BIA Meeting 3rd September 2008, Malton and Norton- Business in Action

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Section:BIA Meeting 3rd September 2008, Malton and Norton- Business in Action

Business in Action meeting 3/9/08, 6pm at The Old Lodge Malton

Those present:
Zoe Plummer, Tim Sinclair– Ambiente
John Collins
Paul Andrews
Malcolm Chalk– World Wide Shopping Mall
Graham Hampshire– The Gazette and Herald
Roddy Bushell– Fitzwilliam Estate
Jeremy Powell

Minutes agreed from last meeting.

PA Wentworth Street Car Park, (WSCP) Cattle Market (CMkt) and Showfield Lane (ShLa) issues are all linked.
MC It seems that consensus is agreed on nearly everything except WSCP.
PA They are linked because there are two possible options:
The Council’s option, which is:
A superstore on Wentworth Street
Develop Cattle Market into a small foodstore (8000 square feet)
Two storey Car Park to go on the Cattle Market

Or the Fitzwilliam Estate’s option, which is:
No supermarket
Develop the Cattle Market to house a food retailer plus other retail outlets
No multi storey car park 
Cattle market will move to Showfield Lane

I don’t want to judge between the two but think that they both should be judged fairly. An impact study should be done on both options, but Ryedale are refusing to do this. I would accept the decision based on a fair and proper impact study.
MC There is a suggestion that it will take 10-15 years for WSCP to be acted upon! We can’t hold the whole thing up that long– Malton needs action now!
PA I think that we can’t agree one without the other
RB The WSCP could be sidelined, but the council wont. Any potential supermarket will insist that they’re linked. A supermarket will only commit if they’re the sole provider. If Ryedale were to say that they’re not going to develop the WSCP the supermarket may agree to proceed but the council aren’t saying that. The main interest is from Sainsbury’s. Waitrose have some other places of a similar type.
JC Where does 10-15 years come from?
MC I suggested 15 years and it wasn’t denied
ZP 5 years was what was stated
MC 5 years is too short! There’s no way. Just making the decision could take 5 years!
PA Independent consultancy could be done quickly. It would take about 6 weeks– the problem is with Ryedale council.
TS it dead in the water unless WSCP is deferred?
MC Yes. Roddy, how quickly could you get tenants?
RB Not quickly at the moment.
MC It was a foregone conclusion a year ago that the Cattle Market would move and STILL nothing has happened.
PA A date was given for March for the application. A study was submitted and the council thought that they could get £5 million for Wentworth Street so they backpedalled. I feel that there are 2 options and that they need to be assessed fairly, and in 6 weeks the best option should be chosen. No development should go forward on the basis of hunches.
TS Roddy, do you agree with this?
RB I think more argument would come from reports once we’d got them. It depends what brief you gave them to do the study.
PA It needs to be what’s best for the town. Not the Fitzwilliam Estate and not the council.
ZP Why don’t Fitzwilliam Estate submit a planning application?
RB It would fail at the moment
MC Paul, you’re putting a block on it. The only issue seems to be WSCP. It’s a merry go round! Some decision needs to be made. The indecision is frustrating and enough is enough.
JP Fitzwilliam Estate came up with a good idea and the council didn’t like it
PA I can withdraw my concerns. But then don’t blame me if Malton ends up with something that’s not appropriate. Comparisons can be made between Malton and Beverley for example
MC Beverley is nothing like Malton
PA You can’t make Malton like Beverley. It needs to be looked at objectively.
ZP How much would an impact study cost?
PA Probably less than the presentation that was made last Saturday. A 10 minute film cost £10k! The suggested figure for the presentation was £60k! On a presentation! 
MC And it achieves nothing!
PA Exactly. Town centre strategy wouldn’t discuss the Fitzwilliam option. They only wanted to tweak the council scheme and not discuss the other.
JP Who wants this to go through?
PA Two particular Councillors. Plus Keith Knaggs.
ZP But those Councillors have done a lot in the past to promote Malton
PA Yes, but you asked.
MC There’s so much disagreement that it needs breaking into sections. Fitzwilliam Estate and Ryedale need to agree
PA A proper study needs to be done so everyone can see it’s fair. Would it be, say, 30k?
RB Probably– I’m not really sure
JC And Ryedale has to commission this? 
PA Yes. Do you want me to push this?
MC I still think that we should defer WSCP and get the rest of it moving now. WSCP won’t happen anyway, so what’s the problem? We need action on the areas we CAN agree on.
PA Roddy, if the decision was made to defer WSCP for 15 years could you proceed?
RB We would have to ask supermarket if they were happy with that
MC What’s the way forward?
PA Both options should be equally considered and an impact study done. Then a proper decision can be made. It needs to be an independent consultant that is approved by the council. Someone that Fitzwilliam will accept, and it needs to be a credible company. It needs to be an appropriate brief to generate appropriate information and conclusions, including a full set of tables of data and also they must state their reasoning.
Then we can debate if necessary and make conclusions. The information needs to be open to the public so that a sensible decision can be made. 
The council won’t make a decision unless everyone agrees with what they want.
Do you agree Roddy?
RB In the absence of any other way, yes.
PA You should present your planning application and evidence and ask for a decision
JP Should we write to our Councillors?
PA You should ask the council to a) consider both options and b) commission a survey. Malton can’t stand still any longer.
ZP If it does stand still any longer we’re going. We’re sick of it.
MC What does BiA think?
TH Study doesn’t sound like a bad idea
MC There would be a lot of anti
ZP Roddy, what’s the time scale for your option?
RB Two years minimum
MC I’m against the idea of a survey
JP Should we questionnaire the businesses?
ZP/TS No, they can come to the BiA meetings if they’re interested
MC We’re going to come up with a statement from BiA

