BIA Meeting 3rd Dec 2008, Malton and Norton- Business in Action

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Section:BIA Meeting 3rd Dec 2008, Malton and Norton- Business in Action

Minutes of the Meeting of Business in Action on Wednesday 3 December 2008 at World Wide Shopping Mall

Denys Townsend –Linton Pet Shop- Chair
Malcolm Chalk – WWSM, Caroline Sellers – Ethel Austin, Zoe Plummer – Ambiente, Jeremy Powell - Palace Cinema, Roddy Bushell - Fitzwilliam Estates, John Collins

Apologies – Ray King – Corks & Cans, Richard Mellon - Savilles, Tracey Holroyd – The Old Lodge

1. The minutes of the meeting on 5 November were agreed.
2. Matters arising
    a. Road signs – DT & MC To revisit to get NYCC to complete their work.
    b. Tourism – 2009 – Meeting to arrange with Craig – Ryedale District Council tourism dept
3. Lights Switch on – The meeting was opened to the lights committee to review the Switch on 28 November 2008
    a. To improve next year
        i. Road Closures – Not beneficial to Market Pace Trades
        ii. Lack of Advertising of the switch-on – Posters earlier and more detail in papers. - There will always be someone who misses published information
        iii. The switch on was on the wrong side of the Market Place for the St Michaels Christmas Fair.
        iv. Bag it up – Charity event was a disappointment to them. But we could not have done much more.
    b. Well done
        i. The lights are excellent. Letters to go to those who helped.
        ii. Next year if the western car park can be lit more then move switch on back there.
        iii. Choir competition was very good even though only 3 choirs. Good idea – Could this work on a Saturday? Thanks to go to Mr I Little from Ampleforth college.
        iv. Sleigh Race was a great success. Organisation needs tightening up but fortunately no injury’s reported. Same again next year. A Saturday could be good with the race at 4.00pm when trade seems to be dying in town.
        v. Prize Presentation was good - thanks to the platform party – Selina Scott, John Raper Chair RDC, Jane Ford Mayor Malton, Malcolm Chalk Dickens Society
        vi. Switch on.
            1. Excellent Crowd
            2. Weather very cold but clear all day.
            3. Minster FM broadcast live from town all afternoon
            4. MinsterFM presenter acted as our compere. Best from 5.00 on.
            5. PA power was a problem but Gareth Horsley solve for us.
            6. Jeremy provided PA. Conflict in operation with MinsterFM. But many thanks to Jeremy.
            7. Santa arrived late! We had no communication with him to discover the problem. Always spot on in previous years.
            8. Switch on – Missed countdown – MUST have someone behind shouting the countdown!
            9. Selena Scott – personality helped a lot – very pleasant attracted some of the crowd.
    vii. Recommendations
        1. Next year go back to the other side f the market place
        2. Try a Saturday switch on – but tie in with Norton.
        3. Plan more Advertising
        4. Sleigh Race a must if possible
        5. Church Fir to be encouraged
        6. Add something else on the day
4. Events
    a. Continental Market - 13/14 Dec
        i. The effort in organising this is applauded
        ii. The road closures were again discussed at length – the need bearing in mind the adverse effect on regular Malton customers was questioned.
        (please note that this market has now been cancelled -9 Dec 08)
    b. Christmas Eve Market
        i. No information was available
5. Ryedale DC Quick Fix Budget
    a. Concern was raised that the value of the declared £350,000 available to be spent on physical work was now estimated at £125,000. An explanation is needed.
    b. The meeting prioritised the items on the list for submission to the MNAP. (a copy has been submitted to the Ryedale District Council officer in charge of the project)
    c. The meeting then suggested the addition of the following to the list:
        i. Dickens Museum Reintroduce Railings and wall/step improvements in front of the house in Chancery Lane
        ii. Dickens Museum The funding of the Interpretation study for the buildings in Ainsty Yard.
        iii. Finishing the resurfacing with blocks, of the Western Market Place in front and side of St Michael's Church to the style adopted to the East
        iv. The creation of river features or activities on the river
        v. The connecting Railway line to Pickering.
6. Action Plan
    a. Ambassador scheme- DT & MC are to meet Marie-Ann Jackson – Ryedale District Council – to discuss further on 4 December. Suggestions for the roll included:
        i. Creating circumstances to promote the town outside the immediate area
        ii. A likeness to the floor manager at a shopping complex
        iii. Take out some of the promotion activities
        iv. Use the name ‘Host’
        v. BIA needs to be fully engaged in delivery
    b. Town Trail leaflets – funding for the printing has been secured from the Town Councils and Ryedale District Council.
7. Other business
    a. RB explained that he was involved in the next funding bid by Ryedale District Council under the Townscape Heritage Lottery scheme. He felt that most items included ticked all the right boxes but it would be down to the Lottery board. The bid is for substantial work on the Milton and assembly rooms, Shop Front replacements etc.
    b. Paul Andrews explained that the members might consider the proposed increases in Car Park charges from next April are not in the best interests of the businesses in the town. If members agreed with this view they are invited to a meeting of the Car Park Action Group at the Fine Food Theatre on 17 Dec at 9.00am to decide what action to take.

The meeting closed at 8.00pm

NEXT Meeting on Wednesday 7 January 2009 at the Old Lodge

Author:Denys Townsend