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Malton and Norton Business In Action Survey

Our business community is generally suffering from a downturn in trade. One word ‘footfall’ is seen as both the cause and the answer to trading problems and the business community’s goal must be to find ways of increasing it here in Malton and Norton. Business in Action is hopefully enlisting the assistance for improvements in the towns from the local councils led by Ryedale District Council, who has asked for three key areas that we would want them to concentrate on.

For this purpose we need to establish the views of businesses as per the Questionnaire below. (Results to be published once completed)

  1. How important do you think the following factors are in adversely affecting trade in Malton?

    Out of town competition
    Lack of inexpensive Parking
    Lack of retail choice
    Lack of visitor attractions
    Empty shops
    Other please specify
  2. In terms of boosting trade in Malton, how effective do you think the following would be?

    Increase in tourism
    Better quality street and town cleaning
    Better historical building usage
    Improved town signage on the A64 signage
    Improved tourist/visitor signage
    Other please specify
  3. If the above changes were made which body or organisation do you think would be best suited to deliver the change?

  4. The following are some suggestions that have been made to improve the visitor’s impressions of the town. Which do you think would be most likely to improve visitor impressions?

    Street scene improvements
    Becoming ‘Towns in Bloom’
    Riverside improvements
    A town focal point such as a bandstand
    Frequent police town patrols and more cctv monitoring
    Reduce traffic congestion
    Regular weekday events
    Sunday Opening
    Other please specify
  5. How much do you think the following events have or would increase the level of footfall in the town?

    Thriving Saturday Market
    Farmers Market
    Ryedale Festival
    Celebrate Malton
    Motor Show
    Dickens Festival
    Town fun fairs
    Christmas lights
    Other please specify
  6. Would you be prepared to become a Business in Action member (annual membership fee £40)?

    Yes Attend meetings
    Yes Fully active
    Yes Receive minutes and information
    No Could you say why not?

    If No Would you like to receive emailed reports on the groups activities
  7. What sort of activities would you expect to see from a business led group?
  8. Would you say your trade over the last 12 months has?
  9. In the next twelve months would you say that trade will? Increased a lot, Increased a little, Stay the same, Decreased a little, Decreased a lot.
  10. Which of the following describes your business?

    National Retail
    Independent Retail with other branches
    Independent retail
    Other Service

results will be published once the Questionnaire has been carried out by an impartial third party.

Author: Malcolm Chalk