BIA Meeting 7th January 2009, Malton and Norton- Business in Action

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Section:BIA Meeting 7th January 2009, Malton and Norton- Business in Action

Business in Action Meeting 7th January 2009

Those present:

Caroline Sellers (Ethel Austin)
Paul Andrews
John Collins
Malcolm Chalk (WWSM)
Tracey Holroyd (Old Lodge)
Denys Townsend (Linton Pet Shop)


Ray King
Roddy Bushell

Statements in order of discussion

CS Can we get the Gazette and Herald on board to promote the buy it local scheme, and promote business in Malton and Norton?

JC I suggest a more open meeting. Encourage people to come who don't normally. To ask businesses what they want, and then work on ideas

MC What about free membership in case it’s the joining fee that’s putting people off?

DT But payment brings ownership, even if it’s £10 p.a.

MC Originally BiA was well supported. What went wrong?

DT I have done a rough leaflet  to hand out with info and a request to join us, and cheap subs

JC Do we need the money? Have spending plans?

DT Not really

JC Then why charge subs?

MC We need members more

CS Head offices of big businesses wont pay

MC People would pay £1

CS Yes

MC We need new names. It’s the same ones all the time. I’d like everyone to take turns doing stuff

DT So– I’ll do a leaflet

JC Would people give of their time? David Charlton, for example?

CS I think he would

MC It would strengthen our organisation

DT We need a letter inviting all businesses to a specific meeting. Evening is better

JC What can we say to encourage people to turn up? Can the meeting be March? With a buffet maybe?

DT OK– onto 2009

CS What about events?


MC I’d like to coordinate the Continental market with Dickens event

PA, Denys, why don't you approach Lindsay Burrre speaking to Thrive?

DT We need to chat to Thrive and see if we can work for the common good. Di Keal could be the person to speak to.

PA We should all work together

JC When I moved to Malton I entered a competition to find objects in a shop that didn't belong. It made me go into shops that I wouldn't normally have gone into. Could we do this again?

DT Participants would be easy to get. It was self financing– there were adverts on the back of the quiz sheet

CS Could we do this at Easter?

DT Yes– see Sylvia and Helen

CS Will do

CS Could we get Flamingo Land on board?

TH What about Eden Camp?

DT We need to use the Promotions plan

CS Can we get Buskers into town? And what’s happening with the Market? Is there a new lease?

DT Yes, the council is doing a questionnaire asking for observations. I’m going to suggest that they compact the stalls. Roddy Bushell is researching running the Market with a view to possible taking over on 1st April

CS It needs massive promotion

DT The town needs the Market, so if nothing’s done I suggest we go to the papers

MC Can you look at the Norton map and say if there are any corrections needed

DT Lindsey Burr has been awarded and MBE! Congratulations to her. I think we should send a letter of congratulations, and also a letter of thanks to the Lights committee.

DT Morrisons are to extend their store. I believe that it could reduce business to the High Street. However it could also scupper the plans for Wentworth Street

PA You need to see an impact study

JC Morrisons say it will be good for the town, but in other towns it’s had a disastrous effect!

DT We (BiA) will contribute if asked, and Roddy may well have an opinion

Next meeting 4th February, 6pm, Old Lodge. 

AGM 4th March, 6pm at The Old Lodge.

Business In Action 2009 Calendar
Date Event Description Who’s volunteering?
April 10, 11, 12 and 13th Easter Bonanza Finding hidden objects in shops plus lots more Caroline to see Sylvia and Helen Caroline Sellers
May 25th—30th Blue Cross Week Shops will display blue stickers on goods for sale at reduced prices Hopefully everyone!
June the ??? Friday and Saturday, Malton Show Sunday Continental Market Malton Show Sunday The continental Market will add interest to the show weekend
July the ??? Art Explosion An art display PA will speak to Alan Jones to see if he’s up for it Paul Andrews
August 2nd Yorkshire Day A celebration of Yorkshire. A big civic event, with possibility of a Town Crier competition and a ‘Yorkshire’s Got Talent’ competition DT to talk with David Jackson Denys Townsend
September 20th Motor Show Malton Past and Present Motor show in the Market Place DT, plus 3-4 motoring people to get things going. Denys Townsend
October Halloween Ghost Walk An afternoon walk for kids, and an evening one for Possibly York Uni student actors. adults TH to research Tracey Holroyd
November 15th ish to Mid The North of England Association Brass Weekend Malton Fair Group to find out what they want. Pie stall? Ice creams?
November the ??? Light Switch on Caroline Sellers and Denys Townsend
Saturday 5th to Sunday 13th December 2009 Dickens Festival Continental market, Readings, Costumes, Films, and ? a musical Malcolm Chalk

Author:Tracey Holroyd