event (August 28th - 31st), Malton Motor Show (September), Game Food Fair, Hallowe'en Ghost Week (October), Brass Bands, Christmas Lights (November), Dickens Festival, Winter Beer Festival (December).
It was suggested that there should be a retail promotions angle for all these events. H.Knapp called for more attention to the horse-breeding/racing community - a view seconded by Sarah Lally-Marley.

Malton Motor Show: 4 weeks notice needed

Any Other Business
TIC flagpole: J.Collins advised that D.Townsend was seeking approval to spend c £30 from BIA funds to purchase new rope for the flagpole, in time for Yorkshire Day. J.Marshall said he plenty of rope available and would be happy to supply.

J.Powell presented a powerful case for re-alignment of Business in Action focus. He suggested that too much time (involving committed but busy local business people) was devoted at monthly meetings to major, sometimes distant, sometimes "political" issues, and not enough on town events which could/should involve/assist the real business community. He called for "intelligent delegation", enabling small sub-groups to meet as often as necessary, to further day-to-day event planning and to report on progress at monthly BIA meetings.
The meeting endorsed this position.

Next meeting: Wednesday, August 5th, Old Lodge.

Author:Malcolm Chalk