BIA Meeting 6th August 2008, Malton and Norton- Business in Action

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Section:BIA Meeting 6th August 2008, Malton and Norton- Business in Action

Minutes of the Business in Action Meeting held at the Old Lodge Hotel, Malton on Wednesday 6 August 2008

Denys Townsend (Linton Pet Shop)
John Collins (Community)
Tim Sinclair (Ambiente)
Zoe Plummer (Ambiente)

M Chalk
Helen Knapp
Paul Andrews

The chairman had a useful meeting with Ryedale District Council Corporate Director Marie-Ann Jackson and the notes of meeting are attached as appendix A. 

With only four members present we spent time reviewing, adapting and extending an action plan (appendix B) which the chairman had produced. The objective is to focus on future achievements and it is suggested that future meetings follow this routine.

Appendix A:

Note of Meeting between Rydale DC and Business in Action (Chairman) 

Date:31st July 2008
Present: Marie-Ann Jackson, Corporate Director, Ryedale District Council, Denys Townsend, Chairman, Business in Action

1. Malton Town Centre – Background
A full discussion took place in relation to the background and history of the various groups and organisations operating in and for Malton (and Norton). The roles and particular interests of each group were discussed. 
It was noted that there are a range of different groups at the present time and although some overlaps were identified in terms of personnel and focus they were all independent of each other:
(i) Malton & Norton Partnership – historically managed the role of the Town Centre Manager; product of Market Towns Initiative; recently reviewed and relaunched itself including a new business plan. 
(ii) Business in Action – Ltd Co. of business interests; responsible for Christmas Lights; interests include signage; car-parking charges and provision of a tourist attraction. Useful network of local businesses and retailers.
(iii) Thrive – residents association; primary in interests include events and activities e.g. Art Explosion; Continental Market; Dickens Festival; Malton Museum(s)/attractions.
(iv) Town Councils – potential for improved joint working between 2 Councils. 

2. Ambassador Role
The role and focus of the suggested Ambassador role was discussed and it was agreed that this needed better definition as there are a number of key roles that could be performed: Town Centre Manager style role; Events Co-ordinator; linking the businesses together; looking at transport issues and visitor support. 
Action: RDC to discuss further with Fitzwilliam Estate Co and Malton and Norton Partnership 

3. Events
MAJ confirmed that the Council could assist individual events co-ordinators with the facilitation of events where needed and has been doing this for some time. MAJ confirmed that she had asked officers to get in touch with Ian Beecham in this regard. DT advised that one useful role that RDC could assist with is to ensure an up to date calendar of events is maintained and published. 
Action: MAJ to discuss practicalities with Cultural Services Officers (Jos Holmes) and Tourism staff (Sarah Ward) 

4. North Yorkshire Times
DT advised that the level of presence of Ryedale in the latest NYTimes was vary small. 
Action: MAJ to advise RDC Press Officer (Jill Baldwin) 

5. Car Parking Trial – Market Place
MAJ confirmed that discussions were ongoing and the RDC’s Community Services & Licensing Committee had authorised officers to formally enter these discussions at the meeting last week. 

6. Tourism Literature
MAJ confirmed that Sarah Ward had been in touch with Ambiente re their requirements. 

7. St Nicholas Street Car Park – Charging
MAJ confirmed she had asked Commercial Services staff to contact Ian Beecham directly. 

8. York House
MAJ confirmed that she did not know what the estate’s plans were for York House. 

9. Livestock Market
This was not discussed in any detail. 

10. Strategy/Steering Group – the future
MAJ and DT discussed how best future relationships should work between BIA and RDC. MAJ confirmed that she was happy to either attend BIA meetings (or for the most appropriate officers to) or alternatively to meet one to one with the Chairman. DT to seek views at next BIA meeting. 

11. Wold Gateway – not discussed 

12. A64 Signage – not discussed

Appendix B

Business in Action Report, printed 28/08/2008 
Projects Report no. 2008-2 Draft
  Activity Heading     Project Description Role of BIA BIA Leader Lead Organisations Key Partners Timescale Short-Medium-Long Target Implementation date Present Status
1 Town Signs Install visitor direction signs to Main Town car parks Lead DT / MC RDC RDC MTC Short Aug-08 Completed July 08
2 Town Shopping Guide Printed Town Grid - Malton - to update & endorse from Time to time Lead MC BIA RDC Finance Short Aug-08 Completed July 08 & ongoing
3 Town Shopping Guide Printed Town Grid - Norton - to update & endorse from Time to time Lead MC/ZP Thrive   Short   Zoe refer to Thrive
4 Town Trails Produce new Town trail for distribution to visitors through TIC Hotels etc. Lead MC BIA   Short 01-Aug-08 Distributed 15 Aug 2008
5 Dickens Promotions Development of the dickens connection via Chancery Lane Support MC Dickens Society       Planning
6 Dickens Celebration 2008 Dickens Weekend Lead SM ?? RDC Thrive Short 16-Dec-08 Pre-Publicity - JC
7 Diary of events etc in Malton Publish a calender of events Lead / Support   RDC RDC and all town groups Short 01-Jan-09 Planning
8 Malton Motor Show Sunday Event to Promote Town Support / assist DT / MC MinsterFM RDC Short 07-Sep-08 Planning
9 Malton Ambassador Meet & Greet & Communicate in the town Support DT/MC   RDC Short 01-Mar-09 Planning
10 M & N Christmas Lights Display and funding of Lights 2008 Support DT Xmas Lights Committee RDC MTC NTC Short 01-Dec-08 Planning
11 Car Park issues To lobby for appropriate cheaper charges in Malton Car Parks Support DT Malton Car Park Action Group Ryedale District Council Malton TC     Dt requested historic Statistics from M-AJ
11A Proposed Car Park Trial in Malton Market Place TBA Support   RDC        
13 Market Place Developments   Lobby            
14 Wheelgate Developments   Lobby            
15 Livestock Market Developments   Lobby            
16 A64 Signage Improvements to A64 signs - Brown signs etc Lobby            
17 EVENTS To promote events Lead and Support All Ryedale District Council, MinsterFM, BBC radio York Rugby club, Milton Rooms, Theatricals, Brass bands, Pickering Showground, Castle Howard etc,. All    
18 Make it Malton / Keep it Local Branding Lead? ZP          
19 Coach Companies Stop off point Lead ZP   Ryedale District Council      
20   Distribution of info to Visitor centres Lead JC   Ryedale District Council     Distribution list / volunteers

Author:Tracey Holroyd