News- BIA meet with Ryedale District Council to form cooperation group

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Business In Action meets with Ryedale District Council to form cooperation group for planning Malton and Norton future:

Present Were:
Denys Townsend - Linton Pet Shop
Tracey Holroyd – The Old Lodge
Roddy Bushell - Fitzwilliam Estates
Malcolm Chalk - World Wide Shopping Mall (WWSM)
Paul Andrews - Local councillor
Sylvia Milson & John Marshall - Parnaby’s
Helen Knapp - Hidden Monkey
Graham Hampshire & David Jeffels - Gazette Herald
Jeremy Powell - Palace Cinema
Zoe Plummer & Tim Sinclair - Ambiente
Jason Fitzgerald - Malton Town Council
Janet Waggot & Keith Knaggs - Ryedale District Council
Ian Beecham - Beecham’s Chemist
Geoff Rennie - Malton and Norton Area Partnership

Business In Action met with representatives from Ryedale District Council to forge the forming of cooperation group for the planning Malton and Norton’s future.

Janet Waggot Ryedale District Council Chief Executive said the council had expressed a wish to work positively with Business In Action and to build relationships on positive ground she said the council was interested in Business In Action and wanted to know what they would like the council to do to assist.

Keith Knaggs said we need to focus as to the reason for our presence. We are not satisfied with our relationship with local business and we would like a new start. It’s coming across that it’s a pity that past Town Centre Management did not succeed. There is a need for a broader body– something like the Malton/Norton partnership– this doesn't seem to be happening– what can we do to help?
What we can do is:

  • Bring in more potential customers by bringing jobs and housing to the area
  • Invest in the Town: Of the current capital program well over half is spent in Malton and Norton
  • We have done three half million pound projects in the past 5 years (leisure centre/innovation centre)
  • Work on increasing tourism– this is an area that you don't do and we can work with you to promote it.
  • The street scene can be worked on with a view to making it more pleasing to visitors.

Geoff Rennie said the Malton and Norton Area Partnership is based on the strategy to develop Malton and Norton as the commercial centre for this area of Ryedale, it has a list of objectives and a development plan for the area. For instance we are supporting the Castle Gardens project. It can be difficult to pull everything together into a consistent policy.

Jason Fitzgerald (Malton Deputy Mayor) said in the past the Town management has had to fight for funding. You need an employed person, with dedicated office staff from the council to work with the town manager.

Janet Waggot said we could do with some goals of what you all want. Liaison with council is important but the right person should also be close to the businesses.

Business In Action agreed to meet within a week to thrash out three leading objectives for the towns under the banner of Making Malton And Norton Towns To Be Proud Of.

Now available, full details of the brain storming session that took place (Meeting with Ryedale District Council 9th Jan 2008)

Author: Malcolm Chalk (WWSM)