MC We are still working on signs. Some have appeared (the Ryedale ones). The highway ones haven’t appeared yet
RB It’s good that the Ryedale ones have gone up
MC Have you all seen the Town Shopping Guide?
JP Final updates will be done soon?
MC Anyone can have copies to give out, just ask me

MC Sylvia is dealing with the Dickens promotion, so let’s talk at the next meeting

Continental market
MC Fitzwilliam have done a bit of a review– everyone believed it was good, and it worked, but my retail was down by 25%, because the customers couldn’t get to some areas and there was also some doubling up, e.g. fruit and veg. It was very colourful. It made me realise that our market looks seedy.
JP We could have kept the roads open and used safety barriers instead
MC More discussion with the affected parties would have been good
ZP Please send any feedback to me please
MC But on the whole, successful

MC We’ll talk about the Dickens Christmas festival next meeting
RB I have a tenuous Dickens link! The Chapel on Saville Street that’s now Saville House used to be called Ebenezer’s Chapel.
MC Dickens did a reading at a theatre on Saville Street. Where was that?
RB I don’t know– I’ll have a look at some old plans
MC I have started a Dickens trail. It’s on similar lines to the Malton/Norton trail. It’s a free leaflet. It’s not available yet, but will be soon.

Immediate action
MC We will be having an immediate action section at meetings from now on, for things that won’t wait for the next meeting. Please think about it for the next meeting!

Motor Show
ZP It’s on Sunday
GH It’s being handled by Minster FM. They tie the Motor companies in with an advertising package
MC It doesn’t seem to be very widely advertised
ZP It wasn’t last year but it was still successful, it helps if the weather is good. We would like to have more involvement. We arranged a meeting with Minster FM but they cancelled at the last minute.
GH There will be road closures but it will be low impact as it’s a Sunday
TS It’s so late notice– the traders wont be open
RB We could do the Motor Show without Minster FM. It takes a bit of organising but it could be done better, we just need someone to do it.
MC We need a Town Manager (Ambassador)
TS Where are we at with that?
GH The council are prepared to part fund it
MC Nothing seems to happen
RB There is money in the Motor Show but it needs work putting it all together. The Dealers will come if it’s offered
GH It’s a year’s work
TS And we’ve got a year!
MC It needs central organisation
RB We need to find someone to do it next year. It’s a commercial proposition– are there any volunteers out there?

MC Email any of your events, content, images etc to me and I’ll put it on mail:
GH We could promote that email in the paper

Any other business
MC It would have been nice to have communication with Thrive prior to the market. It’s good that the market went on but communication would have been nice

MC We are going to sell Charles Dickens Christmas cards. The proceeds will go the Charles Dickens society. Anyone who wants to sell them, ask Malcolm.


Date of next Continental Market 14/12/08

Business in Action Report, printed 19/11/2008
Projects Report no. 2008-3 Draft
  Activity Heading     Project Description Role of BIA BIA Leader Lead Organisations Key Partners Timescale Short-Medium-Long Target Implementation date Present Status
1 Town Signs Install visitor direction signs to Main Town car parks Lead DT / MC RDC RDC MTC Short Aug-08 Completed July 08
2 Town Shopping Guide Printed Town Grid - Malton - to update & endorse from Time to time Lead MC BIA RDC Finance Short Aug-08 Completed July 08 & ongoing
3 Town Shopping Guide Printed Town Grid - Norton - to update & endorse from Time to time Lead MC/ZP Thrive   Short   Zoe refer to Thrive
4 Town Trails Produce new Town trail for distribution to visitors through TIC Hotels etc. Lead MC BIA   Short 01-Aug-08 Distributed 15 Aug 2008
5 Dickens Promotions Development of the dickens connection via Chancery Lane Support MC Dickens Society       Planning
6 Dickens Celebration 2008 Dickens Weekend Lead SM ?? RDC Thrive Short 16-Dec-08 Pre-Publicity - JC
7 Diary of events etc in Malton Publish a calender of events Lead / Support   RDC RDC and all town groups Short 01-Jan-09 Planning
8 Malton Motor Show Sunday Event to Promote Town Support / assist DT / MC MinsterFM RDC Short 07-Sep-08 Planning
9 Malton Ambassador Meet & Greet & Communicate in the town Support DT/MC   RDC Short 01-Mar-09 Planning
10 M & N Christmas Lights Display and funding of Lights 2008 Support DT Xmas Lights Committee RDC MTC NTC Short 01-Dec-08 Planning
11 Car Park issues To lobby for appropriate cheaper charges in Malton Car Parks Support DT Malton Car Park Action Group Ryedale District Council Malton TC     Dt requested historic Statistics from M-AJ
11A Proposed Car Park Trial in Malton Market Place TBA Support   RDC        
12 Network businesses and retailers Provide a forum and Lobby platform on common issues Objective not Action           Not Relevant
13 Market Place Developments   Lobby            
14 Wheelgate Developments   Lobby            
15 Livestock Market Developments   Lobby            
16 A64 Signage Improvements to A64 signs - Brown signs etc Lobby            
17 EVENTS To promote events Lead and Support All Ryedale District Council, MinsterFM, BBC radio York Rugby club, Milton Rooms, Theatricals, Brass bands, Pickering Showground, Castle Howard etc,. All    
18 Added 6/8/8 Make it Malton / Keep it Local Branding Lead? ZP          
19 Added 6/8/8 Coach Companies Stop off point Lead ZP   Ryedale District Council      
20 Added 6/8/8   Distribution of info to Visitor centres Lead JC   Ryedale District Council     Distribution list / volunteers

Author:Tracey Holroyd